Friday, 30 January 2009

Fenham by-election results

Let the world burn without us for a moment and take a look at yesterdays by-election in Fenham, Newcastle.

The result with percentages was as follows;-

  1. Mitzi Emery - Lib- 1049 33.9%
  2. Helen McStravick - Lab - 1025 33.1%
  3. Ken Booth - BNP - 836 27.0%
  4. Sarah Armstrong - Cons - 186 6.0%
Before we continue, let us remind us what our excellent candidate Ken Booth had to say just prior to the election:
"Everything depends on today. Either Labour, the Lib-Dems or ourselves could win. We will do everything we can to get our vote out. But what is most important is to look at our vote share. We are coming up from just 10%, where the other two parties are working from a base of 35%. That's a huge amount of ground to make up."
Well we came third and no doubt, both the Lib Dems and Labour will be openly crowing about their success. But behind the scenes their senior officers are very, very frightened and the BNP should take heart at what in fact is an excellent result for us.

The British National Party managed to win over another 541 voters since the 2008 election there. All the other parties lost votes:
  • Lib Dem vote down 442 from 2008 down 11%
  • Lab vote down 163 from 2008 down 3%
  • BNP vote up 541 from 2008 up 18%
  • conservative vote down 104 from 2008 down 3%
So whilst it was thought that the BNP were mainly taking votes from Labour, it is clear to see that we are in fact, taking votes from all of the Tri-Axis of Evil parties.

It should also be remembered that there is a very large and continually growing Asian community in Fenham itself and one must assume(tongue in cheek) that very few of the colonisers of Our Country are going to vote BNP.

Now, I watch with interest the campaign activities of the Liberal Democrats and believe their elections organisation to be much superior to those of either Labour or the conservatives. The Lib Dems are very pro-active and able to bring in motivated people from around the country but they were still down 11%.

Labour just tend to throw taxpayers money in and the conservatives just seem to wander around like zombies.

The British National Party also has excellent elections officers who are getting better at every election and soon will be as polished as the most highly paid professionals from the Lib/Lab/con alliance and in the end they will prove to be the superior side, for they fight for truth and the others fight for money.

Now I do not have the right to teach my granny how to suck eggs but I do have the right to reiterate the obvious and I know what will happen next.

Our activists will shortly be on the streets of Fenham thanking the people who had the good sense to vote for us and reassuring them that their votes were not wasted but simply the foundations for future victory.

One tiny disappointment. Again we failed to have our candidates details posted on the Votewise site. In some elections, where every vote counts, a little omission like that makes the difference between victory and defeat.

That said, it was a brilliant result for the British National Party and Ken and his campaign team deserve a big vote of thanks for their sterling efforts. Well done the lads.

Now looking towards the Euro Elections, I was hoping for the BNP to send one MEP to Brussels, maybe two. Now I am thinking four or more.

More information over on the British National Party home page.


Anonymous said...


Those of us who visit this site are aware of the size of the groundswell of support for the BNP. Similarly, the LibLabCon politicians are aware of it as well, otherwise they wouldn't be spending a fortune to fund BSD (Broon's Spyware Distributors) .

However, in the absence of any highly publicised recent parliamentary elections, and the fact that BNP council election results are never reported in the national MSM, it's likely that the average voter outside contested local authorities doesn't know what momentous changes are taking place beneath the surface of British politics.

Of course potential BNP voters may be aware anecdotally from their friends, neighbours and work-colleagues, of the growth of BNP support; but they still may not think of the BNP as a viable opposition to the Old Gang, because they're unaware of the proportion of the electorate who thinks the way they do.

That's why any publicity that views the BNP as a serious electoral challenger, even if it comes from such negative sources as BSD, Harridan Harm-Men or the dhimmi clergymen in Tameside, will consolidate the BNP's status in the public mind as a 'mainstream' party with a critical mass of voters.

Consequently, voters who once thought of themselves as isolated dots will be able to join up, mentally if not yet actually organisationally, to create a clearer picture of the mass of their fellow supporters among the electorate.

Stefcho said...

People know that voting Labour, Liberal and Tory always results in the same thing: more immigration, more taxpayer-funded EU interference, less British jobs for British people, more pressure on sevices, etc.

I'm sure the good people of Newcastle remember that it was BNP which prevented the Islamization of their great city. That is, by stopping it from becoming 'Asia Town'.

Can't wait until the Euro-elections.