Sunday, 11 January 2009

That's the way to do it.

Like it. Like it a lot.

Take a look at the above image. I grabbed it originally from the site of the Deputy Leader of the British National Party, Simon Darby. Nice image there today from the Organiser Conference he is attending.

Before I go on though. If you missed Simon Darby on Radio 4, there is also a link there to the radio interview he gave. An excellent job. I particularly liked the bit when Simon turned the tables on the interviewer in a response to a question about cheap, imported slave labour. Listen and you will see what I am talking about. It was classic.

But back to the top image, I hope this is the kind of subject they are discussing at the conference, it shows the kind of thing we must do to up our game during the run up to the Euro Elections.

And West Wales Patriot are leading the way in Wales when it comes to getting information out to our fellow True Brits.

They were distributing the leaflet, that contained up to date recent news and information about European plans to take control of our remaining gas and oil supplies and information about how much the parasitic Assembly Members of Wales are costing us all, when a fearful Plaid AM, ripped one up much to the amusement of our activists.

Every single leaflet they had was gobbled up by an eager public. And why? Because the leaflet was eye catching and the bold sub titles hit our fellow citizens right between the eyes with the truth.

Now that really is the way to do it. Local leaflets that are on the streets within 24 hours of a major news story that as an impact on our way of life.

News is now coming in almost daily, on how our Activists are being greeted like soldiers from an army of liberation when they hit the bricks and deliver our leaflets and set up our paper stalls. The public are looking for us now. We must be out on the streets for them. They want to speak to us in person.

Now a word that I have seen a lot recently, usually in quotations by politicians from the Tri-Axis of Evil parties, is "exploiting". Usually along the lines of, "the BNP are exploiting peoples fears".

What these traitors do not understand is that the BNP are exploiting nothing. The BNP are the people and they are simply stating the truth. You see, unlike the "traditional" rotating dictatorship, the British National Party only says what it believes.

It does not change colour like a piece of litmus paper to suit the views of the person it is talking to and then do something different. That is the way of the political vampires that have sucked us dry. The Sarkozy Way, the Cameron Way, the Blair Way and now the Brown Way .

Finally, I hope you visited the West Wales Patriot site. Boy is it impressive. Not just in content but display also. Images of their key people. Links to other information sites. Us valley and city boys in Wales have a lot of catching up to do, both on the streets and on the internet.


Anonymous said...

That's an excellent leaflet, well done to the West Walians!

Just found this over on South Africa Sucks, wondering if any BNP supporters would lke to come to Pakistan and join me for the...

Adventure of a Lifetime



What and Insult said...

"News is now coming in almost daily, on how our Activists are being greeted like soldiers from an army of liberation"

So said Lenin, when the red army marched in to 'liberate' Poland at the close of the civil war (1921).
That didn't last long either.

So long as you stand shouting that the 'true brits' are on your side, I'll stand here declaring that true brits are on this side, opposing everything the BNP stands for. Neither of us are right of course.

Anonymous said...

A very hard-hitting leaflet. Well done to those involved.

Fyrdist said...

Green it seems old Red RH is back on board with his infantile and deluded missives. His argument was pathetic last time; now it is flaccid.

RH: the people are waking up. You and your lot are finished.

The Green Arrow said...


The difference is, is that the BNP are not communists and believe in democracy. Many of our parents, grandparents and ourselves have fought to preserve freedom. We in the BNP continue that fight.

The BNP may not be right about everything but it is right for Britain.

The Green Arrow said...

F, I do believe you are right.

They are finished. The True British people are starting to wake up in ever increasing numbers.

I recommend that the reds pack and leave on the same liners that we ship the illegal immigrants out on.

Fyrdist said...

WAI (RH) said: "Neither of us are right of course."

HAHA! What kind of dialectic is that? The dialectic of defeatism, so adored by the banal Left; the dialectic of mediocrity that has got us into this sorry state of affairs.

Have some balls, man, and stand up for what you believe. You think we're wrong? THEN FU**ING SAY SO! Don't fanny about like a cowardly ninny; I respect an opinion not a mediocre synthesis of understanding massively contrasting viewpoints, which solves nothing.

You could even employ the dialectic of Nietzsche or Thomas Carlyle -both of whom paused, thought long and hard about their words, then replied.

Happy thinking.

Anonymous said...


"Primark is at the centre of controversy over claims that illegal immigrants were paid just over half the minimum wage to make knitwear for the chain. The workers allegedly received £3 an hour, nearly £3 less than the minimum wage of £5.73, for 12-hour days, seven days a week.
The high street fashion giant has launched an inquiry after an investigation found that Manchester-based garment firm TNS Knitwear, which supplies 20,000 garments to the company each week, may have contravened employment and immigration laws.

... One Pakistani working on an order for Primark reportedly said that his visa ran out eight years ago."

Councillor Kevin Edwards said...

What we are seeing at present is the Left,the Liars,the people in authority,SocialWorkers,Councils, the money grabbing AM's, MP's the scum who have been shafting our people for so long are now scared.They know their time is short.They are running but they are cornered, they have no where to run to.

The "Gnashing of Teeth and the Lake of fire" waits. Traitors all and we shall expose them.

Councillor Kevin Edwards

A Thurrock Patriot said...

Got this off Plaid Cymru offical website.

Plaid’s own membership reflects the party’s commitment to diversity: Plaid has the highest number of serving Councillors from Black and Minority Ethnic communities in Wales.

That don't sound like the national party of wales with the welsh as its priority, so come on all you floating voters in wales, vote for the only national party that really cares for the welsh and british.

wellard67 said...

Arrow- Thanks again for your support. West Wales BNP are dedicated to exposing the false flag nationalist plaid cymru and we will be keeping this pressure on for as long as it takes to see them fall. We have far more planned for the near future and im sure we will be causing them many sleepless nights as we expose their true colours to the welsh electorate. Plaid Curry! we are onto you!