Sunday, 25 January 2009

BNP Wales visit Neath

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Today 24th January, BNP representatives from across South Wales, visited Neath town centre, which has been a Labour stronghold and is the constituency of Peter Hain MP, “most famous for the £103 000 he forgot to declare ” where a stall was set up to distribute BNP literature, including a local leaflet still wet from the printers, complete with a glaring but “too late to change”, typing error, alongside a selection of standard leaflets, and a pile of Voice of Freedom’s and Identity monthly magazines,

With several BNP organisers, councillors, and activists from Newport to Cross Hands, including a couple of fluent Welsh speakers manning the stall, and able to answer any questions the public might have, another small team of activists set off to leaflet the area from Victoria Gardens to King Street, delivering over a thousand leaflets.

Several thousand leaflets were also handed out at the stall, along with dozens of magazines and VoF’s.

The whole event was filmed by S4C, who also spent some time with the leafleting team whilst they were leafleting, and though the journalist from S4C spoke to many of the people passing by the stall during the morning, he did not get a single negative response, much to his surprise, everyone he spoke to indicated a belief in, and an agreement with, BNP policies in general.

The local press also decided to pay us a visit, whilst the stall was running, and conducted an interview with the Wales Organiser, we wonder how the printed article will finally read though.

We have had quite a good relationship with S4C to date, and hope that their unbiased reporting will continue, an even hand is all we ask, the simple truth is enough, and in this we have found S4C to be fair, not only to us but also to their viewers.

Our local paper is another matter, and usually takes the old and worn out, biased in favour of the established party line, and cannot help themselves with the usual childish name calling, instead of a straight forward “telling it the way it is” style of reporting.

This biased attitude is mainly down to the Editor rather than the individual journalist, but perhaps things will change in the near future, especially when the Editor realises, that an awful lot of those people who actually purchase his paper, also agree with the BNP.


Anonymous said...

We seem to be breaking through all over the place, now! It's marvellous that we are reaching people in places like Neath!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Neath and if I had known they were there I would of turned up to lend support.

Peter Hain is a foreigner and does not represent the genuine people of Neath. I truly hope Hain losses his seat at the next general election. I swould love to see his smug grin wiped off his smarmy face.

Hain has ruined one good country already, South Africa, and he's trying to ruin another.....ours !!

misterfox said...

Yes and abandoned Rhodeshians to savages

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Peter Hain to lose his Neath seat? Then I would know for certain that the sheep people of Old Labour and New really have woken up after generations of blind obedience and mind numbing stupid alegience to old myths and old attitudes. It would mean that at last the Labour heartlands have stopped beating to their rhythym and are converting in their thousands to the BNP- for they will never vote Tory and are most unlikely to go for the LibDems or Plaid. Send this communist arsehole packing. Preferably back to the Rainbow Nation, a society in rapid decline now that is is ruled over by native Africans rather then the men who created it, civilised it and made it into a model of decent living. Incidentally, a story in yesterday's Daily Mail told how Nigerian police have arrested a goat on suspicion of armed robbery. (I KID you not) Apparently they believe the goat is actually an armed robber who, by use of witchcraft, turned himself into a black and white goat to avoid capture! Well done the police for quickly foiling his novel disguise! I look forward to his evidence when he appears in court under cross examination. It will be no good him BLEATING about the fairness of his conviction as he is led away, no doubt to Halal slaughter. At least we cannot accuse Nigeria of being a NANNY state. Perhaps the poor creature will claim asylum in Britain and then turn himself back into an armed robber. Is this the land of Obamas ancestors? I see a future for Peter Hain in Nigeria, in such company he would surely be an intellectual giant and would have no trouble at all in fiddling his expenses and if he was ever suspected of crime he could quickly turn himself into a snake and slither away into the jungle for ever.

Mike Green (Editor West Wales Patriot) said...

Powerful stuff Celtic Morning.
I am the short fat fellow in the wheelchair.
My life has improved dramatically since I joined the BNP. I am full of hope for the future, and will do what I can for the people of Britain.
Being in Neath was a real eyeopener.
We will be in a Town near you all soon!

SwanseaJack said...

I just wonder why Mr Hain has stayed here so long, when South Africa became the paradise he so ardently campaigned for, many years ago,
Neath I am sure would be a lot better without him,
(so would the rest of the world for that matter)