Sunday, 18 January 2009

It is Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning, the mail is out of the way and an excellent article by Albion posted and although the To Do Box is overflowing, I think I will just wander around the net this morning.

First a big Good Morning to all the British National Party Activists who are probably even know getting ready to move out and start another day leafleting and paper selling. Have a good day kinsmen.

Our Activists are the finest this Country as ever seen and their local leaders, who never ever thought about becoming representatives of the people until they were betrayed by the traitors who currently rule us, are just - simply the best. Simple as.

If you have not yet checked out the BNP site, then you should do so now. There are some really informative articles there today and Nick Griffin, our Chairman and Leader has produced a special in-depth feature on the BBC.

Over on the Daily Backstabber, I see that Derek Simpson, joint general secretary of the trade union, UNITE, has been doing what all the so called leading trade union communists do. Exploiting their members and treating union funds as their own private piggy bank. Derek Simpson was one of those crooks whose email address was shown to be on the Searchlight/UAF mailing list and I wonder how much of his members monthly subscriptions have been channeled to that criminal organisation. Quite a bit I imagine. Hacked off Union members should now seriously consider joining the only patriotic trade union - Solidarity.

Now a site that I have been visiting quite a bit recently is the one that any person involved in agriculture, fishing or farming should be reading daily. Yes it is the Land and People site. I thought they might have something up about the governments plans to tax those who enjoy fishing for sport but sadly no. The BNP should do what is right by those people who enjoy the simple pleasure of standing for hours in all weather in the hope of catching supper. Another 4,000,000 votes would not go amiss either. One problem with the LAP site is the background colour. Too dark for my monitors. A lighter green would be good.

Hmm. I see that my own personal stalker Mr Fister has posted an apology for his behaviour. A strange sort of apology but one never the less. If it were not for the fact that Mr Fister once threatened by phone, a BNP members child I might have forgiven him, being the big softy that I am. If you are interested in seeing what a stalker looks like then visit the first blog that inspired me to start one of my own, the truly outspoken Battle of Britain site where they know how to call a spade a spade.

I am pleased to the see the membership still creeping up on the GA Forum and equally pleased to see that the readership of the columnists archives is also increasing. This is good news. Those people write good stuff that should not be lost. Forget this tat. Feel free to cut n paste and pass on aything there that floats your boat.

Now my mood has changed. Ancient Brit has posted a link to this sad story here and I have become angry.

A FAILED asylum seeker who killed a former Royal Marines commando in a hit-and-run crash has escaped deportation because his crime is not considered serious enough by the Home Office.
Jean Renee Mukadi was jailed for four months after fatally injuring Simon Lawrence while driving without a licence or insurance.
Despite having his asylum claim rejected three times previously, Mukadi, 33, cannot be sent back to his native Democratic Republic of Congo because his sentence fell short of the minimum term that would qualify for automatic deportation.
Now then, it is time for some straight talking and this is not "capitalising" or "exploiting" a situation. It is the plain simple truth I speak next.

If we had a British National Party govenment, Simon Lawrence would still be alive because of one simple reason. Jean Renee Mukad would have been sent back to the Congo the day after he was discovered to be in Our Country.

And this is true for many of those named on the Fallen List, who have been enriched unto death. Their killers would not have been in this country to carry out their crimes.

Then you can visit the UK Enrichment News to read about many of the crimes of rape and assault carried out by people who again, should never have been in Our Country in the first place.

The truth is simple to understand. If they are not here, they cannot assault, rape, rob and murder us.

The death of the Royal Marine has brought me down but should reinforce your determination as well as mine to ensure that we get a BNP government as soon as possible. Any other vote is a vote for suicide.


Anonymous said...

"A senior Muslim civil servant has launched an astonishing verbal onslaught against the Government over its response to Israel’s military strikes in Gaza – and has suggested that killing British troops in Iraq is justified"

Anonymous said...


New recruits can now progress rapidly to senior postitions in the UAF by having an organ transplant .

Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound thick, but where is this apology from Mr Fister and what has he been saying?

Anonymous said...

Muslim thugs smash London cafes after yesterday's demonstration

Jeannine said...

It's incredible that failed asylum seekers are kept in the country.

The fact that this man from the Congo had his application for asylum rejected THREE times, and yet he's still here, shows the utter insanity of it all.

The only legitimate asylum seekers are those who come from France or Ireland.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon: 15:09

This is why you have to tune in daily otherwise you lose the story line:)

But for a repeat go here:

Anonymous said...

Here is the apology from Mr. Fister. I think he was brave for coming forward with such an apology and such remarkable candour. Well done, Steve Thompson. You have shown courage.

I am frightfully sorry, Green Arrow. You see, I'm a poisonous dwarf, a virgin with an Oedipus complex with regard to my mother (the only woman who has actually ever touched me properly).

My attack on you is merely a result of my frustration. Ever since Mother insisted I move home and grow up (not physically grow up, you understand -she's not insensitive!) I have been alone in my new abode WITHOUT MOTHER'S CLOTHES TO EXCITE ME.

Oh I try, Lord how I try, to approximate by dint of pornography that same sexual gratification which hitherto was afforded by Mother's lingerie...but it's just not the same, y'know? Oh, I forgot, of course you don't "know" -you are one of those normal people.

Like my politics my sexuality demands boundaries -boundaries that must be pushed to the limits of acceptability and decency. Sure, you BNP crowd are normal folk -but please have heart for us less fortunate malformations.

This might come across as an egregious sycophantic apology that is forwarded now before you lot come to power and come for me. Well Green Arrow, that's exactly what it is. Forgive and forget? Good. You'll hear no more from me.

Ps, do you know where I can invest my trades union money on a blow-up doll of semblance to my mother (photo attached)?

Thanks, baby.

Boom! Boom! said...

Dear Mr Fister,
Regarding the maternal blow-up doll - you'll also need to buy a pump.
That is unless your mother has converted to Islam, in which case she'll blow herself up.

hepworth said...

Hi GA. it seems that we dont have to lose lives in illegal wars overseas, they can kill our boys here.

Anonymous said...

Britain to send warships to Gaza as Israel prepares for ceasefire
Britain will send warships to the eastern Mediterranean to prevent arms being smuggled into the Gaza Strip after an Israel ceasefire. (BROWN JUMP'S TO OBEY HIS ZIONIST MASTER'S COMMAND!! )

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Off topic, but important:

Anonymous said...