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How an Eskimo caused the demise of Western Culture

January 17th, 2009
By Mike Smith

I have often wondered as a young man, how people can so easily utter the phrases, “All men are created equal”, and “there is no difference between races, we are all human”. Why is it that people so easily believe this nonsense without questioning?

After being born, growing up and living in Africa for 40 years, I know that the above phrases have no substance. I have observed and taken in many things over the years. Nobody is going to convince me that an African Black is my equal. Not even by a long shot.

There are many people who have lived in Africa longer than me, who believe those phrases. We call them Liberals. They are also not my equal.

If I look around me and see these brainwashed masses with blinkers and blindfolds over their eyes, I cannot help but pity them, but there is a certain class of human, the cream of our societies, the Academics and Intellectuals that I am starting to get seriously upset with. Not only for what they speak, but also for what they hide from the public.

These social scientists, psychologists, philosophers and anthropologists who know the truth behind Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, yet refuse to inform the ordinary people. Somehow they sadistically stand in the background and enjoy the mental carnage playing out in front of them. Why is it that these people do not speak up? Surely they cannot all be liberals. Surely they cannot all be in on the act.

The same with physicists, chemists and engineers who keep quiet about the lies of Global warming, etc. Why are these academics all over the world deliberately lying about and hiding important information from the public?

One of the biggest lies ever created was the one of “All cultures are equal.”

Where does it come from? Who came up with this nonsense?

That honour goes to Dr. Franz Boas (1858- 1942). The father of Anthropology.

He was from German-jewish background, but an atheist who did not refer to himself as a Jew, simply as German. He comes from a very liberal and rich family. He achieved his doctorate in Physics, but had a keen interest in Natural History, Kantian philosophy and Geography. Naturally he started wondering about cultural differences from various geographical areas. At that time, German scientists were divided on why there were such large differences in cultural development of certain areas. Many argued that the physical environment was the principal determining factor, but others (notably Friedrich Ratzel) argued that the diffusion of ideas through human migration is more important.

A point which must be added to the above discussion is that Boas attacked racism throughout his career; he summarizes his views on racism in “The Mind of Primitive Man” (1911). According to Boas the sweep of cultures, to be found in association with any sub species, is so extensive that there can be no relationship between race and culture.

Dr. Boas was plagued with some issues…Why are blacks from the tropical Africa so far behind colder Europe? If environment determines cultural development, then why are European Whites so far ahead of Eskimos who also lived in colder climates for their entire history?

Note that I am using the politically incorrect term of Eskimo for the Inuit people. Eskimo is a derogatory term meaning, “Raw meat eater”.

At the same time…North American Indians lived on the same latitude as Europeans in similar weather and environments…why have they not developed at the same pace as Europeans?

And how does one explain the majestic cities and pyramids built by the Aztecs and the Incas in tropical climates, yet Black Africans never progressed passed mud huts?

Our Dr. Boas wanted answers to his questions so he set out to Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic to go and study the Eskimos. He worked and lived closely to the Eskimos and Boas culled his notes to write his first monograph titled The Central Eskimo (1888).

One night, Boas reported, he and his traveling companion became lost and were forced to keep sledding for twenty-six hours through ice, soft snow, and temperatures that dropped below -46 °C. Eventually, they secured shelter to rest and recuperate from being “half frozen and half starved.” The following day, Boas penciled in his letter diary:

I often ask myself what advantages our ‘good society possesses over that of the ’savages’ and find, the more I see of their customs that we have no right to look down upon them. . . We have no right to blame them for their forms and superstitions which may seem ridiculous to us. We ‘highly educated people’ are much worse, relatively speaking. . . Franz Boas to Marie Krackowizer, December 23, 1883. Franz Boas’ Baffin Island Letter-Diary, 1883-1884, edited by Herbert Cole (1983:33).

When Boas uttered those words, …”Relatively Speaking”…he gave birth to the term “Cultural Relativism”.

Cultural relativism is the basis of Multiculturalism. What Boas wants us to believe is that we should look at different cultures in terms of relativity. In other words it depends on your vantage point. For instance if you sit still in a train, you might think you are sitting still (Relative to the train), but relative to the ground you are not, you are traveling at 100km/h. If you are standing still on the ground, you are at rest relative to the earth, but the earth is spinning around its own axis and moving around the sun, etc.

So it all depends on how we look at it. How do we see cultures? What criteria do we use to judge them? What determines, “Advanced” and “Primitive”? Are we as White Europeans really further advanced than Blacks from Africa, or are they more advanced than us?

An Eskimo with enough survival skills saved Boas’s life and gave rise to the lie of Multiculturalism.

If only the Eskimo had left Boas to die in that snow storm, we would not have had decades of lies pushed down our throats at University.

Today in Anthropology this lie is perpetuated. Boas never had any proof to back up his assumption that races are equal. It is only that…an assumption. A bulls**t hypothesis. Yet, it is taught to students at Universities across the world as the truth. Funny thing is…nobody ever questions it. In fact, all objective studies into the differences between races have shown the opposite of this assumption. Read the Bell Curve to start off with. Then visit the website La Griffe du Lion (http://www.lagriffedulion.f2s.com/)

When a modern Anthropologist goes out to study another culture, the first thing he/she does, is to make the assumption that “All cultures are equal, we are just different”.

Why can I not agree with that assumption? Simple. I cannot look upon the evils of the African Black culture and consider them as “equal but different”. I cannot look upon their cultural practices of genital mutilation, Muti-murders, superstitious beliefs and in some tribes, cannibalism as mere different to my own.

According to multiculturalists, the practice of raping babies to cure AIDS…I am supposed to look upon as mere cultural differences. They are equal to me. Buying your wife with a value equal to cows also does not fit so well with my culture. The Eskimo belief of offering your wife to your guest for the night, also does not sit so nicely within my culture…It obviously influenced the way Franz Boas thought of cultures.

But Franz Boas as a scientist should have known better. When you study a subject you do not start out with an assumption you consider as absolute truth, you keep an open mind. What he did is what we call “Confirmation Bias”. In other words you come up with the results before you even did the experiment.

Is there a place for Cultural Relativism today? The answer is simply no. It is a flawed philosophy that cannot stand up to simple logic. Relativism rejects absolute truths. Relativism is saying that all points of view are equally valid, which in itself is an absolute truth. Cultural relativists believe that “All cultures are equal”…That claim is an absolute truth and not a relative point of view, and therefore false.

Further, multiculturalism is a product of one culture, or sub-culture, namely modern Western philosophy. Consider that nowhere in tribal Africa, or among militant Islamists, or in Communist China or North Korea is there any demand for multicultural “diversity.” In short, multiculturalism is itself, not multicultural.

Every year there are thousands of students across the world who study Human Sciences, many will get their doctorates in it, yet few ever question the logic behind Cultural Relativism. Those who do can forget about getting an advanced degree in any Human Science.

Multiculturalism is based on lie. An assumption made by Franz Boas who was saved by an Eskimo in a snow storm one night. Multiculturalism is an argumentum ad ignorantiam, an argument from ignorance.

If I am dying of thirst in the middle of the Kalahari and a Bushman saves my life, is it fair to say that the Bushmen culture is equal to mine? I once visited the Ripley’s believe it or not museum in Pattaya, Thailand. There was an exhibit of a pilot who parachuted out of his plane over the Amazon jungle. He got stuck in a tree and was kept alive for two weeks by a monkey who fed him bananas. Is the monkey culture now equal to mine? Is the monkey a “Noble Savage”?

But according to Anthropologists there is no such thing as a Noble savage. We are all equal. Nevertheless it would have made Jean Jacques Rousseau very proud, because he believed we were very happy to be monkeys.

But Cultural relativism (Multiculturalism) is extremely dangerous, because it makes further assumptions on relativism such as “One man’s Terrorist is another man’s freedom Fighter”.

Therefore the ANC Marxist terrorist regime in South Africa is seen as equal to any other legitimate western Government. Their Umkhonto we Sizwe terrorists who planted bombs in shopping malls and blew up innocent people including babies and children, who tortured their own supporters in camps like Quatro (Angola) is no different to the SADF uniformed soldiers. The “Lord’s resistance Army” in West Africa who chop off limbs from other people is the same as the American soldiers serving in Iraq? The people who flew planes into the Twin Towers and strap bombs to themselves and blow themselves up on a bus is equal to our culture, they are just different???

To conclude,

We have no other choice but to reject multiculturalism. If we accept Multiculturalism we sacrifice our own culture. It is a way to subdue our own patriotism and nationalism that fills the hearts of free men and women. All that Multiculturalism is…is the suicide of Western Culture.


JPT said...

If you haven't already I suggest that you read Arthur Kemp's 'March of the Titans', a great book

ProudGeordie said...

Outstanding work! I now have research material from that one article to keep me busy for the week!

Not that I think I can profess to be an expert after a week, but I will know enough to get the man on the street to think twice. Thanks!!

watling said...

In California research was done concerning the success (or otherwise) of black/hispanic law students:

1. students who received large preferences (i.e. "positive discrimination" for blacks/hispanics) were 10 times as likely to fail the California bar as students who received no preference (i.e. whites/Asians/Orientals)

2. 50% of black law students end up in the bottom 10th of their class

3. black law students are more than twice as likely to drop out as white students

4. only one in three black students who start law school graduate and pass the bar on their first attempt; most never become lawyers

Reports such as this are hard to find because journalists tend to leave this sort of thing well alone for fear of being labelled racist.

One thing struck me about the Eskimos. Instead of settling in what is now northern Canada why didn't they migrate further south to the warmer climes of New Mexico, Arizona and Florida etc.? Surely there must have been enough land in those areas such that tribes did not need to squabble over resources? Even now, vast areas of the southern states are uninhabited.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article.

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Anonymous said...

Then how can we in the west claim to be morally and intellectually superior when we have allowed the destruction of our cultures, our nationalities and our history. Our borders are being over run by illegals from the third world, crime is rampant, third world practices are encouraged and our natural forests and countryside is being pillaged to house feed and keep these third worlders safe and warm and well fed. 40% of all new housing in the UK is being used by immigrants.

To me it seems that the third worlders are using common sense and more brains than us superior thinkers by not working but just begging for a hand out and us superior intellectual muppets are giving them everything they want including our cultural heritage on a silver plate.

JPT said...

Anonymous said:
'Then how can we in the west claim to be morally and intellectually superior when we have allowed the destruction of our cultures, our nationalities and our history.'

Liberal elitist guilt, that's how, for one.

Anonymous said...

In the telegraph the other day there was a piece about a "Heart attack gene" it said: "For individuals whose ancestry can be traced to the Indian subcontinent, the risk is much higher. They have more than a one in 25 chance of inheriting the mutation, which is a deletion of 25 letters of genetic code from the heart protein gene MYBPC3." it goes on: "The gene is believed to have first appeared in India tens of thousands of years ago, but now affects around 60 million people worldwide."

I think this says it all we are genetically different.