Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Right to Revolt

Unite Union Workers led by LIARS

Good Morning kinsmen. This morning when all our internet activists are riding toward the sound of the guns, I feel really bad about having to ride in the opposite direction and go meet someone. Hopefully back this afternoon to retake my place in the British National Party Shieldwall.

So I have to be really quick. The British National Party website is leading the way as usual. Cracking reports, comments and debate as usual. Running a close second, is the UKTabloid. They also have surpassed themselves this morning, to produce such results they must have been up all night. Well done those men.

Riding in to join us, we welcome BNP Salford to the cyber war and they have started of with some articles on the workers rebellion that is now taking place across our divided country. Please visit and leave a comment wishing them luck.

Now about the nationalist workers rebellion that is growing across the Country. Brown is saying they are illegal and so they are. But they are only illegal in the eyes of those who framed the laws to oppress the British Workers and to destroy the True British People. You could make slavery legal(which is what they are trying to do in the form of wage slaves) but it would still not be right.

I am sure that somewhere in the American Constitution (a fine document) is the right of the population to revolt and abolish a government that was "destructive" of the peoples unalienable rights. And that is what the workers are now doing and so we should support the workers who homes and jobs are being taken.
"to reform, alter, or totally change "government not only for their protection or safety, but also whenever their "prosperity and happiness reduire[d] it."
The British National Party has called for all workers to support their fellow workers, whilst Labour and the conservatives call for them to rechain themselves to their yokes.

The trade unions and government knew 8 years ago after European Laws were made, that this would happen (more on my return) and that cheap foreign workers would be flooding into our country with their encouragement. They have been caught in the big lie.

And who also has been caught in the big lie? Read the following taken from here. Sorry about the cut n pase but like I said, time is tight.

A British union official and ringleader of the wildcat strikes that have spread across Britain met directors of the Italian firm at the centre of the dispute to hammer out a pay and conditions deal for its Italian workers here.

Bernard McAuley, regional officer of the Unite union, attended three meetings in the past month to ensure the 140-strong Italian workforce was paid the same as British skilled engineers, electricians and pipe-fitters who earn at least £800 a week.

According to officials at the Sicilian-based firm, IREM, Mr McAuley even insisted on the time of tea breaks for workers.

The secret deal secured by Mr McAuley flies in the face of union claims last week that British workers' pay was being undercut by foreign employees who are paid less.

IREM is a sub-contractor which employs workers at the Total refinery in Lindley, Lincolnshire, the plant at the heart of the row.

Mr McAuley told a rally at the plant on Friday: 'There is sufficient unemployed skilled labour wanting the right to work on that site and they are demanding the right to work on that site.'

But IREM vice-president Giovanni Musso said his firm had offered 30 jobs to local workers as crane operators, riggers and safety officers.

As part of its agreement to work in Britain, IREM had to join the Engineering Construction Industry Association and pay a year's membership fees before agreeing to all the conditions demanded by Mr McAuley and the ECIA during a series of meetings.

Mr Musso said: 'Mr McAuley was at all these meetings and we agreed to everything he said, right down to conditions and a compulsory tea break.

'We also said all wages would be in line with the conditions put down in the blue rule book of the ECIA.

'Now Mr McAuley appears to be at the head of this agitation when he knew all along that we had agreed to everything that had been asked of us.'

Mr McAuley was unavailable for comment. But a Unite spokesman said: 'Bernard did negotiate to get a properly agreed deal for the Italian workers.

'Mr Musso is being disingenuous when he says he offered 30 jobs to British workers. These are peripheral jobs and not the skilled engineering construction roles which local talent has been denied.'

OK. Gotta go. Catch you later.


Not My Grandad's Labour Party said...


When this dam bursts, it will release the pent up fury of the British people. Not only against jobs sellouts and 'affirmative action' employment, but against political correctness, thought-crimes, population replacement, Islamification, control-freakery, the nanny state, micromanagement of every detail of peoples lives and all the other evils that these Nulabour scum have brought upon us.

D.H.Boater said...

These reds are clever b*****ds,pretending to stick up for the workers,when in actual fact,are stabbing them in the back.

Anonymous said...

"...Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. "It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government." Thomas Paine,British/American Patriot 1737- 1809. These words have never been more relevent or important than at this present time. The ranks of the British National Party are made up of such patriots and many more are about to join the fight for our countries survival.

Not My Grandad's Labour Party said...


Hi G. A.
A year or so ago you did an article on the Torture of the Grave:

Well some more information has come to light on this topic due to the investigations of Father Zakaria Botros, a courageous Arabic-speaking Christian priest who the Muslims have nominated as 'the most wanted infidel in the world', with a fatwa worth $60 on his head.

Mohammed had sex with the body of his dead aunt, in an attempt to spare her from the 'torture of the grave' . Well that was his story. Kuffars may be of the opinion that he was a filthy, incestuous, sick, perverted Satanist.

Anonymous said...

Since when did peacefull demonstration against discrimination become illegal?. How the hell did we the sheeple allow our individuality and rights to expression slip into totalitarianism?. And as for the evil biassed propaganda that the media is putting out, this strike has nothing to do with waycism or xenophobia, rather the rights for a man(and woman)to support himself and his family with a modicum of pride and independence from state benefits. I have no issues with the free movement of labour (no not filthy Labour) throughout the EU, and as many rightly point out, we have many of our own people working abroad, albeit to their host country's own protectionist rules. But there is an issue with floating hotels being moored off our island, and I bet the French, Italians et al would be the first to shout foul if we did the same. The fact that these workers are technically not being housed on our soil is the first sign of something underhand, surely if this was a transparent and honest operation they would be living amongst the local population?. As a proud male I am ashamed that I and my generation have allowed our so called "elected" (not) leaders to dictate when we can complain or protest at our own demisal. The establishment in this country are nothing short of tyrants, hell bent on reducing us all to worthless flotsam, and for that very reason they must be stopped, and stopped NOW.

Anonymous said...

Charity reported over data protection issues
By Paul Jump, Third Sector, 20 January 2009

Leadership training organisation Common Purpose named individual making FOI requests about its work to public authorities

Leadership training charity Common Purpose has been reported to the Information Commissioner's Office for alleged breaches of data protection law.

The Northwest Regional Development Agency, which made the complaint, has also apologised to a person whose name it inadvertently passed on to Common Purpose after he made a request under the Freedom of Information Act about its dealings with the charity.

The name was then included by Common Purpose in a list of previous FOI requests about the charity that it distributed to public authorities receiving new requests. The charity said it distributed the list to illustrate the high number of FOI requests being made about it and to help authorities decide whether to treat new requests as vexatious (6 August 2008, page 3).

Some of the FOI requests come from people concerned that too much public money is being spent on Common Purpose courses for officials.

The agency has written to Common Purpose to say it intended to inform the ICO about the list. The letter reads: "If you decide to disclose the list to third parties, then please do so only with the prior express written consent of any individuals who are named or otherwise identified."

A spokeswoman for Common Purpose said advice from its solicitors and the ICO indicated it was not in breach of the Data Protection Act.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

When LibLabCon bring in immigrants and people vote for the same politicians, they instantly despise the people who voted for them. Over time this grows to hate. Voters have taught the major parties to hate and despise them. Its like voting for bullies that beat you up, and they do through their proxies.

The only cure is vote BNP. That is why the 3 bully parties hate the BNP. Because its exposing the truth about the real hate, the hate of the LibLabCon for people who vote for them after LibLabCon hurts their own voters with immigration. LibLabCon are now in permanent hate towards the people. They have a hate that makes them physically need to destroy you. You must vote BNP to survive.

Anonymous said...


Immigrants 'bound for UK in bins'

A group of suspected illegal immigrants have been found trying to enter the UK hidden in wheelie bins.

A sniffer dog used by the UK Border Agency found the ten men hidden inside bins on a lorry in the French port of Calais on Friday.

The nine Eritreans and an Afghan were found on a Bulgarian-registered lorry bound for Calderdale, West Yorkshire.

Lois, an 18-month-old male springer spaniel, found the men before the lorry could board a cross-Channel ferry.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Poor old sniffer dog. Bet he had never before scented garbage which gave off such a stench.

Salford Supporter said...

Unite's Mr McCauley obviously put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that that pay and conditions were acceptable for the imported workforce, shame he didin't do the same for his own members/people whilst he was at it but they seemed to have slipped his mind. You would've thought he might have put it to the company that our own lads were up to the job, but it seems that he didn't.

Nev said...

Gordon Brown needs to look at his on illegalities in signing the lisbon treaty. It breaks the treason act of 1351, and the treason and felony act of 1848.
It also breaks the Magna Carta, and the English Declaration of rights. It is our right to hinder and harass,and even take up arms in self preservation and defence of our birth rights. And as for the racist word, it's the traitors word.

Anonymous said...

I understood the act of treason was quietly done away with under Tony Blair.
Not sure about the Magna Carta.
We now know why.

Nev said...

Some treason laws were recently appealled, but the treason laws (treason act 1351 and treason and felony act of 1848) could not be repealed as they are entrenched in constituational statutes.
Also the crown magistrates have confirmed there's still law of the land. Hense the Lisbon treaty and anything to do with the EU in this country (e.g. BBC) and common purpose training is treason.
The Lisbon treaty may as well have been written on toilet paper and used in the usual way, and disposed of approprietly - thinking of the environment of course.

Nev said...

Some treason laws were recently appealled, but the treason laws (treason act 1351 and treason and felony act of 1848) could not be repealed as they are entrenched in constituational statutes.
Also the crown magistrates have confirmed there's still law of the land. Hense the Lisbon treaty and anything to do with the EU in this country (e.g. BBC) and common purpose training is treason.
The Lisbon treaty may as well have been written on toilet paper and used in the usual way, and disposed of approprietly - thinking of the environment of course.