Saturday, 24 November 2007

Beware of cheap foreign imports

A collectors item if we do not halt the Cult of The Dead Paedophile

I am surprised that Jack Straw, a former foreign secretary and currently the Justice Secretary would wish to open the floodgates to Turkey's 70 million population of Muslims fby granting free access to Our Country by letting Turkey join the European Union. Remember when it was only supposed to be be a trading bloc of half a dozen "European Countries"?

You would think that Jack Straw, real name John Straw, being a jew might have learnt some lessons about Islam in his visits to Israel and around the world. No, I am not having a pop at Israel. I leave that to the Muslims.

But no, John, sorry Jack, thinks that by allowing them to flood into Our Country it will prove to the world that a Western Civilised Nation can live in peace with those who follow the Cult of The Dead Paedophile (May he rot in hell).

Why not try a little experiment first Jack. Try putting a fox in a hen house for the night and let us see if they learn to live in peace. Or drop a couple of white people down in the middle of Johannesburg and see how long they survive.

Of course there are some Christians in Turkey(but getting fewer) who are allowed to practice their religion. Right up to the moment they are murdered in fact.

But moving on. It being almost the end of Islam Awareness Week. How are the dealers in death behaving in one of Earth hell holes, Pakistan? Let's have a look here. As I thought. Blowing each others to bits as usual. No wonder their entire population are moving to Our Country. Of course now that it seems most of them are now over here, we can expect them to start blowing each other to bits in our streets anytime now. When they are not blowing us to bits that is.

So lets see what is happening in India. Remember Pakistan was created after a blood bath fermented by Islam in India resulted in the new nation. If India thought that by giving the turnips half their land would keep them quiet for long they were wrong big time.

Of course when they do get their own land, they promptly start killing each other over things like which hand to wipe their bottoms with and we get another new Country like Bangladesh.

No I think it is more than likely that Jack has been watching the Australian Elections where Asians out there now have the voting power to decide who gets to stay on the Gravy Train and who gets thrown off. Jack has a nice seat. He will not give it up easy. It does not matter if the entire land is full of all standing immigrants. He's allright. Right Jack. Sorry John.


Anonymous said...

No surprise that a labour MP wants more muslims over here. Welfare dependant muzzies vote labour, and encourage white flight.Two for the price of one.

najistani said...

Something to end Islamic Awareness Week with

'Islam, Slavery and Rape'

najistani said...

The Bible won't even be a collectors' item. Possession of it will be banned as in Saudi Arabia with penalties of flogging, stoning, amputation etc.

Islam hijacks Christianity. Jesus is indeed regarded as a prophet, but a second-rate one who brought an incomplete and corrupted message from Allah. Mohammed is the final 'seal of the prophets' who brought the correct and complete message in the form of the Koran.

For example, remember how Jesus effectively forbade stoning ("Let him who is without sin cast the first stone") ? Well Jesus, being an imperfect prophet was WRONG. Mohammed set things right when he reintroduced stoning and made it the major spectator sport in places like Iran that it continues to be till today.

Anonymous said...

When Nick Griffins blog was accepting comments I posted links to many sites including the likes of Jihadwatch and faithfreedom. One of Nicks posters had a rummage round some of these sites and came back with a comment to watch a really barbaric video, one of many listed on this British ex Muslims site, which you may already be familiar with, or not. I went and watched it and felt violently sick, I consider this clip worse than the beheadings of Nick Berg, and the other poor sods who fell foul of Muslims.

this link goes straight to the page with a comprehensive list of video clips all in the same vein. The one I referred to above is titled "Inhumane Treatment" I would consider that title an understatement as this clip left me disturbed for days and I'm not squeamish usually.

I hope the trolls who have frequented this blog of late take time out to watch some of these clips and just see what some of the people they defend and promote are capable of. I doubt even the most notorious of western murderers could perform such acts.


najistani said...

This shows Islamic vileness at its most Satanic. If the stake is inserted correctly to miss vital organs it takes two days of very public agony in front of the rejoicing Muslim 'congregation' before the impalee dies.

The gay leftard trolls would suffer this appalling fate if the Muzzies ever got the upper hand.

It we don't eradicate Islam as an ideologiy it will eradicate us as a nation and a civilistation.

Some thoughts along these lines from the former leftard Salman Rushdie:

najistani said...

Why does Islam replace all other belief systems? Is it survival of the fittest ie most vicious and ruthless?

Anonymous said...

GA: Why start out this ridiculous posting by bothering to question the basis of J.Straw's name? Why is that important. Plenty of people alter their names and shorten them. Is there a basis for your scarcasm? Politicians do enough to damage themselves so why dont you use their material intelligently and stick to the point?! It reduces the validity of your arguments by starting out with a silly and irrelevant point.

Anonymous said...

GA: I suggest the following advice on style for your future postings:

Keep it Objective and Avoid Emotionalism

Keep it Positive
Don't be a doom-monger. No matter how depressed you may be, don't spread negativity. Spread the solution, not the problem.

Apart from the insulting issue of last week when many of your pro-bnp policies were going completely over the top with nasty, untrue and frankly stupid comments, I think that the above advice should be acceptable to you since you should be the ultimate moderator of your website. Would you agree with the advice?

Also, I did take up your advice and look up BFB's blog. I will give you one thing, your blog GA is well organised and easy for the eye. As I said, I am dyslexic and even when people dont have problems with reading or writing, they still find some things easier to read than others. Your site is quite clear from a visual point of view. BFB's doesnt look as smart but also his style and language use is pretty dreadful. His postings are worse than you and his comments and defenses are more than a little scarey. Whilst I wasnt put off by his attempt to debate last week, his aggressive and rude style will put off other people (as will his questions about backing down - as if people who are pro-human rights ever back down!). So, I dont really think that I could bother with his site as it is quite threatening to read (not the material but his style). Thanks all the same but your site is better on measure - though I do think you can take some advice from the BNP main site. After all, youre meant to be informing, convincing and educating arent you?!

BFB said...


Get an early've got school in the morning!

Anonymous said...

BFB: :)