Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Spy Blog - Watching Searchlight and BSD

Searchlight and their hired American gunslinger (BSD), have come to the attention of Spy Blog whose mission statement is:

This United Kingdom based blog attempts to draw public attention to, and comments on, some of the current trends in ever cheaper and more widespread surveillance technology being deployed to satisfy the rapacious demand by state and corporate bureaucracies and criminals for your private details, and the technological ignorance of our politicians and civil servants who frame our legal systems.
They seem to believe, quite rightly in my opinion, that the state sponsored software that BSD are going to use in their attempts at manipulating the elections of a foreign country are of dubious legality and that those who sign up for Searchlight emails are going to get left a little bit more than what they expected on their machines.

To understand the communists game, it would be best to pop over to the Spy Blog site and read the details for yourself.

Hi GA: A quick edit by john of gwent if i may. That link above returned a 404 Page Not Found for me. Try this one instead and search from the front page !

Spy Blog did attempt to get a public response from Hope Not Hate (a part of the Gable Family Searchlight business) but unsurprisingly received no response.
Since the Blue State Digital server infrastructure is based in the USA, with lax Data Protection and large scale snooping on foreigners (and on US citizens) by US Government agencies, who else gets to read the Communications Traffic Data of any particular group of political activists or campaign supporters who have been targeted this way ?
Spy Blog have asked anyone who receives one of Searchlights/BSD tracking emails to forward it to them for analysis. Rest assured, we will.

When the ball really gets rolling we will be posting instructions on how to help us cost Searchlight a small fortune for abuse of the Whitelist(more later) system.

Those patriotic people who are signing up for the British National Party Euro Elections email Newsletter, can rest assured that the BNP will only be sending you political news that will be trojan and virus free. But then again, the BNP is fighting against Big Brother government and we will always say:- 2+2=4. We will never love Big Brother or submit to him and we will bring him down.

By the way. Just had the latest BNP Euro Elections Newsletter. Good stuff.

Long live the BNP


Harbi said...

These BSD foreign spammers and Trojans really do have a nerve, interfering with the democratic processes of a sovereign nation.

It'll be fun to send them back to Washington DC (or Obamagrad, as it's now called) with their tails between their legs and large bills under their collars.

BTW, I don't know whether you've visited the Searchlight site recently, but it's a right pig's ear (I do sincerely hope that phrase isn't offensive to the followers of the Prophet). If you click on 'Editorial' you get 'Editorial January 2009' at the top of a blank page. Maybe it's Jerry's monthly brain dump.

Seriously though, these Searchlight morons couldn't organise the proverbial convivial evening in a fermentation facility; it makes you wonder where all the money goes. The trade unions etc are paying a fortune for something worse than an average blogger could knock up in a couple of hours.

I've a feeling that the money raised to pay Bulls***ers, Spammers & Dhimmis will similarly vanish down a black hole, leaving no visible trace.

xoggoth said...

As I have said before I am not a fan of BNP policies, your priorities are all wrong and your policies are impractical.

However, there is little doubt where the violence and the contempt for freedom and democracy comes from in the UK and it isn't from the right, so good luck against these bastards.

Harbi said...

There appears to be clandestine Labour Party involvement in this spam-scam by way of a spindoctors outfit called Staniforth :

"Mark Hanson, senior consultant at Staniforth and Labour Party strategist, said: ‘We are seeing a lot of groups trying or claiming to adopt Obama techniques but I am impressed by Hope Not Hate. It has grasped that building support is about reaching people who have a network of friends who will act if asked to."

More at

Anonymous said...

More Islamic Filth:

"A MURDERING Al Qaeda terrorist has sparked outrage after threatening legal action under the Human Rights Act unless women prison wardens in his presence wear veils.

Kamel Bourgass, 33, was jailed for life in 2004 after stabbing brave Special Branch officer Stephen Oake to death in a police raid. Now Bourgass is not only recruiting extremists to his twisted cause in Wakefield prison but is claiming that women wardens without veils infringe his human rights.

He has even cracked sick jokes about the bravery medal DC Oake received posthumously, sneering that it was made from the “metal of my knife”.

The Algerian had been preparing a deadly ricin poison attack on Bri tain when father-of-three Detective Constable Oake, 40, arrested him.

Bourgass, the first Muslim fanatic to murder a British police officer, has been in Wakefield jail for just a few weeks. But insiders claim he has already begun preaching Islamist hate against the West to inmates.

And wearing his long black cloak, he has infuriated wardens with the sick jibe about DC Oake. A prison insider revealed: “He is very abusive and confrontational with staff and says female officers in prayer meetings are a breach of his human rights.

“If they are on duty, he demands they wear a veil. “We’ve been told to closely monitor him because he preaches hatred at prayer meetings.”

"... At the time of the raid in Crumpsall, Greater Manchester, in 2003, dangerous Bourgass was plotting a terrifying mass poisoning of London Tube passengers.

Tragically DC Oake was not wearing a stab-proof jacket and was knifed eight times by Bourgass who had managed to free himself inside the flat. He also stabbed three other officers. Earlier this month the Daily Express revealed how DC Oake was posthumously awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal for bravery after dying trying to stop Bourgass knifing his colleagues.

The terrorist was jailed for a minimum of 22 years for murder and 17 for the poison plot. Evidence in the Algerian’s London flat linked him to Osama Bin Laden and Abu Musab Al Zarqawi – the late terror leader who beheaded Liverpudlian hostage Ken Bigley in Iraq in 2004.

The source added: “When there was a TV report of DC Oake’s posthumous Queen’s Gallantry Medal, Bourgass was openly mocking him and made a sneering jibe about the medal being made from the metal from his knife.

“Staff reported him to security. It sickened everyone present.” Bourgass has also boasted that he already has two “disciples” in prison and is urging other inmates to follow.This is not the first insult to the brave officer who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend his police colleagues. A Police Memorial Trust’s stone, engraved with a simple message “Here fell DC Stephen Oake, 14 January 2003”, was smashed by yobs in 2007. It was later repaired.

DC Oake’s widow Lesley, who has three children, Christopher, Rebecca and Corinne, has since remarried and last night was unavailable for comment. But a fortnight ago she broke her silence from her home in Poynton, Cheshire, to speak of her pride at Stephen’s medal.

She said: “Both myself and the children and indeed, the wider family, are delighted to learn of the news that our much-loved ‘Steve’ has been honoured in this way. “Steve’s actions on that fateful day in January 2003 were typical of a man who was committed to his job and to his colleagues.

“We are extremely proud that his sacrificial act of bravery has resulted in this prestigious award.” Category A jail HMP Wakefield is one of Britain’s most secure prisons and holds some of our most dangerous criminals including serial child murderer Robert Black and Sean Mercer, the gangster who shot dead 11 year-old schoolboy Rhys Jones.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “We cannot comment on individual prisoners.”

Anonymous said...

Theres a comment on L.U. site asking why the bnp hasn't been mentioned on the news to link them with the holocaust. I'm sure the holocaust was in the forties some 50 years before the bnp existed, i've heard of cluthing at straws but surely thats the best anyones heard. Even the most biased of juries would come back with not guilty on that one.

Not my Grandad's Labour Party said...

" Even the most biased of juries would come back with not guilty on that one." - That's why NuLabour want juries abolished.

Anonymous said...

The report on Brown's Spyware Distributors has been updated and moved to here: