Friday, 23 January 2009

Britain needs a War Leader

Labour Voters arrive at the polls in Bexley Yesterday

In the last half a dozen or so by-elections, the British National Party have come within a cats whisker of winning, sometimes in seats where we have never even stood before.

This as happened again in Bexley, yesterday, where our Candidate Michael Barnbrook came within just 8 votes of winning.

Now I do not know the numbers of the colonisers in Bexley but you can bet they were not voting BNP. Neither do I know the numbers of postal votes, which to me, usually means ballot rigging.

But before returning to Bexley, we must also congratulate Tony Brewer and his campaign team in Sussex. I do not yet have the votes cast details so will post them later.
I also believe that John Morgan and his team also done us proud in Canvey Island, TC, where he managed to obtain a more than respectable 20% of the vote.
  1. IND 429
  2. Tories 328
  3. BNP 229
  4. Labour 151

I will update this post later with details once I have them.

But back to Bexley and the voting figures.

  1. Conservative 798
  2. BNP 790
  3. Labour 700
  4. Lib Dems 564
  5. English Democrats 128

Are 9 of those real "Little Englanders" in the English Democrats regretting they did not give their patriotic vote to the British National Party?

There is no doubt my kinsmen that the British National Party are on a roll but it is a roll that will come to an end as the off spring of the colonisers reach voting age and physically outnumber us. In many areas they already do so and so we are operating in a very small window of time.

It is also clear(at least to me) that some of our fellow True Brits are still not awake to the danger they are in and the danger they put us all in by remaining asleep. Some people will not awake of their own violation. They are going to need a good kick to make them awake.

And the only people who can give them that kick are the Activists of the British National Party on the street and at the door. Not the website of the British National Party. Not the bloggers like myself and friends who write on the Green Arrow.

We cannot wake them because they simply do not read what is happening around them. They live in their own little bubble and have not a clue about the danger they are in or the danger they put us in by being ignorant of the truth.

Do the voters in Bexley, who put their cross next to Labour not realise how they have been betrayed? Do they know about the floating hotels parked of our shores that house foreign workers imported in to do the jobs of British Workers? No, well maybe a few but certainly none of the stupid Labour voters in Bexley do, otherwise they would have voted BNP.
The giant barge moored in Grimsby Docks will be home to hundreds of Italians, and a second “floatel” is expected next week.

Workers at the nearby Lindsey Oil Refinery – Britain’s third biggest – claim the migrants will be taking their jobs. Union officials are investigating reports that 90-day notices have been served on Brits so they can be replaced.

The plant is run by French oil giant Total, which is allowed under EU law to undercut British wages by hiring employees from other member states.
I could write about the illegal wars, the Global Warming con, the constructed recession to frighten us into closer links with Eurabia and the New World Order but you already know all of this.

What Our Country needs now and what we in the British National Party need now is a War Leader and we have one in the shape of Nick Griffin, intelligent, hard working, patriotic and most certainly the most politically aware politician of any political party in decades. He is a natural War Leader for both Our Party and Our Country.

Because we really are in a war. And that Leader must speak the unpleasant truth. He must shout the truth from the BNP website and he must instruct all branches and groups to do the same. Currently the BNP are missing windows of opportunity in attacking our globalist enemies who seek to enslave us.

Where is the directive instructing all branches and groups to make a FOI demands from local authorities and the police on Common Purpose - the ones being trained to replace councillors in the New World Order of bureaucrats?

Where is the big expose on the planned new seven bedroom homes for the newly arrived colonialists of Our Country. We have the government booklet proving it? Blast it out.

The superb British National Party website, which is extremely well run and productive must be more outspoken and not just report the news like the excellent UKTabloid. It must report it and also give the BNP solutions to the problems exposed. The way they did with the education policy. That was brilliant. Pointing to the policy page is no longer good enough.

But we want the same with the story of the floating hotels. They should say that they will nationalise all key companies owned by foreign companies without a penny paid in compensation.

They must say that Council Properties sold to private companies will be taken back into public ownership.

They must say that these houses will then be reallocated to the True British People who really deserve them.

They must list all the laws they will repeal within 24 hours of forming a government. I want to have a cigarette with my pint on our Victory Day.

You get the picture. That is what we want now and more of it. Every single day. We want it.

British National Party activists want hard leadership now. They demand it and Nick Griffin is the man, our man, to do the job.

Come on Chairman. Do not just kick the establishment. Kick us also. No more Mr Nice Guy.


National Pride said...

The BNP needs a war leader is truly correct...the BNP also needs it's own militia to protect it in it's up and coming success rate's, because once those who oppose the BNP, and I don't mean the UAF and girl guide organisations like that, I mean hardened radical islamic groups, will start their own campaigns to stop the BNP from making it into power...and not by protest, or waviing banners, but with gun's and explosives...that is when the BNP will find out who it's real followers are, and trust me it is coming....please go the the blog fight fire with fire.. your readers updated on any posts made by the AFF...they have active members within radical groups, that are pumping out info on a regular basis, including a recent "hit" list, of BNP members...the AFF back the BNP and offer protection for it's members...however, up to now, none of the BNP seem to realise this....check out the AFF logo down the left hand side of the blog...and keep an eye out..the information being gathered will help protect the BNP

ivan said...

Superb article and well put together.Just looking out the window and its started raining again but that wont put me off my afternoon leafleting session which is getting easier day by day as the mass's are waking up.

JPT said...

These figures to me prove beyond doubt that the majority of WHITE people in Bexley voted BNP.
A figure that will not be mentioned by but also not lost on the liberal elite...

Wellard67 said...

Exellent article Arrow. I have now become a daily visitor to your blog. A fellow nationalist has commented on main BNP site with what i think is an exellent idea. The suggestion is to form a BNP rapid reaction team of hard core activists prepared to travel anywhere in the UK when we get incidents like grimsby. Every group has dedicated footsoldiers that would be prepared to join this team. I also feel we should ramp up our town centre newspaper sales and it would be a good idea for the BNP to provide each region with some professional marketing stands. Nick is without doubt our wartime leader and the war has allready begun

Anonymous said...

Right-wing author is banned from Islam talk

A right-wing writer has been banned from chairing a debate on Islam at the London School of Economics today amid security fears, the Standard has learned.

Douglas Murray, a self-confessed “neo conservative”, was due to chair “Islam or Liberalism: Which is the Way Forward?” at the university tonight — 24 hours after the end of a week-long sit in at LSE in protest at Israel's attacks on Gaza.

The commentator and author, who is the director of conservative think-tank the Centre for Social Cohesion, said: “This is back to the bad old days of the LSE — where the most violent get to dictate people's education. It is worse than censorship — it's intimidation.”

defender said...

As we get nearer the target expect an increase of flak. It will get very heavy and there will be losses, however we must get through.

Annon 12:44
London school of ecnomics LSE, created by the Fabians. No surprise there.

Airborne said...

9 votes between winning and coming second. Do you think that the count was supervised by a BNP steward, if not that needs to be the Standard Operating Procedure from hereon in!!

Anonymous said...

White, Welsh and Muslim - more Da'wa from al-Beeb

Anonymous said...

It does seem strange that on more than one occasion the BNP have lost by just a few votes. Are the voting paper kept in sight, just asking?

Anonymous said...


From the excellent Citizen Warrior.

The absolute minimum that every kuffar must know if we stand any hope of mobilising our people to resist this loathsome, venomous, inhuman Death-cult: