Friday, 30 January 2009

BNP Truth Truck in action at Warrington

One already here. Another on the way. More to follow.

The British National Party have deployed their Truth Truck to show their support for the spontaneous and growing protest by British Workers across the country. Workers who have finally had enough of seeing their jobs taken by imported labour. Workers fed up with being accused of being work shy and lazy. Workers who are striking back.

We hope to bring you images of the Truth Truck later today from Fiddlers Ferry Power Station where more workers are joining the protest for "British Jobs for British Workers" campaign.

Unite, the trade union that should have been leading the men have now been reduced to becoming mere followers of their members, who should remember this statement from one of their spokesmen Billy Jones.
"The BNP will not be welcome under any circumstances. The Italian workers have every right to be there as their firm won the contract and the issue is not their nationality.
No Billy. What you dare not say, is that the leadership of Unite are in agreement with the "leveling down" of British Workers in your kinds mad marxist dream of a one world government where all workers are paid the same. In reality people working just to live and everything owned by the state, including their former homes that have been repossessed. The BNP will be at every protest across the country to show their support and your threats mean nothing to us.

The Italian workers might and I say might have some right to work here providing they are doing work that no British person is available to do. But that is not the truth. They are just pawns in a bigger plan.

These Italian and other job stealing workers, who have been photographed making crude gestures to British Workers, however are living on floating invasion barges/hotels. They are not paying rent, rates, British Taxes, paying for mortages, travel or food. There will be more of these floating hotels arriving

How can any British Worker homing and feeding a family compete? Simple answer. They cannot. No more than they can compete with Polish workers living ten to a room and who are being paid minimum wage to undercut British Workers.

And what are the so called left saying about these strikes. I have seen comments on a social site that the British Workers should be sacked!!!

Well they are saying nothing or in the case of UNITE union Baron Dereck Simpson frightened by the anger of his members is refering to "British Jobs" as "UK Jobs".

If he really believed in "British Jobs for British Workers", the spontaneous actions now being carried out by his members would have been properly planned protests led from the top. He is as guilty as the rats in Parliament and if his members have any sense, they should boot him out of their union asap. He will not care. He has his big house and huge pension for life. Another champagne socialist who should be hung.

All True Britons who feel displaced by the foreign invaders should join and support the refinery protestors now.

Best place to stay up to date with this developing situation is Simon Darby who appears to be updating his site by the minute. Well done Simon.

Brown of course is saying nothing but waffle. He is still talking about globalism and the New World Order. He will pay for his part in the betrayal of the British Workers and Our Country.

If any BNP supporter has images or news please email details to


AbertaweBNP said...

I don't profess to know everything and I was brought up on an old skool council estate in Swansea which had no crime on it because the elders of that estate wouldn't put up with it, anyway I have watched Britain deteriorate into a 3rd world country over some time now, and it eats at me daily, as an example, these immigrants who come here to take British jobs, after brown the clown said,
" British jobs for British workers "
This is clearly not the case, so my question to anyone is why would The Queen just sit back and watch her beloved nation take one more stab in the back, these stabs in the back are not happening every couple of months but it happens daily but they are fatal, it's about time The Queen told brown the clown and his government " ENOUGH SIR, YOU HAVE DONE YOUR VERY BEST TO LOSE ME AND THIS NATION EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR.

Strike them from parliament and hold a general election, I appreciate this is not the done thing but I know you will all agree that our current situation is really bad but it's getting worse daily.

If The Queen doesn't act soon, I think society as we all know it will crumble and cease to function.

I have said this before, I sincerely hope that one day brown the clown is brought up on charges of TREASON for his actions in the demise of Britain.

Proud to be BNP

Fyrdist said...

Great post, green. Thanks for keeping us updated.

This is a very exciting time indeed: the factories and industries are supposedly the Reds' fiefdom -a manor the Lord is now quickly losing his grip of.

I sense in the air that the police are soon to be turned on the protesters. I hate to see violence, but this just might be the turning point in the rise of the People.

The claim that Unite and the other Trotskyite unions are involved in this dispute is truly grotesque: for years now they have gladly took it up the arse from the system and thereafter raped those who wouldn't take it up the arse (the workers).

The time has come for the Reds to show their colours: they can even join the workers or join (this time overtly) the filthy System.

Nationalism has for too long put out an olive branch for the Left, rightfully claiming that class-conflict destroys the nation, but the Reds don't and never did want to know. They've chosen their side -and it is not with the People.

You want class conflict, Reds? How about a new class conflict: Nationalism (the People/workforce) V Reds (the System/State)


Anonymous said...

How ironic that the reds have become part of that very system they once so despised, merely a tool of the establishment. Old Citizen Smith would no doubt be burning his Che'Guevara beret in disgust..power to the people anybody?? My ar-e as Jim Royle would say!

ProudGeordie said...

This is indeed a day-of-days. Now is the time to stand strong together and not allow the state to pick us off one-by-one as in the fuel protests or to starve us back to work like they did with the miners.

The Tri-axis is finished. This is not 'the birthing pangs of a global order' but the death throes of deciet and corruption.

Anonymous said...

Could this be why the media up in Scotland have run a story about the 90th anniversary of the Riot Act being read?.

Anonymous said...

You would normally see the SWP at events like this selling that pornographic rag of theirs. I bet you would not see them now, they wouldn't dare.

Salford Supporter said...

Unite reckon that the dispute isn't about their nationality - indeed it isn't. They are trying to make out that we oppose this because we hate Italians!?! Wouldn't they just love to kid themselves that we do.

The BNP opposes the importation of labour in this way simply because it allows companies to operate here with no benefit to our own workforce. Industry and commerce must serve our people, not the other way round. Simple as.