Thursday, 29 January 2009

Peter Hain urges thugs to drive BNP out of town

Reverting to type, the former communist terrorist, convicted criminal, possible bank robber and proven liar, South African, Peter Hain has stated his intention to "drive" the British National Party out of Neath.

Knowing full well that most members of the British National Party have to work for a living, he has called at short notice, for a demonstration for tomorrow (30th January) in The Square, Neath at 10.00am.

To protect him from the voters of Neath he is counting on the support of the trade unions that have watched as British Jobs have been exported and foreign workers imported. Also being bussed in are some brain dead students bunking off their Sociology courses.

Peter, who knows that his days are numbered and that one day a BNP government will make him answer for his crimes both national and international, hopes that this action will divert attention away from the £103,000 that was supposedly spend on his failed attempt to become Deputy Leader of the Titanic.

Hain is still furious and fuming over the success of the BNPs day of action held there just a short while ago, where the video posted by WalesBNP showed our activists receiving a warm welcome in Hains own continuency. A contstituency that he has no links with and was parachuted into by labour years ago against the wishes of the local labour party and people.

Well the BNP warn Peter Hain now, that we may or may not be there tomorrow to greet you but either way the BNP are going to become a regular sight in The Square and will do so, until it is you Hain, you faked tan oranutang is "driven out of town".

In fact Peter if you wish to avoid justice why not go back to South Africa. You know that Utopian murderland that you helped create. But first remember how you had so much to say about Rhodesia and its failings, well what about your dreamland Zimbabwe now? Why not flee there and team up your old with your old hero Mugabe.

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Anonymous said...

How many Labour MPs in safe seats are foreigners or members of the Marxist Metropolitan Elite who have been 'parachuted in'? They seem to be more common than people with local roots.

Jack Straw is probably the most notorious example with his derogatory comments about his English constituents.

The American term for these parasites is 'carpetbaggers'

"Since 1900 the term has been used more widely in the US to describe outsiders' attempting to gain political office or economic advantage, especially in areas (thematically or geographically) to which they previously had no connection"

Anonymous said...

It's going to rain cats and dogs (am i allowed to say that) tomorrow. I hope someone can film Haines getting his first shower of the year.

Anonymous said...

fascinating banter regarding Tommy Boyd's interview with Simon Darby on radio. Take a look and post something -the radio station is printing every comment, and I mean every comment!

Wellard67 said...

Personaly I think we should be thanking Peter Hain for his recent recruitment drive for the BNP!! Also we should all extend our appreciation for the million pound publicity campaign in the press. Reading the comments posted under each online article says it all. The Welsh people have spoken. The fact is this man is hated in neath and the surrounding area. On a personal note to Peter can I add this "MAE HEN GWLAD FYN NHADAU YN ANWYL I FY" you dont scare or intimidate me or any of my fellow patriots in WALES BNP. We shall decide where we go not you. We shall decide when we go there not you! How dare you try and bully us and deny the people of Wales a fair choice. Your running scared and we will now become your worst nightmare. in fact I feel you deserve to see us far more often pete- VOTE BNP IN EURO ELECTIONS NEATH AND WALES

Anonymous said...

Whats the odds that not one person on this demo will be from Neath? All dirty unwashed lefties that liebour allways use to deny democracy. This needs to be exposed to press/media

Anonymous said...

French patriots launch snailmail campaign in support of Geert Wilders (they say its more effective than e-mail)

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Great news, more publicity for us. Politicians never seem to realise the golden rule. When you are in a hole, stop digging. I seem to remember a crappy pop song from about forty years ago, very popular in south Wales working mens clubs where the women would get up and dance in long lines, which went "Wheres your mummy gone," easily adapted to "Wheres the money gone." The next line was "far, far away." Such a chant would be perfect for aiming at the swindling maggot to cause uproar at his public meetings.Roll on the day when Hain himself is far far away, preferably behind bars.

Anonymous said...

I am not a crook, I am not a Crook.


Anonymous said...

I love it when we upset the corrupt Labour party, i'd be a little bit worried if they started praising us, i wouldn't want to be tainted with this Government who is infamous for - treason, war crimes, fraud, theft, lies, spin, sleaze and incompetance, our time is coming and don't they know it. I also seem to remember Miliband was "parachuted" into his constituency to, it's very undemocratic to say the least

Anonymous said...

I love it when the criminal Labour party get upset were definately getting something right, we'd be worried if nu Labour started praising us, i'd hate to be tainted with a party imfamous for it's war crimes, treason, treachery, lying, spinning, fraud, theft, incompetance and sleaze. Miliband was "parachuted" into his constituency also as i remember.political mizz

theinsanevortext said...

It's cool to be communist but be a nationalist and you are scum. what an alice in wonderland world albion is

The Green Arrow said...

Good Morning Britain Awake. Thank you for your comment and I understand your sentiments. Hain is all those things and yes it would be poetic justice to see him leave this planet that way but I would prefer it to be at the end of a rope and after a trial that was not rigged in his favour by the CPS.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there in person today but I have to work. I doubt anyone attending will actually be from Neath. All bused in by Liebour. Unwashed hippies that have never done a days work in their lives so dont appreciate the taxation burden now placed upon us by this shambolic government. I hope the lefties do their usual and and cause serious aggrivation and property damage as we have seen at the RWB and Stoke. Peter Hain can then explain to voters why he organised terror for Neath. Any business suffering disruption or damage today should bill this creep! Cmon Neath ask him where the moneys gone?

Anonymous said...

Interesting letter in todays South Wales Evening Post.

I AM sure I am not the only one of Peter Hain's constituents who is becoming increasingly embarrassed at having an MP who is constantly causing Neath to be in the news for all the wrong reasons.
The affair of the undeclared donations is not going to go away — particularly as Mr Hain's campaign manager is apparently writing to the parliamentary standards committee to say he "does not recognise the version of events given by Peter Hain to the committee".
Enough is enough. I invite Mr Hain to stand down at the next election and make way for a new MP with a "clean pair of hands" who can restore the reputation of Neath.
Councillor Linet Purcell
New Road, Ynysmeudwy

Councillor Kevin Edwards