Saturday, 31 January 2009

Neath 31st January. Hello Peter.

When Peter Hain discovered that the British National Party had set up a stall in Neath, the strong Labour site he had been parachuted into years ago because of his part in the destruction of South Africa, he went into a "fury" and threatened that he would drive us out of town.

Hain, like all bullies and cowards likes to make sure he is mob handed when it comes to taking on anyone, called on the trade unions, churches and student bodies to join him in a show of support, knowing it was unlikey that he would get any from the people of Neath who almost to a man despise him. Only Gordon Brown is held in higher contempt in Wales.

And so how many turned up to drive the BNP out of town and support the red orangutang, famous for his sunbed tan and locally referred to as Cuprinol Man?

100? 200? 500? More than 500? Nope wrong. A pathetic 15 people joined him in his day of action against the BNP and most of them were paid activists from the trade unions.

Later today, I can tell you that there will be full video footage of Wales BNP activists bearding the lion in what he thought was his own den - until now and even as I type that video is being edited for Youtube and BNPTv. Meanwhile enjoy the clip from it.

The following received also:
We hear from our under cover agents that at 11.00Bst a small group of scruffy unshaven hairy people shuffled into Neath. In the middle was a strange orange thing identified as the 'Lesser South African Twit', or Hain to give its local name.
Similar to a magpie this creature hoards money and valuables whilst repeating 'Not Me Guv'.
In Britain this itinerant behaves like a Cuckoo by getting others to do the work whilst getting all the Credit.
Like a flash he was 'Rogered' and when asked where his hoard was started squarking,"Get them off the streets, Get them off the streets".
This is a typical alarm call of these cowardly types, and is best ignored.
The whole episode was filmed for future viewing thanks to Anne and Toni
More to follow.

Meanwhile I gotta go find a machine with a decent connection but what you can do is visit this link here and favourite, rate and leave a comment for Wales BNP who are on the rise.


Anonymous said...

So sorry Peter. The true British Lions are awake, aware of the treachery and the stampede towards the British National Party is to great for you to make any impact!!

Whistleblower said...
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Wellard67 said...

Peter day-glo Hain has made a complete fool of himself today. In an attempt to distract the people of Neath from his recent scandal involving the £103,000 he didnt declare he chose to pick on the BNP with his threats to drive us out of town. He could only muster around 15 people to support him today. He is an out and out coward. All talk and no action when he realised there were several BNP members near he declined to carry out his "threats" WE now issue YOU this warning Peter. We will be back in neath untill you are no more. If you ever threaten the BNP again we will mobalise huge leafletting teams in your area. Go back to africa pal. Us Welsh are tougher than you think! your a complete coward, a snake of a man scared to say a word to any of us without your rent-a-mob behind you. Bring it on were waiting!!

Not My Grandad's Labour Party said...

Fifteen! That's amazing!

He must have got the entire Welsh NuLabour Party membership to turn out. Or did Plaid Cymru join in to help make up the numbers?

Runesword said...

So, the thieving orange gobshite and his little gang of thugs are going to kick the BNP out of Neath eh?
Ho-ho! It's going to be the other way around, Hain, you disgusting creep; and what's more, it going to happen to the rest of the ZanuLab freakshow too!

Whistleblower said...

Peter Hain now rightfully takes his place on the Enemies of the People site alongside all the other degenerates:

Anonymous said...

I like the beannie hat, "I beat Anorexia", brilliant, I need to get one.

On a more serious note I think it strange that BBC just so happens to have this on their web news site...

is this a subtle message from our friend Mr Brown and his cronies?


Anonymous said...

15 people WOW that was a success !The cheek of Hain, if i'd commited treason and war crimes then i think i would at least have had the good grace to lay low, there is no end to Labours cheek. Get out of town Hain and take your'e cheap fake tan with you TICK TICK TICK OUR TIME IS COMING politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...


VICIOUS robber was caught on CCTV stabbing a woman after she refused to give him her bag and car keys in a supermarket car park.

The woman's attacker was Asian, tall, and wore a grey hooded top. The other men in the car were also Asian.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to break the thread but Unity has been exposed

Mr McAuley was unavailable for comment. But a Unite spokesman said: 'Bernard did negotiate to get a properly agreed deal for the Italian workers

theinsanevortext said...

i really need to come back to Britain, I feel like chained up party animal missing out on all the fun!