Thursday, 8 January 2009

The March Of The Dhimmis

By Reconquista
A member of the Green Arrow Forum

After suffering more than 6000 HAMAS rocket attacks against its citizens and showing restraint that no other country in the world would ever contemplate, Israel finally struck back against HAMAS terrorists using the might of the IAF. The Israelis have made it clear that this is a war against the Iranian-sponsored HAMAS terrorist organisation and have gone to extra-ordinary lengths to ensure that non-combatants are not caught in the strikes. A task
made near impossible as HAMAS uses its own women and children as human shields, a disgraceful, heartless war crime.

These are precautions that no other western nation would ever take in times of conflict, witness the criminal NATO air strikes deliberately targeting citizens in Serbia and Iraq, neither of whom had fired a single rocket at any NATO state.

But if the Israelis thought that this restraint and caution would win her support from the west, then predictably, they have been sadly mistaken.

Scores of protests in Europe and the United States attended by thousands upon thousands of so-called "peace protesters" are screaming hysterically for the "Israeli murdering nazionists" to
halt their "siege". These are "peace-loving people" whose raging hatred for Israel is being stoked by a duplicitous, treacherous media who have wasted no time at all to demonize Israel and portray once again those poor "Palestinians" as the oppressed victims of the ruthless Zionist occupiers.

Issues For British Nationalists

Many British nationalists are aware of the nature of the conflict but are stating quite clearly that it is a war between Palestinians and Israelis and is not of our concern. But if the events that have occurred this last week prove anything it is that it is very much a British Nationalist concern for two very striking reasons:

1. We are at war right now with the same enemy as Israel, that enemy being Islam. Not "radical Islam", not "Islamic extremists" or "Islamic terrorists" but Islam. Islamic jihad has been
declared upon us whether we like it or not. It is not a war restricted to Israel as the masters of Islamic jihad and its fanatical Muslim mujihadeen want you to think but a part of the
current global jihad that is being waged all over the world. We are in World War 3 make no mistake about it, checkout the number of countries involved in fighting Islamic jihad. Britain is most definitely one of them.

2. Our media and our politicians are using this conflict to condition our people as compliant dhimmis subservient to Islam who in turn are all combining to advance Islamic jihad in Great

Why Great Britain Is At War

There are very few people in Britain today who possess a clear understanding of Islam. Most believe it is one of the great religions, a religion like any other and that Muslims have their
good and bad just like other religions and that Islam is essentially a Religion of Peace. Sure it has its fanatics who misinterpret the Qu'ran, but that's no different to any other religion, right? I'll be honest and say this is pretty much what I believed Islam to be just four years ago.

Few of our citizens are aware of how Islam divides the entire world into 2 distinct houses: Dar al Islam - House of Islam, the lands of the believers and Dar al Harb - House of War, the lands of the unbelievers, the lowest of the low, the infidel.

This is such a seemingly simple point but it is at the very core of Islam. The duty of every single Muslim on this planet is to wage war against Dar al Harb until the whole world is Dar al Islam.

Even fewer are aware of how important and how revered the Prophet Mohammed is. He is regarded by Muslims as the ideal man, the perfect example for all time. He is the heart and soul of Islam. But this was no peace-loving Prophet. Mohammed lived his life waging war on the unbeliever, the infidel, spreading his faith by the sword and personally murdering, raping and enslaving infidels who refused to convert to Islam. In his own words:

"I was commanded by Allah to wage war against the infidel until fitna (unbelief) ceased to exist and the world belongs solely to Allah." - Prophet Mohammed

This division of believers and unbelievers is so important because it means that by its very nature, while Islam exists, the infidels - including we British - are at war with Islam. This is the reason why Muslims attack us. Not because of Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel or because we eat roast pork after a few beers down at the pub of a Sunday lunchtime. It is their duty to attack us because we are the infidel, the lowest of the low and they are waging jihad against us in a variety of ways including demographics, litigation, da'wa (call to Islam) building of mosques that dominate all other religious buildings and of course never-ending demands for ever more tolerance and acceptance of Islamic practices and Islamic sharia law.

Al Taqiyya - WMD of Islamic Jihad

Mohammed stated: War is deceit. A weapon Muslims deploy frequently against infidels is "Al Taqqiya" - lying to further the cause of Islam. The excuses that follow an Islamic terror attack are without exception Muslims or Muslim apologists stating that these atrocities occur in response to some perceived injustice such as poverty, Iraq, Israel or any of 100 other excuses. But very few of our people know that this is Al Taqqiya and that Muslim jihadists attack infidels because it is their duty, because their prophet personally set the example and because they are trying to conquer and subjugate us and create the single global ummeh. Not to mention enjoying the fruits of 72 "houris" who remain virgins forever no matter what in the after- life with Allah as a reward for their efforts.

In this current global Islamic jihad, the jihadists are greatly supported by the western media and the politicians who are working hand-in-hand with the jihadists to promote the myths about Islam and in doing so, are conditioning our people to be subservient to the cause of Islam.

Creating A Legion of Compliant Dhimmis

Cast your mind back to September 11th 2001. On that terrible day, jihadists murdered 3000 innocent people whose only crime was to board aeroplanes or get up and go to the office. The western world responded with respectful candlelight vigils, calls for peace and tolerance, and support for each other to come to terms with the shock and horror - the reality - of Islamic jihad

The politicians and the media re-assured us: Islam is a religion of peace, all Muslims are not terrorists and Islamic organisations voiced their deep concerns that innocent, law-abiding Muslims would be the unjustified victims of widespread revenge attacks - other than a handful of minor incidents, such widespread attacks simply never materialized. The leaders of theUS and the UK declared a "war on terror and those who harbour terrorists". War on terror? Just how does that work? Terror is a weapon of the enemy not an enemy by itself so who is committing the terror and for what purpose?

But it's not for dhimmis to ask such impertinent questions.

October 2002 saw the jihadists blow up another 200 people who had the front to go to a nightclub in Bali and the world again resorted to peaceful protests that were against terrorism and not against Islam or Muslims as they did again after Madrid in 2004 and again after London in 2005. Around the same time over 2000 Bhuddists - those violent, cruel, intolerant, war-mongering fascists - fell victim to the jihad being waged by murderous jihadists in Southern Thailand. More recently in Mumbai, jihadists killed another 173 people, with the Jewish victims also brutally tortured by their Muslim jihadist captors before being executed. More victims to add to the 80 million dead victims of the seemingly never-ending jihad against the Hindus and Sikhs in India that started way back in 638. The two-state solution certainly isn't appeasing the Pakistani jihadists - what a surprise.

And still we are told by our politicians and their media lackeys that Islam is a "religion of peace" and I wonder how many of our people are aware that since 9/11 jihadists have committed over 12,500 acts of Islamic terror?

In fact not once after any of these jihadist terrorist atrocities has the world held mass protests against Islam or Muslims calling for the Islamic world to be attacked. Anaesthetised by governments and the media as to the reality of Islam, should anyone dare to speak the truth about what Islam is really about they are vilified as Islamophobes or verbally abused with that
ever-so effective Orwellian thought-control weapon "racist".

Many have been prosecuted for inciting racial hatred - such as the BNP leader Nick Griffin experienced - for daring to exercise free speech and criticise a so-called religion that just cannot
tolerate non-believers as equals and murders infidels en masse wherever Islam takes root. Infidels such as Theo Van Gogh in Holland, executed in broad daylight in cold blood by an
unrepentant jihadist who stated clearly that he did is duty to Allah.

Al Taqiyya And The Jihad Against Israel

Contrast the western response to Islamic atrocities with the events of recent days. The quite justified response of Israel to to jihadist terror attacks on its citizens has seen the western
world react with outrage, lies and hate-filled invective that heaps shame on our nations. Governments urge Israel to show restraint, and the media has gone about its job of brainwashing the media-led sheeple by feeding them a constant stream of Al Taqqiya that portrays the Islamic jihadists as victims and the Israelis as Zionist Jewish occupiers who kicked out the Palestinians from their own land and took it over. In actual fact it was the Arab nations who told the Arabs living there to get their bags packed in 1948 because Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria were going to "drive the Jews into the sea." They were to return when the genocide of the Jews was complete. The best laid plans...

The lies come thick and fast. Israel is occupying Palestinian land. That there has never been a nation called Palestine is conveniently never mentioned nor is the somewhat inconvenient fact that there has been a Jewish presence in this area for 3500 years. That this land was just desert and swamp, a leftover desolate land from the defeated Ottoman Empire that the British had a mandate to administer is also not explained. Nor is the fact that the British reneged on their promise to make this a homeland for the Jewish people and instead gave 80% of it to the
Arabs - the land now known as Jordan. Cries for a two state solution seem somewhat ridiculous as Jordan would now be the "Palestinian" state, just compare the flag of Jordan with the
"Palestine" flag so abundantly flown at "peace" demonstrations this last week.

Other anti-Israeli buzzwords litter news copy. Israel is occupying the West Bank - that's what Jordan named it but it should be more accurately called Judea and Samaria but using these names would give the game away wouldn't it? How did Jordan name it the "West Bank"? Well they "held" the territory from 1948 to 1967. Not once were they referred to as "occupiers" and no attempt was made to create this territory as Palestine. But the western media don't like to go back beyond 1967. We don't want any dhimmis asking awkward questions, it's best to nip Islamophobia in the bud.

As ever, the press are reporting concerns of a "humanitarian crisis" that never quite manages to unfold largely because Israel continues to send aid into Gaza and because of aid from the EU and the US that has made Gaza one of the world's best countries for longevity - also not reported. Weaned on welfare viewed as jizya, a tribute tax that is the duty of Jews and Christians to pay their Muslim masters, the Gazans have a quality of life many in the world are denied and they receive it without producing anything for it. Nice work if you can get it.

Then there's the "disproportionate response" and the "collective punishment" accusations. Although what the proportionate response is to 6000 rocket attacks on innocent civilians, another war crime, isn't mentioned - 6000 rocket attacks on Gazan towns perhaps? Nor is the fact that the Gazan people exercised collective responsibility by electing the Islamic terrorist organisation HAMAS whose own charter states:

"Israel will exist and continue to exist until Islam obliterates it just as it obliterated all others before it."

If people are responsible enough to vote for Islamic terrorists in the full knowledge that their goal is to commit genocide then they are responsible enough to deal with the consequences. With
choices come responsibility and allowing the people of Gaza to avoid facing any consequences for their choices isn't just a disproportionate response it is crass irresponsibility that serves HAMAS and prolongs the conflict.

Isn't it odd that no such doublespeak applies to any Islamic atrocity, or to the HAMAS attacks? And talking of disproportionate response, isn't it also odd that when Serbia was bombed by NATO, no such term was applied to the 78 day raids and that no peace protests were held supporting the Christian Serbs and demonizing Bosnian Muslims or even the UK and the US? Yet we did see once again, hate-filled demonstrations when these two NATO nations gave Muslim Iraq "Shock and Awe" as I'm sure we all remember.

Isn't it also odd that after 12500 acts of Islamic terror, we do not see hate-filled demonstrations throughout the Muslim world against jihadists "who are hijacking and misinterpreting the
peaceful religion of Islam"? They're quick to take to the streets full of hate for the west over such atrocities as drawing cartoons of Mohammed though. Is that not somewhat disproportionate to the "peace protests" of the west?

There is something very obvious about these "disproportionate responses". It's now time we British Nationalists realise exactly what it is.

How The Gaza Conflict Advances The Jihad Against Britain

So you are now aware about the whole reason for the conflict in the Middle East. It is not about a struggle for Palestinian land against the Zionist Israeli occupation, it is all about the genocide of the Jewish people and the obliteration of the state of Israel. The media know it. The governments of the west know it. Yet the people of the west continue to be fed pro-Islamic propaganda that does nothing other than further the cause of Islamic jihad in the west resulting with some of the most sickening, shameful and hypocritical protests that are pro-Islam and firmly anti-Jewish and of course, anti-USA.

Yet the same pious, outraged style of protests never take place after an Islamic jihadist atrocity. Not even after 300,000 Darfurians were massacred by Muslims in the Sudan did we see such
hate-filled protests against Islamic jihad. These brutal massacres weren't enough to rouse the pious peace lovers onto the streets just as rocket attacks on kindergartens in Sderot are greeted with tumbleweed. Only when Israel has the affront to defend its citizens against the jihadists do these righteous moral beacons take to the streets in their droves to vent their offended spleens and proudly display their pro-Islamic anti-Jew hatred in the name of peace egged on by the jihadist collaborators in the western media.

It all amounts to a spectacle of dhimmitude never seen before in the west. What an incentive for the Islamic jihadists to pursue their vile, supremacist aims.

The nauseating spectacle of thousands and thousands of pro-HAMAS dhimmis in Dar al Harb marching through western cities flying the Palestinian flag, the Hizbollah flag and the HAMAS flag, many of them proudly wearing keffiyehs to further emphasise their hatred of Israel, vehemently chanting "we are all Palestinians" and the deplorable "from the river to the sea" is all a result of conditioning by the media and duplicity by governments who are brainwashing their own people into sympathizing with and serving the very fanatics whose sacred religious duty is to fight them and subjugate them until they convert to Islam or die.

These marches are supposed to be demonstrations about peace, about ending war to prevent yet more blood being spilled in a land already drenched with the blood of way too many victims -
Arab and Israeli alike - of just one more chapter of the global jihad against infidels. Pro-Islamic, HAMAS loving "peaceful protests" that include demonizing Jews as "Nazis who are conducting a holocaust against the Palestinians", that justify the use of such peace-promoting, tolerant phrases as "Jew scum", "death to all Jews" and "Go back to the ovens" such as this protest in would you believe it, former Nazi occupied Holland:

That a Dutch MP is present screaming for Intifada should send alarm bells ringing with Dutch - make that EU - citizens but don't hold your breath for this fascist traitor to be pilloried in the same way as his fellow MP Geert Wilders was after daring to make a film critical of the violent verses in the Qu'ran. And what a touching tribute to the 16,000 allied soldiers who gave their lives at Arnhem to free the Dutch from the real Nazis who sent many Dutch Jews to the gas chambers just 70 years ago.

The Betrayal Of The British

That video captures the whole reason why we as British Nationalists are involved in a war, not just against Islam but against those who are supposed to govern and protect us and those who are supposed to impartially inform us about important global issues but who instead, are furthering the cause of our enemies by turning our own people into compliant, subservient dhimmis who protest alongside Jew-hating fanatical Muslim jihadists leading them with cries of "Allahu akhbar" along with theatrical Islamic prayer ceremonies. Observed of course by their dhimmi audience with great respect and admiration. Mission "March of the Dhimmis" accomplished.

Dhimmis who not for one moment ever stop and think how their compliance is interpreted in the lands of Dar al Islam. Blinded by their own vanity and brainwashed by the media, it doesn't even occur to them. It is something we as British Nationalists should think about though.


To conclude, here are the two vitally important issues we as British Nationalists need to be fully aware of:

1. That the jihad against Israel is not a separate war but just one battleground of the current global jihad. We have to learn the lessons of how jihad is being waged against the Israelis, in particular that any concession given to jihadists as a gesture of peace will only lead to more and more demands for more and more concessions. We need to understand how the propaganda war is fought by the Arabs and start to use this to work for us and against Islam. We also need to learn how the Islamic world views aid donations - as a dhimmi jizya - and perhaps more importantly we need to understand how:

2. This conflict is being used to further the jihad against Britain. This means understanding the weapon of Al Taqiyya and how it is being used to brainwash our people into submissive dhimmitude who respond in Pavlovian style whenever Dar al Islam calls them. That the media and the politicians are collaborating with the enemy to further Islamic jihad in our land is treason and we must try and educate our people about their great betrayal.

What Israel faces every day is the fate that is being prepared for us and it is a fate that looms ever closer by the day. It is time for the unpalatable truth to be told about Islam and it is time for those who are supposed to serve and protect us to exercise their duty.

Failure to do these is suicidal.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant article. You need a wider audience. It would be great if we had the facility to click a link to email these wise words to everyone who had an attention span of more than 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

This article reveals the unvarnished truth about the The Religion of Peace and it's non-Muslim collaborators - our elected government and our so-called mainstream opposition parties, in other words.

I believe our treasonous ruling elite must face charges for those most serious of crimes which are Treason and Sedition. Yes, Treason and Sedition are unquestionably more serious crimes than domestic or random murder.

Furthermore, capital punishment must be reinstated, but for the crimes of Treason and Sedition only, it must be applied retroactively.

Furthermore, concerted all-encompassing expose programmes about Communism in all its forms, Communist Liberalism and Islam in all its forms, must be commenced and made mandatory throughout the West's education system, once and for all.

watling said...


I remain dubious as to whether either God or Satan exist, but if they do then it is quite clear that Islam is the work of Satan. Maybe that's why Muslims got so worked up about Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses. They didn't want the truth to be heard.

I can imagine that when Mohammed thought he was receiving revelations from God among the sand dunes of 7th century Arabia he was completely wrong. It was in fact Satan who spoke to him, as no benevolent God could possibly be responsible for the evil contained in the Qur'an and the Hadith.

Anonymous said...

Watling,its only my opinion,but there no revalations from God or satan. He was just a power-mad meglomaniac who made up his "religion" as he went along to satisfy his insatiable lust for perverted sex,violence,power and wealth. A good salesman though, rewarding his cuthroat followers with a share of the spoils if they lived,and rewards greater still if they died.

mark said...

It's an amazing coincidence that a lot of the more peaceful verses of the koran (during Mohammed's Meccan period) were abrogated by the more aggressive, intolerant verses of his later Medinan period.

This just happened to coincide with the fact that Mohammed was relatively weak dring his Meccan period (and so had to be conciliatory) but was much stronger during his Medinan period and so could do much as he pleased.

It's also mighty odd, that Allah, the Creator of the Universe and all Mankind, felt the need to contradict himself with these abrogagtions. One would have thought he would have got every detail of the koran right first time round without needing to correct himself. If only Tippex had been available.

A cynic may fleetingly consider that the koran was not written by the Creator of the Universe, but rather Mohammed himself. But only for a moment, as I'm sure Allah knows best.

A good article with one minor quibble. Why do you refer to the "prophet Mohammed", He's only a prophet to muslims, not anyone else. A better description is "the Islamic prophet Mohammed" or simply Mohammed.

Anonymous said...

Good article. I wish every British voter could know the truth about Islam as set out above, instead of the taqiyya constantly spewed out by the Brown Brainwashing Corporation.

The voters also need to know why the LibLabCon are so inneffectual at stopping the Islamification of Britain, and why indeed they even refuse to admit that there is a problem.

The LibLabCon parties are in permanent denial about the true nature and agenda of Islam for three main reasons:

(1) They need to attract the rapidly growing Muslim vote, especially in marginal constituencies.

(2) For them to admit that Islam is a murderous, supremacist, totalitarian ideology would require them to explain why they have allowed millions of barbarous savages to invade on their watch.

(3) They obtain funding directly or indirectly from Islamic sources.

If the voters knew these two things - the truth about Islam, and the reasons why the LibLabCon cannot prevent an Islamic takeover, then they would be certain to vote for the BNP by the millions.

misterfox said...

There have been supurb pieces from Mark Steyn -