Friday, 9 January 2009

Michael Meacher MP - Death threats?

I hear a little whisper that the Labour MP for Oldham West, Michael Meacher has been given police protection as a result of death threats from some of his Moslem constituents.

At this moment in time, all I can say that is that this may just be a rumour but rest assured our people are digging away to establish the truth.

But whilst some of us are digging, I might as well give you some information on this hypocrite and proven labour liar.

Let us deal with his hypocrisy first. Meacher, who is also a member of the Fabians, condemned second home ownership despite the fact that he is receiving income from FOUR residential properties in London and a Cottage in the Cotswolds.

He describes these on Parliaments Register of Interests as a small number of flats. I would describe them as a nice littler earner to top up his £250,00,000 he receives each year in salary and expense claims that he bleeds from the British Taxpayers as a parasite MP.

I suppose that the £650 he recieves each year from UNISON makes nice pocket money for the freebies he likes to attend. Wibledon and the Opera being just two of them.

No wonder he never voted for a transparent Parliament.

Clearly a classic example of a Champagne Socialist, Meacher likes to portray himself as a working class hero by declaring himself as the son of a farm labourer when in actual fact his father was an accountant.

That little lie cost him a small fortune, when he lost a libel case against the journalist Alan Watkins. A man who would lie about his father would and will lie about anything.

If anyone has any information on this possible rumour, I would much appreciate you posting a comment. Just say if you do not want your comment published.


Anonymous said...

Aren't moslims hypocites. 1000's of muslims have been the victims of war crimes in Gaza,but the Labour government that supports these war crimes are full of Muslims.Why are they in the Labour party, to line their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

The march of Islam seems to be gaining speed, what with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, now the Gaza operations and the riots and demonstrations in the West, including here in the US. Islam is becoming braver with calls from "moderates", supported by their left wing stooges, "jews should go back in the oven" and other slogans that if any non muslim uttered they would be prosecuted.
Obama's resent "victory" has given the Muslims, I believe a new impetus, a new "hope" that they have finally broken the back of the conservative west.
Russia is now pro Islam, the Socialists in Europe are pro Islam and now America will be less conservative and so prone to support Islamic projects and attack anti-"Islamophobic" movements.

We are entering very dangerous times, all readers need to take extreme caution when in public places and in major cities as I believe that bombs will start going off, ethnic cleansing in Muslim zones will increase and the Ummah will grow including support from members of radical far left individuals acting as freelancers and possibly converting to Islam.

Even here in the rural deep south of America we are seeing attempts by radical muslims to change the laws, a Georgia Judge has been placed on a PC re-education training course because he ordered a Muslim woman to remove her head covering or leave, she told him to "go f##k himself" and "this is BS", he ordered her arrest for contempt of court so she claimed this was racist. The judge lost and was sent on a religious sensitivity training course along with the entire police force.
Mosques are springing up in the south like mushrooms, muslims heavily veiled and radicals with long beards are relocating in the most unlikely places, in so called "redneck" towns and still Bubba with rifle rack in truck doesn't seem to care or even be aware of the destruction of his culture, heritage and country.

Good luck Europe as America will not be there to save you this time.