Saturday, 24 January 2009

Harriet Harman warns of BNP threat in European elections

Harriet Harman canvasing for votes
Without her escort, the public would lynch her

What a cosy little gathering of vipers that must have been the other day at the Progressive London conference.

Leader of the UAF, the red slime Ken Livingstone, Three homes Jon Crudass and the evil witch herself, Harriet Harman who showed how much she believes in equality by attacking the BNP with some pretty outrageous statements. She should remember the following;

  • It was not the BNP that started the illegal wars that are getting our soldiers slaughtered.
  • It was not the BNP that stole the pension funds of millions of our elderly.
  • It was not the BNP that sold of our Utility Companies to overseas buyers who now exploit us.
  • It was not the BNP that betrayed the True British People by swamping Our Country with colonisers.
  • It was not the BNP that sold our gold for peanuts to Europe.
  • It was not the BNP that gave away our fishing fleets.
  • It was not the BNP that allowed the banker to rip us off for billions.
  • It was not the BNP that destroyed our educations system.
  • It was not the BNP that destroyed our manufacturing base.
  • It was not, not, not the BNP that created the mess we are now in.
So why does she not attack the cause of all those things instead of attacking the BNP? Because if she did, she would have to attack herself and her cronies in the Lib/Lab/con alliance.

No the real hatred she has for the BNP, is that she knows that they are the people to rip her and the likes of the leech Crudass from the trough of public money they feed at.

And she knows that her and her kind will face trial for what they have done to Our Country and so in fear she strikes out.

"with a vicious door-to-door campaign, not allow the BNP"

If anyone is making threats then it is the bitch herself, with this line;
"Labour will, with a vicious door-to-door campaign, not allow the BNP to peddle their pernicious lies that people have been abandoned by Labour."
But one thing is for sure. If anyone is knocking on doors, it will not be Harman, because she has not got the courage to walk the streets without an armed escort to protect her from an ever increasingly angry public, who would probably lynch her given half a chance.


odin said...

Bloody right!

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

A great article, Green Arrow. You have really hit the spot with this one - especially the rather sinister comment about the "vicious" campaign.

Anonymous said...


If you visit Lancaster you-know-what and look at the comments under the Harridan Harm-men article, you'll find Denise making some very bitchy observations about her.

mark said...

On the subject of outrageous lies, perhaps you could do an article on your favourite Labour party lie?

Admittedly, it might be a bit long, but could be fun.

My favourite is how the Labour party has helped cut overcrowding on trains by.....changing the definition of overcrowding from 10 people standing for every 100 seated to 30 people standing for every hundred seated. Nothing so tedious as having more trains run, more carriages, improving efficiency etc...just change the definition!

The pigs on Animal Farm would be proud.

Oh and at the Progressive London Conference, I wonder if they discussed the islamic preachers of hate who despise Jews and advocate murdering gays? Perhaps they could ask these preachers to be a bit more progressive...but somehow I doubt it.

theinsanevortext said...

New laws will soon be enacted to silence European nationalists. Wilders is going to jail and Griffin was thrown to the courts but survived. Susanne Winters was just given a 3 year suspended sentence for saying that Mohammed was a pedophile. Nationalism is a dirty word in Europe.

Shame you have no Constitution with freedom of speech ingrained in your memories and in your laws in Europe.

Once Europe is welded shut then expect all nationalist parties to be deemed illegal.

MagnaCarta said...

Great article and hits the truth spot on! I too wonder what the vicious campaign will entail, maybe more of us BNP supporters being locked up.

Salford Supporter said...

It sounds like Harriet is losing it - in more ways than one!

Labour is so deeply ideologically committed to promoting 'minority' ethnics that they can't about turn on this. For every time an ethnic non Brit gets a leg up from the 'equality' brigade a British worker loses out. Labour's socio-economic policies are responsible for the declining indigenous birth rate - ie; working class couples can't afford kids because they have to save up to get a deposit - and there's also a chronic shortage of social housing - hardly any coucil houses have been built since the Tory 'right to buy' scheme of the 80s, and what social housing is left will go to those who arrive in the U.K with families in tow - and there's been rather a lot of those in Labour's time in power.

Anonymous said...

Well said Green Arrow, the nerve of her, it's her party that has the dodgy reputation for lies, spin, treason, fraud and sleaze, she makes these wild accusations against us to deflect (or so she thinks) the spotlight away from her party, if she thinks the BNP tells lies she would be more specific. but she never backs it up. It just goes to show you how wicked these people are they have had their chance to make Britain Great again but they've utterly destroyed it, the BNP have a real chance of sorting this mess out, yet she and her fellow criminals try to block the BNP from coming to power, she'd rather selfishly keep her place at the trough than see Britian great again. I can't wait to see these anti - British criminals held to account for their treachery,i promise her this the BNP WILL come to power sometime in the future and we will make this country Great again.political mizz

Anonymous said...

Is she in Zimbabwe at present?

Wellard67 said...

Liebour intend a "viciuos" door 2 door campaign? I would suggest the reception they will recieve from the public will be vicious! I wouldnt give a bean to be a Liebour canvasser out there now. Yesterdays visit by team Wales BNP into neath proved beyond doubt that Liebour have "lost it" now with the public. Several stated the only reason they havnt voted BNP is because there was no candidate standing but as we all know come the euro elections this will no longer be the case. I think team Harriet the Horrible has a nast shock coming

Anonymous said...

I can't help but feel that this 'vicious door to door' campaign by Labour where folk are going to be bullied and harassed on their doorsteps is going to affect the BNP vote.

Rather than 8% vote share the BNP will have a 16% share!!!

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Of course we are making progress but if we think the establishment will relinquish power then we are deluding ourselves. They will use every weapon they possess, legal, illegal or through laws about to be made, to keep us from power. If they need such things as midmight visits and dawn arrests and custody without charge, rigged election counts, "lost" ballot boxes, multiple postal votes, even "accidental" deaths, they will do it. With these people, you can win the argument but still lose out for they will hang on to their corrupt power and practices by any means and the time may come when the British people will have to meet them with force to get what they so much desire. Their own country ruled by patriots instead of devious criminals, thieves and traitors. I very much doubt we will be allowed to succeed through the ballot box alone. Too many people stand to lose too much and they will do whatever they have to to cling on to their presents positions.

Anonymous said...

I see the Tories are beginning to steal the BNP's clothes:

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I went and had a look at the original article. To be entirely fair, neither Harridan nor the original article said "vicious" - the word used was "vigorous". The woed "vicious" only came into the picture in one of the comments to the original article.

Sorry - but we do have to get this stuff right or we make easy meat of ourselves.

Anonymous said...

GA, Those "its was not the BNP" statements would make a great leaflet, I'd be more than happy to deliver some of those.
I'd add a couple
"it was not the BNP who shoehorned us into the EU (SSR)
"it was not the BNP who flogged off school playing fields to Tesco"
"it was not the BNP who banned smoking in pubs"
"it was not the BNP who introduced gay adoptions and legalised cottaging"
We should perhaps try to design a hard hitting leaflet that really gets the message over to the sheeple.
Maybe it could start.....
You will hear from the Liblabcon party and their tame,compliant friends in the media that the BNP are racists and Nazis. Nothing could be further from the truth.Please let us remind you that It was not the BNP....
Finish up with please visit our website and make your own minds up.
Some of the leaflets I deliver are a little on the bland side and could do with aharder hitting message that carries widespread appeal

Anonymous said...

Good one GA, and spot on Urban 11.

I was speaking to a devout tory supporter yesterday, and he shocked me by saying, "Y'know Harry, I have to admit that after looking into the BNP,as you suggested,I agree they are the only party out there willing to face the truth, and speak it, and offer positive policy to the people of this country as to the way forward and out of this mess we are in. I can't be a member, for private reasons, but I can support them and start talking about BNP in a general conversational way to raise awareness within my circle of friends and at work. We need to get the truth out there Harry"

Yesss! another one woken up!!

We will win in the end folks, of that there is no doubt.


The Green Arrow said...


Sorry to disagree but the link to Guardian shows it to be a direct quote and not from a comment.

I have taken a screen dump if you need to see it.

Now it may well have been a missprint or perhaps even a Freudian slip. But that is the quote in the press.

Hope you are well and have a pleasant Sunday. Same applys to all our readers and friends.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope Lablour knock on my door. I have a few this to add to that list. I agree that will make a fantastic leaflet

Anonymous said...

The militant Iranian fatwa-facilitator Lord Ahmed has intimidated the House of Lords (which doesn't take much doing) into banning a showing of Fitna .

cirso said...

Just think about all the free publicity you are getting. The more they talk and rave on the more people take notice

Anonymous said...

Four Labour ministers taking money for making laws? didnt quite catch the full story on the radio this morning, but no doubt they are up to this as well. Please come knocking on my door Nooo Labour.

Anonymous said...

Here's something for you experts to think about.
The falling population rate of the British people will lead to a better quality of Brits. They will have a better chance of fighting for British equal rights.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Well thanks - and regular public interaction makes me weller day by day. Plenty of people disagree with us, but I get no hostility. Five years ago, membership of and support for thr BNP was spoken in hushed whispers in this town. Not now though.

We're currently planning monthly leaflet/VoF giveaways in the town centre in the lead-up to the EU elections. That'll be a first in this town - by any party. Also planning on buying a couple of thousand of the printed BNP mini-manifesto from the party and giving those away too. Too many people think we're a one-issue (immigration) party, and it's about time they were educated otherwise.

"Vicious" or "Vigorous" - well Lancaster UAF definitely quoted "Vigorous", though I don't doubt the G wrote "Vicious". There is a typo in the works somewhere or other. Reflecting about it leads me to believe the correct word is vigorous, because however much we may despise the harridan, she is an experienced and high-level politician, and I just can't see her making such a stupid basic error. Always possible though.

And I hope this finds you well too.

BFB said...

Sir HM,

You are right. The original terminology was indeed "rigorous" and not "vicious". However, I cannot prove this as the original publications (from Guardian, Telegraph, Times...etc) have since been edited.

The BNP website is also reporting that Harman said "vicious"...this is not true!

This will backfire on the BNP ( and Green Arrow) simply because it isn't true!

You are being played like a finely tuned fiddle on this one.

The Green Arrow said...


Sorry to disagree but the link to Guardian shows it to be a direct quote and not from a comment.

I have taken a screen dump if you need to see it.

Now it may well have been a misprint or perhaps even a Freudian slip. But that is the quote in the press and the one still showing on my link.

If you wish I can email you the screen dump from the Guardian?

Lets go get them now on something else.