Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Watching the "establishment" wet themselves

Just checking on the BBC site, where they also have gone into hysterics at the fact that a member of the British National Party may or may not be working for the UK Border Agency.

Nothing showed how frightened the establishment really are, than today's obviously well coordinated attack to link the BNP to violence by association, then the simultaneous release of the same news story by all the media outlets under their control.

Nothing about the numbers of Moslem terrorists dug deep into the establishment. Nothing about all the illegal immigrants working in the Passport Office. Nothing about wannabee murderers in the NHS. Nothing about their cowardice over the past few days with the Moslems claiming the streets of Londonistan as their own private stamping ground. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

No just front pages smearing Our Country's only hope. The British National Party.

The fact of the matter is that the "elite" are spineless cowards who are starting to soil themselves with the knowledge that the True British People are waking up to just what they have done to Our Country.

They really are trembling now that they know nothing can stop the eventual victory of the real "peoples party". Maybe not the next General Election but most certainly the one after that, where the tories who want to wipe the slate clean of their twin party, Labours mistakes and "start again" carry on the destruction of Our Country where Labour leaves off for a rest in the "wilderness".

People have had enough. State sponsored attacks on BNP members are brushed away and the party advances. We are not intimated. We are not frightened into silence. We are now really fed up with their political correctness. They say "Smash the Fash". We will show them the meaning of Smash when we shatter their cosy little worlds and drag them back to the real world to face trial for treason.

The attacks on the Royal Family(I am no great lover of them) bounced back in their faces. Comments from the public every where are the same. If a Briton is abbreviated to Brit then there is no crime in abbreviating Pakistani to Paki and those who say it is a crime are sick in the head and need institutionalising. And I know just the boys to sign those papers come the day. So do you.

Every single voter in the Country will have a chance to show their real feelings about the corrupt, evil and rotten cowards that are supposed to represent our true feelings, believes and interests come the Euro Elections. They can do that by voting for the British National Party.

If they do not vote BNP then they deserve to fleeced like Dhimmi sheep, before having their vital organs sold to rich Asians and Arabs.

Long live the BNP.


Anonymous said...

brill post gree, The BBC now make me sick, I bet they are even begging that disgusting creep langham to come back on board.

They are one sick puppy of a television company now.

My youngest is home today and I have to stop her watching C-beebies, another multi cult ram it down your throats enrichment channal designed to give our kids a blinkered view of what is normal.

Oh to bring back the clangers, and mary Mungo and Midge.

If you go by the BBC even the West coast of Scotland is about 50% ethnic kids. Just watch Balamory.

Aberdeen patriot

pps will be helping out locally again soon.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you ga.these attacks on the BNP don't damage us,they only make us stronger.I seem to recall a news item where they said there was a member of an Islamist group working at the immigration office in Croyden,is he still there i wonder?

Anonymous said...

It should be obligitory for staff at the UK Borders Agency to be BNP activists.

Anonymous said...

It should be obligitory for staff at the UK Borders Agency to be BNP activists.

Anonymous said...

Yes i think the establishment are terrified of the BNP as we are going from strength to strength, hence the un Democratic attacks, they know we will remove them from the trough and this is what they most fear [particularly our ruling "elite"] Thev've turned on Harry and Charles and the Sheeple usually sleeping have woke up ! Oops own goal ! Our poodle dog MSM are just carrying out orders from their master...Now Hmmm where have i heard that before ? politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Shriti Vadera observes economic gangrene setting in, takes a bottle full of happy pills and decides it's the first signs of recovery:

Keith in Brum said...

Hear, hear! I couldn't have put it better myself! Well said.

Keith in Brum said...

I quote from your link, "He added anyone working with the agency must sign a declaration stating they are neither BNP nor Combat-18 members".

I think they should also sign a declaration that they are NOT patriots and that they hate Britain and are prepared to sell their own country "down the river".

Anonymous said...

A 57-YEAR-OLD man was pelted with bricks during an assault in Derby last night.
The victim was walking along Stenson Road when two Asian men approached and punched him in the side of the face.

Grumbleguts said...

I tried leaving a comment on the comments section of the Daily Mail, but it wasn't published.
No surprises there!!