Tuesday, 20 January 2009

You have to read some crap as a blogger

Saint David of Oluwale

Seriously guys, you really do have to read some crap if you are to stay on top of what is happening in your Country, Our Country, if you are a blogger.

Not content with memorials, everlasting flames and massive, undeserved compensation payments to anyone who ever knew or might have met Saint Stephen of Lawrence, we might now have to put up with the raising to Sainthood status of an illegal immigrant who died back in 1969, the Nigerian David Oluwale.

Over on the Yorkshire Post, some cretin by the name of Max Farrar who is Professor for Community Engagement(what?) at Leeds Metropolitan University is campaigning for a permanent memorial for Oluwale.

So what miracle cure or world shattering invention did Oluwale come up with? The answer is none.

What did he contribute to the Country he had entered illegally? Nothing.

Well not quite true, he contributed to the cost of keeping him in prison and mental hospitals for 10 years before his body was found floating in a river, having possibly, although there is no evidence to say he was, chased into the water by two police officers.

As a result, the cry went up from the enrichers;
"If they can kill Oluwale, what might happen to the rest of us?" was the question most often asked.
Well not a lot. But we might ask what happened to some of us, as a result of the colonisation and enrichment of Our Country. You can read about that here.

Meanwhile you can now read the book and even watch the play about this new Saint whose purpose now, is to generate lots of money for the author and become a new stick to beat stupid white liberals with.

One wonders when these people who support the new Saints, will ever campaign for memorials for the likes of Gavin Hopley, Kriss Donald and other white people who have been enriched unto death.

You might also like to know that Asian Moderators on Wikipedia have deleting the entries of white people who have been murdered as "not being worthy of inclusion". Of course Saint Stephen is still there as is the new Saint David Oluwale.

The things I have to read to bring you the news.


Aberdeen-Patriot said...


This might be worth a post green.

It really shows what Labour are doing. Leave a post on the video as UKIP are trying to claim it.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...


This needs wider publication...its over here.


Strider said...

Muslims march through Newport, Wales, led by a Muslim Plaid member.

Shocking to see this in Wales.


Anonymous said...


Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

I despair, Green Arrow. It's not April 1st, is it?

Anonymous said...

I remember the black Anthony Walker who was murdered a few years ago,and the news reporter had tears in her eyes, trying to show of her anti rascist credentials no doubt, and Damilola Taylor who had a memorial service recently attended by Cameron and Brown ! I think they Liberals would like to cannonise all ethnics for just being black, the big question is how did we ever manage without all these enrichers ? politicalMIZZ