Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats

It was once my misfortune to work alongside a Liberal Democrat for several months and I can tell you it was quite an experience.

A pleasant enough chap on the outside but once it came to politics he was clearly deranged and although appearing gentle, one had the feeling that he could explode into violence.

A "Fruitarian", he told me that the only human beings who should eat "meat" were women who had just given birth and they should eat the placenta(after birth) to replace minerals.

The practice of eating placentas was also fashionable in the 1970s among so-called "earth mothers", but its popularity has since declined, with few mothers wanting to take their placentas home from hospital with them! Those people who agree with the practice of eating placentas argue that it is a perfectly normal thing to do, whilst those against are asking if a placenta belongs to the mother or the baby? If to the latter, this would imply cannibalism as pointed out by some of the nine viewers who complained about the television programme. However, during pregnancy the placenta is part of the mother, existing for the specific purpose of nourishing the baby until birth, after which it is expelled, ceasing to be part of her.
For enjoyment on the weekends, this man who aspired to become a councillor would go with friends to disrupt and attack anglers fishing. Fishing he felt was a cruel sport and should be outlawed. In fact he wanted to outlaw almost everything.

With regards to our jobs being exported to India, China and East Europe, he felt this was a good thing as their workers needs were greater than those of the British People and we were all part of One World.

Whether his reply to my question about how would he feel having his job exported overseas was genuine, he said he "would find life a struggle" but would accept it for the greater good of the World!! I believe he was being honest with me.

I could tell you more about this sad person but it would be pointless. His wife left him because of his attempts to brainwash her and their two children and he honestly thought she was being unreasonable. Whilst I wish him well, I hope he never became a Councillor because there is no doubt in my mind that he was one sick puppy. He was also a rubbish manager.

But what is the above to do with the Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats you ask? Not a lot really but I wanted to point out to you that my co-workers views are quite popular amoungst the Liberal Democrats. In truth there is nothing Liberal or Democratic about them. They are barking mad and cannot be helped but it is their outward appearance of genteness and compassion that conceals their true inner selves that is dangerous to us all.

So finally, like the BNP, we arrive in Neath and the homesite of their branch of the Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats where they are attacking the British National Party.

Ridiculosly accusing the BNP of blaming Jews and Moslems for causing the economic crisis they lend their support to the crooked and communist carpetbagger, Peter Hain and recommend that all readers of their site thinking of voting BNP should read Searchlight!!

It is interesting to note that Mike German AM, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats is an Honorary Vice President of the state funded and communist led Searchlight.

I would suggest to all their readers, thinking of voting Lib Dem that they read the following documents if they wish to learn the truth about Searchlight in Wales.

How Searchlight is fianced.

Searchlight and Political Violence

Searchlight Exposed

The truth about Unite Against Fascism(UAF)

Finally I see from one of the anonymous comments left on ThisisSouthWales that some that the UAF crowd have not changed much.
The BNP in Neath lol....Why not let us know when your coming next time? I'm sure some people would like to meet you in person.

Supporters names have been leaked before and it will be nice to put names to faces.
The British National Party condemns all violence but veiled threats like the one made above do not intimidate us. In fact it makes us more determined and just reveals to the people of Neath just what sort of people support Peter Hain and the rotten Labour Party.

I for one will now make it a point to take part in the next day of action in Neath and this view is echoed by all British National Party supporters in South Wales.

Long live the BNP.


Mike Green (Editor) said...

I sent this comment.
Needless to say they have not posted it.

Just to clear the air I am the person that people feel so free to discuss.
Most comments about the BNP are ill informed conjecture and quite frankly often very offensive.
Mr Little states that there is anti Semitism in the BNP as if it is a fact. How is he qualified to say that when his comment has no substance and is little more than hearsay?
I was welcomed into the BNP without a bat of an eye, and having now reached an integral part of the party say that anti Semitism does not exist. Judaism is no threat to the BNP or Britain.
I see anti Jewish propaganda on television news and hear snide Jewish comments all the time in everyday conversation. It does not bother me and has not since I was a child. What does bother me is that over 200 recent attacks on Jews in London have gone unreported
The ignorance displayed by the writer of your lead is typical. If he or she would care to read the contents of the leaflet which is posted in full on our West Wales Patriot site they can judge for themselves. They seem to have fallen into the trap set by the big boys who seek to destroy democracy by shouting the loudest.
Quite frankly I expected a higher standard of honesty from the Liberal Democrats, not hyperbole.

Anonymous said...

Who in there right mind would want to join the "Liberal Democrats" ?, they as a party are fanaticly pro- EU, now the EU is building a totalitarian police state and the Lib Dems are all for that, what hypocrites they are, Democrats ? Their MP's and Peers were instructed to vote for NOT to give the British people a referendom on the EU, and now they complain about our loss of freedoms but dishonestly don't say this is because of the EU legislation and nu Labour Gold Plating them, the Lib Dems along with nu Labour a completely irrelevant in politics, they are finished.political mizz