Sunday, 1 February 2009

BNP Vs Peter Hain (Guess what.....The BNP WIN!)

OK here you go you lucky beggars with broadband. You will get to watch this before me.

I can tell you one thing. I really am looking forward to working with the guys who brought you this video and the other Welsh Activists who are on the streets almost daily.

As usual, when you have viewed the video, follow this link, rate, favourite and leave a comment for our kinsmen who produced it for us.


defender said...

Very very good work by WalesBNP.
Cool, good humoured, good natured, confident with an excellent demonstration of thinking and talking under pressure.
more, more.........

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to all you wonderful Welsh activists. You are so good! Please take care though, we need to preserve you for further confrontations.


bernard said...

THAT was one stunningly good video report! The guy in the black woolly hat looked confident and professional. In fact, it was better than the BNP's own reporting unit.
Sign him up, pronto!

JPT said...

Well done that BNP man.
And as for the lefties - why do they always smirk like that?

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Outstanding. Made my day to see them cringe, they were so totally outwitted. But of course, all they can do is repeat the old socialist mantras and in todays politics they are not used to being confronted. One slight quibble. Please , never again refer to Hain as SIR, you dont have to give him that honour. He is a scumbag, communist , terrorist, crook. He deserves only contempt.

Wolfblood said...

Wales BNP - Wonderful!

You have the support and respect of the whole of Britain!

Here in England we are filled with admiration, and proud of our Welsh kinsmen.

Waes hael!


Cymru am byth!

A Thurrock Patriot. said...

Well done the welshies ,after seeing this great video i soon forgot how clod I was today. Some of us Thurrock Patriots were pleased to be present even in the snow, helping in the 2009 Swanley by-election campaign where truth truck driver and British National Party Candidate, Paul Golding, is contesting the seat and has a great chance to win, if you have time come along and give a hand.

Anonymous said...

I was present at the recording of this sorry "demonstration" and I felt a tinge of embaricement for Mr Vain.

Wellard67 said...

Thanks to everyone for your messages of support. We enjoyed humiliating Hain in full view of the Neath voters and his complete failiure to respond to our questions. We intend to keep this constant pressure on Hain till we drive him out of Wales. Lets us not forget it was he not us that issued this threat and to quote the Arrow "he really shouldnt have done that" More of the same coming soon!

wellard67 said... worth a look GA

Anonymous said...

Great stuff BNP Wales!

Hain really is a diabolical piece of work. As well as asking him about the money he's stolen from taxpayers, ask him why he doesn't live in the "Rainbow Nation", a, ahem, "multicultural paradise" he helped to create.

Another Zanulab marxist parasite, a traitor with blood on his hands. Give him hell Wales BNP he has truly earned it!


Anonymous said...

BNP stands accused over leaflet drops
Feb 2 2009 by Richard Down, Liverpool Daily Post

FAR-RIGHT activists have been accused of “political intimidation” after encouraging neighbours to confront a prominent anti-racist campaigner in his own home.

About 20 members of the newly-formed far right group Wirral British National Party dropped 2,500 leaflets in Wallasey close to Merseyside Trade Union Congress leader Alec McFadden’s home.

The leaflets urge people to confront Mr McFadden at his home and the maildrop coincided with him being in Liverpool at the front of an anti-racism rally.

The only people at home were Mr McFadden’s two teenage daughters, who have been brought up in the Jewish faith.

Mr McFadden said: “They knew that I was leading the march, so they chose the moment to give these leaflets out, also knowing I’m a single parent with two teenage daughters.”

Mr McFadden was repeatedly stabbed to the face and torso in front of his now 16-year-old daughter, on the doorstep of his home in May, 2006.

He believes the assailant was a fascist sympathiser and has had to alter his day-to-day life to ward off future attacks by such “radical thugs”.

Police have had to intervene after a neo-Nazi website featured pictures of Mr McFadden and he received death threats.

This weekend, Chief Supt Steve Ashley said the force was aware that leaflets were distributed in an area of Wallasey on Saturday.

He said: “The content is being reviewed to determine if any criminal offence has been committed, and police patrols have been stepped up in the area.”

The latest pressure being applied on the trade union leader comes as the issue of “jobs from British workers” dominates many of the national papers.

Wirral BNP literature says: “Instead of defending British Workers, McFadden was holding an anti-racism/anti-BNP march in Liverpool while workers were being made redundant.”

They accuse him of being unpatriotic and allowing jobs to fall into the hand of immigrants while British people lose out in the current economic downturn.

But Mr McFadden emphatically denies this.

He said: “In January and February, 2008, I did the first case in Britain for young men when Polish workers were brought in on half the wages of British workers. I won the case, earning them thousands of pounds.

“I stand up for the fair treatment of workers, whoever they are. There is no excuse for what has been going on. My children shouldn’t have to face intimidation for any reason.

“My daughters were very upset when they heard about this.”

A neighbour and the National Union of Journalists leader in Merseyside, Mike Studley, said the incident was “an appalling act of political intimidation.”

Anonymous said...

Good job well done Wirral BNP. keep up the good work .

Strider said...

Bravo BNP Wales.

Just goes to show that the gov't inspired factionalism between the Welsh and English is a thing of the past.

From one English member of the BNP to all Welsh (and Scot, Cornish, Irish) BNP members: I wish you well.