Friday, 9 January 2009

The Sequel, How the West was Lost

By Albion

To fully appreciate the sheer weight of numbers and the extent of the march of Islam throughout Great Britain, Europe, America and Canada, one would need to hang a large scale map of the world on the wall with lines and symbols drawn similar to maps indicating the German advance across Europe during the war, but in this exercise insert a red marker for every Mosque that has been built in the towns and cities across Europe, the UK and other western nations since World War two, then insert a black marker for all the Christian churches that have closed, demolished or converted into Mosques along with markers for the Sikh temples, and Christian churches in Muslim countries that have been burnt and destroyed; Synagogues will be added to this list at a later date, then more importantly show a figure showing the Muslim population number alongside each city that has been overwhelmed, then a disturbing pattern begins to arise.

A short article in a forum can never fully explain the dark forces that are at work here, it would require the services of an academic who specializes in shifting world politics, an academic who is not manacled by any political colour and owes allegiance to nobody, a rare animal indeed, and unlike our national broadcaster is not versed in spin and lies to suit whatever purpose they have. I suppose the loyalty of our national broadcaster must extend to the people that soft fund them, the EU, that’s understandable

If the aim is to one day Islamify the west then their numbers are very disquieting. For example, who would have thought that after WW2 the United Kingdom would be disunited through devolution, and broken up into regions prior to its incorporation into an unelected European Federation? Over the years we saw this danger slowly emerging but have done nothing about it, so why not the hypothesis of the Islamification of the west? This putsch does not come from Iran but rather Saudi Arabia.

What makes this invasion so frightening dissimilar to WW2 is that the west has encouraged this invasion and our leaders by their actions are encouraging the inevitable chaos that will ignite widespread unrest right across Europe. What we did NOT have in this country during WW2 was a fifth column which we have now and which is hastening its demise.

Here I refer to ‘Common Purpose’ and a far left Socialist government, assisted by bias and misinformation by its Media arm, whose charter is to disseminate information without bias and with balanced reporting; now there’s a joke. A far left Socialist government whose result of mismanagement, high taxes, and infrastructure breakdown is apparent in almost every city across Great Britain, and the criminal waste of these taxpayer money thrown at third world countries as if we had a bottomless pit of generosity.

Holland appears to have already been lost with France close to surrendering to the modern day Islamic conqueror. It was a mere 60 odd years ago our people did not take too kindly to being invaded, what happened? I will tell you what happened; the invader was INVITED in en masse.

But what is happening is far murkier than most people can possibly comprehend. I am sure many MP.s would also be ignorant of the extent of treason taking place in this country.

Place two young Asian breeding pair in a small English village and within two generations its English character will have completely disappeared and its inhabitants scattered. It is not surprising that Mohammed is the most popular boys name in the UK today. It is not just through popularity but through sheer weight of numbers of births by the invaders.

I will repeat, white flight cannot continue forever because there will be no part of the UK to take flight to. Only the poor whites will be left to fend for themselves on the violent sink estates populated by every nationality under the sun hell bent on retaining various parts of the city as their own, a Pakistani area, an Afghan area, an Indian area, a Yardie area, a Tamil area; shall I go on? Diversity; it has never worked. The small village you hoped one day to escape to or the quiet place in Devon will have ceased to exist. It’s your call.

If one were to look at the list of ‘Enemies of the People’ one would see that the people who are involved in electoral fraud are these same people I am referring to, they mean to take government by foul means or fair. By ballot rigging they will get the numbers and we shall see more and more Asian Mayors and more Asian councilors and MP.s.

Their allegiance is not to our people but to their own. It is they who in future will decide if, where and how many Mosques will be built in a city. Madrassers will be common sight. It will be their decision because they will have the strength in numbers in all local councils.

The corruption that permeates this country at all levels is breathtaking. The time has come for a call for international monitors to be sent in whenever an election takes place in this country, to watch out for vote rigging, electoral fraud and to investigate postal ballot papers that may have been lost or taken in batches to the various Mosques for scrutiny; this is now becoming common place in various parts of our cities.

It is not by co-incidence that there are a high proportion of Islamic councilors and mayors throughout this country, and it is a matter of time when this will translate into many more people whose allegiance to Islam sitting in our parliament. They intend taking this country by foul means or fair; forget about the fair! By then it will be too late. The West was lost through the criminal apathy of its people.

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shaven-headed tattooed knuckledragger said...

Islam isn't a religion. It's a vicious,supremacist, predatory tribal Mafia.

The LibLabCon are in complete denial about the true nature of Islam, because they are now so deep in the hole they can't stop digging.

They have no alternative but keep up the pretence of 'religion of peace' and 'small minority of radicals' who can be 'deradicalised' by throwing enough money at them.

But Britain's national survival requires that a major political party recognises Islam for what it is and tells the truth to the electorate.

However, for the LibLabCon this route to national survival would also be the route to electoral suicide. They would have to admit they had allowed Britain to be invaded by four million murderously hostile predatory tribal savages - and the electorate would never forgive them.

Only one party will tell the truth about Islam -"a wicked vicious faith" - though the LibLabCon tried to jail that party's leader for speaking that truth.

So vote BNP or face extermination - it's as stark as that.

Storm said...

"The West was lost through the criminal apathy of its people."

Very true and the Islamification of Europe will only stop once the present form of the EU is disbanded and all power removed from those who wish to force upon us an Empire stretching from Ireland to the deserts of Egypt and of course, including Turkey.

"The EU Action Strategy for Peace in the Middle East: The Way Forward,"

"Israeli officials are deeply concerned over an internal European Union document outlining the EU's plans for advancing an Israeli-Palestinian deal in 2009. Inter alia, it calls for increased pressure on Israel to reopen Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem, including Orient House, which formerly served as the Palestinian Authority's headquarters in the city.


Regarding the refugees, the document says an "agreed, just, fair and realistic" solution must be found, adding that the EU would be willing to help establish and operate an international mechanism to compensate and rehabilitate Palestinian refugees."

Wikipedia states that there are 4.25 million Palestinian refugees living in close proximity to the sacred state of Israel therefore if the EU does manage to broker a peace deal then Europeans will be paying for the restoration and upkeep of Jerusalem as the future capital of the region. Elevating 4.25 million refugees to non refugee status would put a strain on local resources therefore Europeans could expect, at least, hundreds of thousands of war crazed Palestinian Muslims invited to live within the EU in order to lower "HolyLand" pressures.

This would provide enhanced security for Israel and a non stop supply of low paid workers for the European economy. It would also establish the EU as a serious Real Politico force in the Mid East and via many years of backdoor stealth, the endgame of the EU Empire will be realised. (Including as a bonus 80 million Turks)

Official EU/Palestine links

The EU has been working with the Palestinian Authority to build up the institutions of a future democratic, independent and viable Palestinian State living side by side with Israel and its neighbours. These efforts are regularly debated by the EU Council of Ministers.
The Action Plan concluded with the Palestinian Authority set up the agenda of the economic and political cooperation with the EU. The legal basis for the EU’s relations with the PA is the Interim Association Agreement on Trade and Cooperation signed with the PLO on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.
The European Commission is the biggest donor of financial assistance to the Palestinians.
Community support for the Palestinian Reform and Development Plan is channelled through the new PEGASE mechanism, replacing the Temporary International Mechanism. The European Union - European Commission and EU Member States - is the largest donor to Palestine refugees through UNRWA [58 KB] .

Anonymous said...

Excellent article Albion, thank you.

The jihad weapon of demographics is perhaps its most potent. They even tell us how it works and what will happen and still the west tolerates the intolerant:

"One day millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to burst into the Northern one. But not as friends because they will burst in to conquer and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women." - Houari Boumedienne,President of Algeria 1974 speech to the UN.

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