Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Searchlight, Antifa and the UAF

Work done for the day and pleased with output both visible and behind the scenes, I thought I might check out what the reds are saying.

And as usual they are always good for a laugh. Reading red sites is like stepping back in time with the terminology they still like to use. As far as they are concerned, the Berlin Wall is still in place, Che is about to overthrow all of South America before heading North into America and Stalin is still Uncle Joe.

So first off, I see that the Alliance for Workers Liberty who "aims to build solidarity through struggle so that the working class can overthrow capitalism." are having a pop at all other red factions including the UAF and Antifa.

On Antifa they have this to say;

Antifa is a group of “anti-authoritarian” and “anti-capitalist” (basically anarchist) activists of indeterminate size who prioritise small-scale physical actions against the fascists. This can range from picking off known fascists for a bit of rough justice to more coordinated efforts to disrupt larger events.
Well we already know that. Antifa like to work like a pack of hyenas taking down a single Lion Cub left undefended. Cowards basically.

But it is the kind words they had for the UAF that made me smile:
The form and function of Unite Against Fascism makes for a chameleon-like entity. In an attempt to be all things to all people, UAF presents a potentially bewildering variation of stances best characterised by the Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee of Martin Smith and Weyman Bennett.

Martin Smith is quite often to be found speaking on behalf of UAF and/or “Love Music Hate Racism” at left-wing events. In his speeches, Martin likes to emphasise the need to “fight the BNP”. Martin also likes to remind everyone that the BNP are “Nazis”. His speciality, however, is staging little stunts to prove how militant the organisation he leads, the SWP, really is.

Weyman, on the other hand, has the job of convincing trade union bureaucrats, celebrities and worthy individuals that the best way to fight fascism is to give UAF money and a bit of legitimacy by lending their name to it. Weyman is also a leading member of the SWP, and as with all employees, his boss doesn’t make his life easy for him.

When Martin talks about “fighting the Nazis” he’s talking to growing layer of young and politically inexperienced people who really do want to fight them off. When Weyman talks to trade union officials he’s after the endorsements necessary to make UAF appear like a legitimate outfit. Neither of these things is wrong in and of themselves, unless you understand that the first and foremost priority of Martin and Weyman is to recruit people to the SWP. This imperative has all sorts of negative consequences already considered.

But it’s Martin Smith’s penchant for “fighting” that interests us most here. Apart from offering the BNP’s GLA member Richard Barnbrook outside for a fight — via a megaphone directed at the London Assembly with Barnbrook nowhere in sight — there is very little evidence that Martin is serious about taking militant direct action against the BNP.
Well for those people who keep doubting us in the BNP, when we tell you the truth about the UAF, you will perhaps believe the reds themselves.

Then of to the Antifa site, where I have another laugh at their posed picture that they had taken in Oxford when the students were trying to get over the gate and they went down the pub for some Bucks Fizz.

Then I gasp in amazement and rifle through the mountain of empty whiskey bottles that surround me(according to the UAF) for one with a drink still in it.

Because after reading through the Antifa rubbish below, I find something I am in agreement with when they talk about Searchlight.

Fascism is a violent ideology. Throughout history, fascists have used violence against those who oppose them. Antifa is a continuation of the antifascist tradition of confronting fascism physically when it is necessary. Physical confrontation is only one of our tactics though, we do not aim to fetishise it as one tactic above all others, nor will we allow a hierarchy to develop based on the kudos of street-fighting. If an individual member feels unable to engage on this level they are no less worthy as an anti-fascist than any other member of the group, however those with a moral problem regarding this issue should be advised that this is not the group for them.


Voting is something that allows the State to pretend we live in a democracy, and it is a tactic used by fascist parties such as the British National Party to promote themselves and their policies. While the BNP may be in a position to throw bricks through the windows of a few Asian households, it is New Labour that is locking up refugees and bombing Iraqi civilians. It is ridiculous to suggest that voting helps to stop fascism. This is the sort of insult to working class communities that has allowed the BNP to grow.

We will not work with, accept information from, nor pass information to the so-called anti-fascist magazine/organisation Searchlight, and we will not work with individuals who have any connection to them. As an organisation that works hand-in-glove with State agencies, we cannot trust them or the agenda they pursue. Their influence within, and manipulation of, militant anti-fascism has been deeply divisive over the years, their methods and involvement with State security services are well documented and entirely incompatible with our own position.
A BNP member is more likely to fall backwards onto a knife then throw a brick at anyone. The BNP condemns all violence, political or otherwise.

Unlike the communists. All violence and no mention of democracy. But when it came to the Searchlight portion, for once they speak some truth. Searchlights "involvement with State security services are well documented" and you can read them by following the links below.

How Searchlight is fianced.

Searchlight and Political Violence

Searchlight Exposed

The truth about Unite Against Fascism(UAF)

Imagine that. Green Arrow and Antifa in agreement over something.


Fyrdist said...

I've long considered ANTIFA as one of the lesser threats to us. These guys are not stupid, just misguided. They abhor fascism -fair enough- but they are devoid of the true meaning of the term.

They have this misty-eyed, romantic aim of defeating fascism, an aim that that gives their meaningless lives a sense of purpose. Like the Thespian yearning for an Edwardian revision of the works of Shakespeare, so too do these miscreants wallow in the indulgence of Cable Street.

They are admirable in being anti-state, anti-system, anti-capitalist and anti-fascist...yet they fail to see that by confronting those who are LOGICALLY not fascist (the BNP) they are inadvertently supporting the ZIONIST FILTH that is a) the British State; b) Searchlight c) UAF/SWP d) Judeo-Bolshevism/Communism.

MESSAGE FOR ANTIFA: Your hearts might be in the right place (combating fascism/Zionism/state/exploitative capitalism...), but your beliefs and raison d'etre are arrantly unfounded and misplaced as with regard to Nationalism. Nationalism is anything but fascist.

Consult a fu**ing dictionary for Christ's sake.


Red Squirrel said...

Good to see you are keeping an eye on the red rats GA!
I'm still 'on holiday' but just get drawn back in.You and your team are amazing.

I don't think that one small much maligned, intelligent and hard working Nation, Israel, surrounded as it is on all sides, by crazed barbarians, should be blamed for what a few rouges do, all Nations have a scumbag element; one only has to look at Westminster.
The reason I am mentioning this is that a well known ex- BNP (red mole?) member has been encouraging some Hitler worshipping nuts to join the pro-Pali mobs?
To me that is pure treason, as I am sure that he knows that the BBC would delight in filming a few dumb ass reprobates with Union flags and blame all other Nationalists, especially the BNP!
Maybe I should get more sleep; to me we have one major enemy the Jihad crazed barbarians, on the other hand I despise those red cockroaches UGH!

Harbi said...

First feeble flickering signs of brain activity at the BBC?

"...But for most, Calais is not their final, hoped for, destination. France's immigration minister, Eric Besson, captured the issue in a sentence.

Britain, he said, is perceived like "an Eldorado" in the eyes of people traffickers and illegal immigrants. In short, there's a perception the UK is a soft touch - and a place where immigrants can prosper."


Salford City said...

Does it ever occur to these 'streetfighting soldiers of the revolution' that given their purported objectives to overthrow the state that they might have a bit more credibility if they actually took their 'direct action' out against the state and it's agents. Isn't it these who they should be confronting first - or at least at the same time as ahem, "the fash" - out on the streets.

For all the blather from Antifa about New Labour's crimes, Antifa activists are absolutely nowhere to be seen whenever government ministers go on walkabouts etc and at Labour or Tory meetings and rallies - after all, it is with the governing party where political power more substantially and overwhelmingly lies. Yet Antifa does nothing - no balaclavas or molotovs anywhere to be seen on these occasions.

Surely organisations and persons active within these organisations with avowed violent intentions could easily be prosecuted for conspiracy to commit violent acts, yet strangely (or not! ) they never are. Is this because Antifa is actually doing the state's dirty work for them by organising only to 'confront' the BNP ( who - even Antifa must grudgingly admit - the state and political establishment doesn't much seem to like and, indeed, whom the state politically persecutes)that they go about their 'organising' totally unhindered by, of all things, the state.

Antifa - unwitting (or not?) agents of the state. Well, I never!

Anonymous said...

*****Alliance for Workers Liberty who "aims to build solidarity through struggle so that the working class can overthrow capitalism."***

These people are living in some bizarre time warp. Can someone tell these idiots Stalin is dead, communism didn't work. We are living in the 21st century for Christ sake!

Get real, the working class can never overthrow capitalism, get used to it! Thats life.

Fyrdist said...

Wakey wakey, Green. Come on, it's 04.30, you have the dogs morning and there's a fight to win. Up off your rack and turn too. Buffs wants you on deck by six at the latest. he says he'll run you if you fail.

I can sense spring in the air...even more, I sense election victory in June.

Morning, mate.

The Green Arrow said...

Good Morning Kinsman F,sorry for being adrift.

My favorite watches in the Navy was the Last Dog and All Night in.

Worst. First Dog and Middle.

Like you also I can sense election Victory.

Morning Men. Starboard Ten.
Here we go again.

Fyrdist said...

Well, Green, you're half-hour late. Skipper says you have three choices:

1) a week of 10s
2) scrub the drag (on your own)
3) 3 greats posts today on your blog

As your D.O. I suggest you take option 3. Leave is cancelled -so get to work!

Fyrdist said...

Salford City said: "Surely organisations and persons active within these organisations with avowed violent intentions could easily be prosecuted for conspiracy to commit violent acts, yet strangely (or not! ) they never are. Is this because Antifa is actually doing the state's dirty work for them by organising only to 'confront' the BNP ( who - even Antifa must grudgingly admit - the state and political establishment doesn't much seem to like and, indeed, whom the state politically persecutes)that they go about their 'organising' totally unhindered by, of all things, the state.

Antifa - unwitting (or not?) agents of the state. Well, I never!"

Brilliant, sir. More posts from you, if you please.

"ANTIFA" as an acronym in relation to their political master in the filthy State:


Why don't they just become social workers and OVERTLY work for this poisonous State/system rather than hide behind masks? Do they hide their faces because they are the sons and daughters of politicians? Do said politicians employ them to "smash the fash" (yawn) as a way of earning their pocket-money?

Wow, when I was a nipper I got my pocket money by washing the dishes and running errands. How times change.

Not my Grandad's Labour Party said...


Social services remove young children from grandparents and arrange adoption by gay couple:

Social services have removed two young children from the care of their grandparents and arranged for them to be adopted by a homosexual couple.

The five-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister were being looked after by their grandparents because their mother, a recovering drug addict, was not considered capable.

But social workers stepped in after allegedly deciding that the couple, who are aged 59 and 46, were "too old" to look after the children.

They were allegedly stripped of their carer's rights and informed they would be barred from seeing the children altogether unless they agreed to the same-sex adoption.

The distraught grandfather said: "It breaks my heart to think that our grandchildren are being forced to grow up in an environment without a mother-figure.

"We are not prejudiced, but I defy anyone to explain to us how this can be in their best interests.

"The ideal for any child is to have a loving father and a loving mother in their lives."

His wife added: "It's so important for children to fit in, and I feel our grandchildren will be marked out from the start when they draw pictures of their two dads."

More at