Monday, 12 January 2009

New Labour Comedy Double Act in Manchester

Purnell and Fitzpatrick.
Together they are "The Two Buffoons"

We have seen it all before with double act comedians. They come and they go and that applies to Labour Double Act politicians.

Take a look above at their new offering for Newton in Hyde, Tameside, Manchester. We call them appropriately, "The Two Buffoons" and buffoons they are. Ignorant buffoons at that.

Holding each others hands to prevent themselves wetting their pants, Liebour MP James Purnell and council candidate Phil Fitzpatrick plucked up enough courage to launch a vicious attack on the British National Party with the same tired and worn out catch phrases that the public are sick of hearing when referring to a coming council by-election.

The by-election scheduled for the 5th of February is going to be a close run thing. Last time the BNP managed to come 2nd. This year we hope to be first but we shall see.

In an article on their (clearly) a fan site rag, they are attempting to play down the fact that the BNP will probably clinch a victory.

Purnell handed Fitzpatrick the line;
"We know about the BNP and what happens when they get in. They don't turn up for council meetings and they fall out with each other. We work harder than they ever have and if we continue to do that we will win here."
This brought a big laugh from all the BNP supporters in Manchester who read the online rag(none actually pay for it) but it was Fitzpatrick who really brought the house down with;
"The BNP only rear their ugly heads, spreading their nasty lies, at election time. Then they disappear.
They wish. Clearly The Two Buffoons have never read the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site that details just how good their fellow pigs at the public trough are. They could also check out The Enemies of the People site that records similar information on the honesty and integrity of the Zanu Labour Party people.

Perhaps the two clowns should have talked to some of the voters first where stickers reading "No More Mosques" have been going up all over the shop.
Residents were not so sure of a Labour success.

A man in his 20s said: "I think the BNP will win. It's not bad around here but a lot of people don't want Asians here because they think it will bring the place down."

A pensioner from nearby Flowery Field said: "There is a lot of resentment here with waiting times for houses and prescriptions caused by immigration."
Totally out of touch with the people, I fear these two political clowns will be joing the likes of Little and Large, who thankfully have also vanished into obscurity.

Purnell, who sucks up close on a quarter of a million of taxpayers money each year and enjoys the free travel and accomodation provided to him by MacDonalds and voted to send our boys off to die in foreign wars, is also a proven liar.
In September 2007, a photograph of James Purnell was faked and released by the press office at Tameside General hospital as part of a press release for the Tameside Hospital Private Finance Initiative (PFI) rebuilding deal.[4] The Tameside Trust claimed that Purnell agreed to the amalgamation of the two photographs, [5] as he was late for the original photo call, but Purnell denied this. Another Labour MP, Tom Levitt, present for the photoshoot stated that he and other Labour MPs deliberately left a gap for Purnell when the original photograph was taken, knowing that Purnell's image would be superimposed onto their photograph.
Sad pair. Let us hope that our Activists have done enough to ensure that Fitzplonker does not win.


Anonymous said...

Anti-racism rally to be held in city
Jan 10 2009 by Neil Hodgson, Liverpool Echo

TRADE unionists have organised a national anti-racism rally in Liverpool.

The Hope Not Hate march will start from Toxteth’s Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre in Princes Road at 10.30am on Saturday January 31.

It will then head to St George’s Plateau in the city centre to hear speakers including Minister of Justice Shahid Malik MP, and Steve Farley, chairman of the North West Trades Union Councils.

Anonymous said...

"Then they disappear."

Wrong, the press self censor any mention of the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. We should take heart from the fact that Purnell has been touted as a possible future leader of the Labour Party and a future Prime Minister. This shows the clear lack of quality in their ranks nationally. Its even worse in Wales' National Assembly where, when Rhodri Thomas steps down later this year, there will be a scramble of political super pygmies to try to succeed him. Old Brillo Head is bad enough, now they will go to even worse. A party in its death throes, it will implode within a decade as its old dinosaur supporters gradually leave for the socialist paradise in the sky. Their children are at last rejecting their old loyalty voting habits in increasing numbers and realise that it is not the party which was once led by, and attempted to look after, members of the working classses. Wish it were sooner.

Anonymous said...

I live in Newton, I saw our candidate Nigel Byrne distributing leaflets on Sunday but didn't get a chance to have a work with him.
In the pub where I go most people support the B.N.P.
It is going to be very close as it always is but circumstances are changing with the jobs situation etc so who knows?
The councillor who has just died was a Leech anyway just like her husband.

ivan said...

Oh no not "piggy purnell" this man has made the deparment for work and pensions and benefits system the most disasterous backward department ever seen in this country's history

A Thurrock Patriot said...

GO mancs go and lets hope the public see the buffoons they are.

Anonymous said...

Today they call it the War on Terror, and it has pretty much destroyed the United States of America, not to mention dozens of other countries around the world. Worst of all, Americans still don't realize the real scam that is sucking the life out of their once-vibrant society. Their own country has morphed into the worst terror state in the history of the world right before their eyes, and most people still don’t think anything is wrong. An unprecedented blindness.

Anonymous said...

" Their own country has morphed into the worst terror state in the history of the world"

Please explain, publish links please, i'd be happy to read about this "terror state", only because I happen to live in this "terror state". Maybe I'm one of those blind people? Please elaborate and for god's sake, please don't mention water boarding or Abu Ghraib. Stuff like that happens at University initiation ceremonies (hazing) and you don't get your average American bitching about having some water splashed on their faces.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Would you leave your children with them?

Salford Supporter said...

Presumably there will be the usual third party electoral litter ii circulation in Hyde Newton. I think the BNP needs to start putting out a direct anti Labour/Tory/Lib-Dem additional leaflet leaflet in elections whenever resources permit. A good demolition job leaflet on Labour would likely do the trick in toppling their wavering support.

Anonymous said...

Anti government riots in Latvia:

Several hundred demonstrators smashed up police vehicles and broken office windows during an anti-government protest that turned into a riot in Riga.

Rioters in Riga clash with Latvian police outside the parliament
The violence, which followed a peaceful protest by thousands calling for early elections, was some of the worst seen in Latvia's capital since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991.
Following the initial demonstration, hundreds of protestors marched on parliament.
Some tried to storm the building but were dispersed by riot police using tear gas and truncheons.
Once police had control of the area around parliament, a large group of rioters began roaming the city centre, smashing storefronts and office windows with cobblestones dug up from the streets.
Windows at the finance ministry and several buildings were destroyed, and an off-licence was looted.
Rioters overturned a police van and a police car before smashing it with wooden planks and makeshift weapons.
Latvians are calling for political change as the country's economy has suddenly deteriorated.
It has had to take a £7bn loan from the International Monetary Fund and European Union after sliding into recession.
The larger, earlier demonstration, which included patriotic songs, was similar to protests late in 2007, which eventually forced the then prime minister to resign.
However, the same four parties stayed in coalition and the organisers of the demonstration accused them and Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis of mismanaging the country.
"We have only one demand of the president: call early elections and dissolve parliament," Artis Pabriks, a former foreign minister who is now an opposition parliamentarian, told the crowd in a central city square.
Latvia was the European Union's fastest-growing economy until last year, when credit dried up and a consumer-fuelled boom suddenly ended.