Friday, 23 January 2009

Mr. Obama, we also need Political Change…badly

By Albion

In the British system of currency one trillion is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000, one trillion is one million times one billion.

Using the British currency system America’s national debt stands at the moment around 8 Trillion Dollars or $8,000,000,000,000,000,000, it’s the sheer magnitude of the noughts one has to appreciate here. It is increasing by $US 3.36 Billion A DAY. It is interesting to note that on January 1st 1971 the nation debt was just $US75 Million Dollars. At present every American man, woman and child has a debt of $US 34,791.21.

Since the worlds economic meltdown America has printed 70% more currency to bail out the Banks, Loan institutions, and car manufacturers and giving the people tax cuts to try and kick start the economy. It has a debt that cannot ever be repaid.

If a country continues to print more and more money its monetary value depreciates. Zimbabwe is a typical example, so was the currency collapse during Hitler’s time. All petroleum transactions have to be paid for in American Dollars. If the US Dollar continues to lose its value then countries will push for oil to be paid for by any currency other than the American Dollar, a situation that exists with Venezuelan oil, a country that will accept currencies other than Dollars.

In the very near future I predict there will be a push for the replacement for oil transactions to be paid for by the Euro. When banking institutions see this coming they will hurriedly try and divest themselves of American Dollars and shortly after if this were to occur, the American Dollar collapse will happen overnight. Don’t think we will avoid the aftermath when that happens. Mr. Brown is also printing more and more money. He thought it was a good idea at the time to sell most of our gold reserves to buy Euro’s, thus we do not have enough gold in the vaults to back up the ailing Pound.

We are soon to witness the grand daddy of all financial meltdowns. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but if this were to happen and previously witnessing the panic by the people when there was an oil shortage, or the Japanese panic years ago when people bought armfuls of toilet paper when there was a rumour of a paper shortage, a run on the banks is a certain possibility. Then the banks on orders of the government will close their doors.

So your money, which by then you cannot access anyway, will also have been greatly devalued. It worries me when I hear and read of financial experts predicting that we haven’t seen the worst of the financial economic crisis yet. So what are they not telling us?

Mr. Obama is going to print even more money, but then he doesn’t makes any decisions, his mantra is ‘Change’ but change for what, more of the same? An army of professional advisors are the decisions makers, and in many cases they are the very same Bush advisors.

The knock on effect will be far reaching. Whenever we see news stories of famines around the world we see the aid workers carrying sacks of flour emblazoned with the Stars and Stripes. This aid will dry up. A total famine is a great catalyst for anarchy and social unrest and for the forced movements of whole populations.

The European Union do not help our cause, they bought most of our gold reserves that now backs up the Euro, it was OUR GOLD, and they now view OUR oil as a ‘shared’ EU resource and to add insult to injury, dictate to us on all things from deciding our climate change figures, and who can or cannot enter our borders, to what quotas of fish our fishermen can catch, to the Alice-in-Wonderland absurdities as to how much pork we should put in our pork pies and the production of straight bananas. These people are truly mad!

Even the astute American Jewish money lenders and bankers got it wrong when Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers, Freddie Mac, IndyMac and Bear Sterns all went bust when they got too greedy.

These people use the American Stock exchange to view the monetary odds as a horse punter would view the odds on a betting board. But here the prize is much, much greater; their manipulation of the economy through greed will decide the future of their nation and possibly the world.

As Obama’s election catch cry was ‘we Need Change’ rallied the American people, this country also desperately needs a total political change ………and never more than now.

Please look at the terrible state of our country. It is politically, morally and socially bankrupt then research who is responsible for this catastrophe. It will be a harder task to find out why.

It is appears at the same time our loyal Mr. Brown is bankrupting Great Britain to win the next election.

British Pound Panic Selling, Counting Down to Bankrupt Britain.

Wake up, America did. You are victims of your own making!



Anonymous said...

The massive decline of the pound would at one time have been counteracted by an export-led boom in manufacturing as our products became cheaper.

But thanks to Maggie Thatcher and Tony Blair, we no longer have any manufactring industry.

odin said...

Very interesting, good article!

ProudGeordie said...

Excellent article Albion. It is people like you who should be deciding Britains economic strategy, not an overweight communist traitor who failed O level Maths!

The 'change' Obama is asking for is the American peoples loose change from their pockets as that is just about all they have left. The Euro will be the next global currency and an EU/USA 'North Atlantic Alliance' will come about 10 years later, at which point the military machine will steamroller the rest of the world. Globalisation will be complete by 2050 unless we act now.