Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Great White backlash

My type of people. Kinsmen.

Good Morning. 0420. 2nd cup of coffee in front of me and the first roll up of the day coughed out of the way, I can make a start.

There are two links to the Daily Mail(also known as the Daily Backstabber) that are going to be of interest to those of us who support the British National Party. And as you will read in the first part, that is a LOT of people these days.

The first article concerns the information that Labour has finally admitted that the "white working class" feels betrayed and abandoned as their country, Our Country is colonised and enriched beyond recognition.

But the "white working class" should not "feel" they have been betrayed. They have been betrayed and betrayed BIG TIME.

I will not hack big chunks out of the article, better for you to go read it yourself but there are some pieces in it, I would like to draw your attention to.

Giving a fairly accurate report on why white people in Manchester cannot find homes to live in because they have been allocated to immigrants still suffering from jet lag, they reveal that one in twelve council homes in England are now occupied by migrants(colonisers). Meanwhile almost two million people are waiting for housing. I think I see a way to resolve this.
In Salford - like many other towns and cities where Labour is in control - the criteria for getting a house or flat is based on whether you are homeless and the size of your family. Inevitably, this puts a newly arrived immigrant couple with a large number of children at the front of the queue.

A pamphlet issued by the council's letting service Home Search - titled A New Way Of Finding A Home - contains instructions about how to get help with housing in 12 languages, including Polish, Arabic, French, Mandarin and Urdu. Home Search offers translators for those who can't speak English.
You get the picture. Then, two thirds through the article, notice the change in writing style when referring to the British National Party who are increasing in numbers in Salford.
'The BNP don't hate anyone,' states one, ungrammatically. 'We just want to make sure that our own people aren't turned into second-class citizens.'

Another adds in a deceptively friendly tone: 'It's wrong that immigrants who've never paid a penny into our system can come to Britain and go to the front of the queue.'
Ungrammatically or not. It is the truth. The BNP does not hate anyone. Well except perhaps the corrupt politicians who have brought Our Country to its knees and helped prepare the landing beaches for the invaders.

Strange really, as my father thought that after Dunkirk he might have been manning a machine gun to prevent something like that happening in 41.

All in all though, not a bad article and encouraging to read about the BNP in Salford setting up their stall most Saturdays and the support they get from the True British people.
Few born and bred Salfordians would disagree with their sentiments. Certainly, on one Saturday before Christmas, every single leaflet from the BNP stall was carried off to be read by eager locals, many of them women.

When the Right-wing activists ran out of magazines and literature there was, according to one shopkeeper who was watching, nearly a riot as the disappointed were turned away empty-handed.
Like one of our activists says in the article;

"Teach the politicians who have ignored you a lesson.
In 2009, everyone can vote BNP in the Euro Elections.'

Well said that activist. Our kinsman. Our brother or sister.

Now the second part of this post. Still in the Daily Mail, the noted columnist A.N. Wilson writes about the end of Wedgwood Pottery.

Now I have never been a fan of Wedgwood, ever since having a rather unpleasant experience concerning Blue Jasper but I still feel very sad to learn that it was now gone forever and with it, thousands of jobs.

But the column itself, whilst mainly about pottery and a way of life long gone shows similarities with what has gone wrong in Our Country.
The truth is that Britain no longer makes things which other nations want to buy.
That about sums the article up but you really should go read it. That way I can go write about Subway whilst your gone.

You should also remember, it is not known how many colonisers are living in former council homes now sold of for peanuts to the the private sector and then rented back to the council at inflated rents picked up by the UK Taxpayers.

Special housing needs. No Problem.


ivan said...

Very interesting arrow.Ive noticed a massive surge on my F.B. account of people from the Manchester area over recent weeks.The european election is going to be very interesting indeed

Anonymous said...

Re: the 1 in 12 foreign council home occupants.
In my area they are being housed in PRIVATE rented accomodation at full rental costs which a vast number of indigenous Brits cannot afford!

The Green Arrow said...


I can only delete comments. I have no ability to edit them. Which is as it should be.

Hope you are well.

Fyrdist said...

The crushingly pedantic Sue Reid, author of this article, might do well to practice what she preaches with regard to grammar -this time in relation to punctuation: Sue, either it is "working-class" (with a hyphen) or it is "working class" (without the hyphen). One cannot use both as the adjective, as you have so done in this article.

Please be consistent and get off your high-horse. Those who set themselves upon a pedestal also set themselves to be knocked off it.


Anonymous said...

Why British people in the Greater Manchester housing queue are seriously p!$$ed off:

"Eco-friendly homes specially designed for the local Asian [ie Muslim] community have been unveiled in Greater Manchester.
The 18 state-of-the-art houses in Selwyn Close, Oldham, have wind turbines and solar panels on the roof.

The homes have up to seven bedrooms, some have bathrooms that face away from Mecca and the kitchens also comply with halal cuisine. "

Anonymous said...


- Well that's what Harridan Harm-Men (Deputy leader of the labour party) thinks:

"Harman is the embodiment of so much that is wrong with New Labour. Born into affluent privilege herself, Harman is that classic socialist type that regards the robust British working class with suspicion. But Harriet's greatest vice - and there are many - is her hypocrisy. She is now the Deputy Leader of a party that, in its latest by-election campaign in Crewe, has descended into the gutter of class warfare, deriding its opponents as 'toffs'.

Yet few figures in modern politics have enjoyed greater privilege than Harman. Her father was a Harley Street surgeon, her uncle the Earl of Longford. She was educated at the exclusive St Paul's Girls' School, before going on to York University and legal training. And like so many of the New Labour elite, she has never had a real job in the commercial world. Before she entered Parliament, she worked as the legal officer for the radical pressure group, the National Council for Civil Liberties.

Further hypocrisy comes in the way she is raising her family - Harman's attachment to the socialist ideal of comprehensive education clearly does not extend to her own life. She sent one of her sons to a grant-maintained school, another to a selective grammar, reinforcing the belief that too many Labour politicians refuse to practise what they preach.

Living in the leafy enclave of Dulwich, Harman's detachment from her constituents' lives was further reflected when she wore a stab-proof vest for a tour of Peckham, even though she was escorted by three police officers."

Anonymous said...


If you read Orwell's 1984, you'll find he predicted the present situation with uncanny accuracy. The Party, which had started as an Old Labour style socialist party, had degenerated to the point where there were three classes - Inner Party, Outer Party and Proles.

The Inner Party corresponds to the Metropolitan Marxist Elite - NuLabour MPs and the higher management of the BBC. The Outer Party are the politically-monitored jobsworths who depend on the Inner Party for their status - teachers, college lecturers, town-hall employees and vibrant benificiaries of state housing and handouts.

At the bottom of the heap are the Proles who 'were not considered to be human beings. They did not have the intellectual power to understand that they are exploited by the Party (as a source of cheap labour) and were unable and/or unwilling to organize resistance. Their functions were simple: work and breed. They did not care much about anything else than taking care of home and family, quarrelling with neighbours, watching films and football, drinking beer, and buying lottery tickets. They were not required to express their support to the Party. The Party created meaningless songs, novels, even pornography for the proles (all written by machines, except pornography, which was compiled by humans in the Outer Party and ever readable only by party members who worked in Pornosec.).

Anonymous said...

The two stories are linked. The fact that we no longer make anything is one of the reasons for dismay among the discarded working class so despised by the NuLabour Metropolitan elite.

These demoralised, disposessed natives of Salford are the grandsons and grandaughters of the once proud workforce of Trafford Park, in its day the hi-tech centre of the British Empire. Trafford park provided skilled work for people making a vast range of industrial and transport equipment such as electrical generators, turbines, electric trains and aero-engines, including the Rolls-Royce Merlin engines used to power both the Spitfire and the Lancaster.

But in common with the rest of Britain, the manufacturing industries have been destroyed by successive Tory and Labour governments, who have concentrated all their attention on the service and financial sectors, in the belief that we could earn our living from taking in one anothers' washing and recycling one anothers' debts. The educational system no longer produces young adults with any technical ability due to dumbing-down and a curriculum consisting of non-subjects. Our university graduates are mostly fit only for working in McDonalds.

We need a government that will give working class youngsters discipline, order, training, self-respect, job-prospects and hope for the future.

We also need to kick out the sociopathic parasitic elements who infest our former industrial heartlands with heroin, paedophile pimping, street-jihad and all the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

What always annoys me about any media comment concerning the BNP is that they always have to make some snide remark about grammar or the quality of their candidates, remarks that dont stand up shoud you visit the BNP website. And why do they aso have to make it sound that there is something wrong with the indigenous population wanting parity with immigrants. Isnt it the duty of any political party to put its own people first?.

Salford Supporter said...

I have just googled 'Colgate Palmolive Salford' factory closure and have just found the link to your site and my comments on this - I was delightfully surprised!
This closure, and the circumstances surrounding it, pinpoint Labour's typical betrayal of British workers. We need to rub the Blair Witch Blears' nose in her own dung come the elections in Salford.