Saturday, 17 January 2009

Christians finally permited to be just as shocked and horrified as Moslems

by johnofgwent

This is one story I'd better get out before the islamification bureau realise what they have allowed to happen and move to quosh it.

A couple of months ago there was uproar offense and outrage over this

OK there wasn't REALLY uproar and outrage. There was merely an outbreak of slight midffedness over a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich in the parish church hall after communion. Because as we all know, there is only ONE group allowed to be outraged and offended. This lot.

Or so I thought. Not least because they are the only people our govenment have a habit of bending over a barrel to appease at the drop opf a bag of chapati flour.

But what's this I see on the news. It seems there has been an outbreak of putting one's foot down in the Hampshire area. One of the drivers rostered to drive the "There's Probably No God" message has decided it is a slogan too far.

Ron Heather, from Southampton, Hampshire, responded with "shock" and "horror" at the message and walked out of his shift in protest.

You can read the details here

Now I'm with Dawkins on this issue. Not least because of a profound dislike of the way some of Mr Heather's fellow believers behave round this neck of the woods. As far as I'm concerned spending an eternity in the afterlife with any of THEM would make it hell for me, so the way I see it I'm not exactly losing anything by my lifestyle choices.

But I congratulate Mr Heather for standing up for what he believes in.

And I say it makes a welcome change to find someone of a christian persuasion being allowed to express shock and horror at the way his religion is being treated in his workplace and have his employers come out in pubic and say they respect his views.

Normally only those who wear a turban or slit sheep's throats achieve that.

I wonder if this is a sign that those who welcome the destruction of this country's values through the enforcement of the apartheid of multiculturalism have finally been forced onto the back foot.

I doubt it myself, but there is always hope and it is good to see those who for too long have been forced to bend over and accomodate finally being allowed to say that for them, enough is enough and not get thrown onto the dole for saying it.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic posts this morning Green. And as for the UAF just ignore them. I used to visit their site everyday as I suspect lots of nationalists do, just to have a laugh and to see what lies they are drumming up.
But do you know what I dont visit anymore, because it is a waste of time, and the information meaningless tat.
I'd rather spend the time reading a nationalist blog and at least getting the truth.

Amnyway here is some more info for you from our mutual friend up North who I believe is back on board. About time too.

Its about the Scouts being turned into an islamic back bending organisation.

Epona said...

Hi GA.
It's great to see people popping up here and there,and sticking up for what they believe in or indeed don't,for that matter!
Most Apostates from Islam are Humanists like Professor Dawkins.

I also, have stopped looking in on the nasty little websites of UAF and co.It wastes my time, and they are very silly as well as irrelevant.
I have started moderating my comments,started with Swindon Nationalists last night.
This moring I had one awaiting attention, from one calling itself 'Green Arrow'. All he said was er,
"Chill out RS and go buy a curry"LOL.

I await the day when we can put:-

On our buses, while we wave bye bye to the encroacher's! He he!
Now I'm off to have a look at,

A still resting but much better,


The Green Arrow said...

Great article JOG and as usual despite the seriousness of the subject you still manage to raise a smile.

More Please old friend - and congratulations by the way.

Steer clear of us revolutionaries:)

Islamageddon said...

Jesus got it right when he prophesied the coming of Mohammed and the Mohammedans:

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them"
- Matthew 7

The fruits of Islam are murder, mutilation, riots, rape, pillage, pedophilia, acid attacks, heroin, illiteracy, squalor, extortion, over-population, honor-killings, incest, congenital diseases, anarchy and corruption.

Have I missed anything out?

Anonymous said...

I was amused to see the message says there is PROBABLY no god and not DEFINATELY no god. Are they covering their back sides just in case they get struck down?? Does this message also include there PROBABLY being no Allah, he is a god isn't he?

Islamageddon said...

Allah isn't a god, he is the Demon Moloch.

johnofgwent said...

Hi Anon of 17/01 15:31

I think you'll find the word "Probably" is there to stop them being struck down by the Advertising Standards Association or whatever the hell it is called now.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is if he had been driving one of those buses which had the Islam is peace message (or something like that a few months ago) on the side would Mr Heather have objected,? Would he have dared to object because to have done so would have made him an "islamophobe" and in danger of losing his job.
I somehow doubt he would have said a word.

theinsanevortext said...

God? So why does everyone assume that when they say "god" they mean the Christian god? Why didn't the atheists state there are no "gods" not god? Do they not believe in a Christian god or do they believe in allah or hindu gods? Seems rather odd to just single out Christianity?

BTW the Christian god's name is Jehovah or Yahew, hence the Hallelujah phrase, meaning "praise Jah".

Can you imagine the outrage if the message stated there is no God, Allah, Krishna etc, those buses would be firebombed and that sweet sounding girl would be thrown to the lions and the high court.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments here about the Probably no God bus adverts. Also interesting is that the words are in block capitals, I'd have thought they would have gone for lower case, or upper and lower at most except for the capital at the begining of the sentence.

Hmmmm? I wonder if somewhere in the back of the minds of those behind this advert are they not really convinced of their own statement?

And why are our Muslim friends quiet on this one? Very strange.

As for me I was brought up in a Christian household, church going and Bible reading on a Sunday.

Mother was a nurse, on a terminal ward, in the days when such existed, and took an interest in all faiths.
Many an experience she told of helping those with faith, from all races, questioning "why them" and "where was God" as they neared their end as she helped them meet it with their faith.
Equally those without faith or who had cast aside or denied any belief in "God" sought to gain that faith, or at least a hope, in their last days.

In our most private of thoughts we all know that there is "something" there, within us and around us. That "something"is called by many names and we all know, if we but listen and look to our inner selves, that that is true.

Sadly, for most people today, they have no idea of an inner self or spirit as their world is the material, a five sense one.

As for me? I dont go to church, I dont need or want to. I do live in and interact with others, of all faiths and races, in what would be called a Christian manner.
I flip through the Bible now and then. The King James one is best, and the more I do the more I'm convinced that Jesus was simply way ahead of his time and his only problem was that those who held power in his day felt threatened by him as he tried to teach that the "real world" was inside the self, a spiritual one if you will, and that all things were created from there. Nothing happens without thought. In the begining was the word?

Now if you spend a little time getting to grips with the basics of quantum phyisics you will see where Jesus was coming from and where he was at. The best example is to go read The Sermon on The Mount. Google it and you may even find an mp3 version of it. Very worthwhile understanding that sermon.

Give up the fags, booze, tv and chilled six pack for a bit and go take a walk in the countryside for and marvel at how it all works.

THERE PROBABLY IS NO GOD. Well not in the way most people think there is. BUT THERE IS A SOURCE.