Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Bring me the head of the man who leads Futurebuilders

In this article here, where I wrote about the Labour Party laundering money through a children's charity called Catz Club, I pointed out to you the fact that a state funded (our taxes) organisation had written off a "loan" of £842,000 to the Catz Club.

I finished off by saying that Jonathan Lewis, the head of Futurebuilders, the organisation that made the loan, should be sacked for his actions.

This article has brought me to the attention of the ThirdSector, the online site for those who make a living from charities, who have written about me in an article entitled Bring me the head of the man who leads Futurebuilders.

The odd scout group trustee notwithstanding, the British National Party and the world of charities don't often mix. But the Catz Club affair has brought the third sector to its attention at last.

A BNP blogger called 'the green arrow' is incensed. It's not the fact that a charity attempted to donate to the Labour Party that really gets his goat. It's more that Futurebuilders wrote off £842,000 of a £1.3m loan to an organisation that runs clubs for children who are "usually of ethnic origin", as he puts it.

Jonathan Lewis, chief exec-utive of Futurebuilders, should be sacked and put on trial, the green arrow argues, warning that a future BNP government will clean out the "Aegean (sic) stables of filth and corruption" when the Queen gives it the keys to Downing Street.
Damn right we will, but clearly the writer did not read my original article properly. I am "incensed" by both the fact that a children's charity made a political donation and I am doubly "incensed" by the fact that the organisation where the money came from is funded by taxpayers. To me it smacks of money laundering.

The writer of the article however was correct when he wrote;
But Lewis shouldn't fret. If the BNP calls for somebody's dismissal, everyone else will feel obliged to back them to the hilt.
Because that is the way the corrupt system works. The BNP reveals the truth, the establishment closes ranks and then tries to bury the truth. Whereupon we dig it up and reveal it again.

But what of Catz Club, who are still under investigation by the Charities Commission?

Well despite all the government money being pumped in, they are still in trouble, reporting a loss of £9.9 million and owing a further £14.6 million to creditors. Where the hell as the money gone? No wonder they were 146 days late submitting their accounts. Those books must have need quite a bit of cooking.
Nick Hurd, shadow third sector minister, said the accounts "paint a picture of an organisation in financial disarray".

He added that this made it even more important to find out why government loan fund Futurebuilders had given the charity a loan of £1.3m in 2005.
And that I believe, is where we came in.

Sorry about the lack of articles today but I am nursing a very severe hangover from a very rare day out, which as had an impact on my output.

Serves me right but at least I managed to recruit two new people to the BNP cause. Both of them are going to be great assests and I suspect that the lady will make a fine councillor for the BNP one day. Thank you for your excellent company yesterday M & D.


Fyrdist said...

If anyone deserves a break from the cause, GA, its you. Hope you enjoyed your inebriation. CHIN CHIN!

Anonymous said...

Charities, ahh yes, goodwill organisations set up with the ideals of helping those in need, imploring those who have little themselves to give a little more. Cynic? me? you bet. Charities rely on the low paid and volunteers to carry out their donkey work, while those at the top are usually paid very handsomely-well you didnt expect THEM to do it for nothing did you???? (80p in the pound for organisational and admin costs?-yeah right).
I recall a young woman I worked with, you know the type, graduate, full of herself though a bit naive, who had tried countless times to get into charity work, without much success. One day we got talking, and I jokingly asked her why she wanted to make a career out of voluntary work, oh no she replied, she saw herself as one of the very well paid managers within the game. When I pointed out to her that in general, paid employment in that sector was usually only offered to the lady of the manor, or those who themselves had come from moneyed backgrounds, she almost choked on her coffee. Anyway a couple of years later, she came back to my old work (after a stint in Camp America or similar), and you know what?, she came over and said I may have been right, she had done a little research and realised that athough she was very well qualified, she didnt have the "right background". Grown up at last, with little help from her Uni education!.

xoggoth said...

I typed "Catz Club" into Google and got a porn site. Best use of taxpayers' money I've seen in ages.