Wednesday, 14 January 2009

BNP links to immigration staff

Truly "The Prince of Rags"

My news search engines have been going bananas this morning as online rag after rag reports the same pathetic smear story. All part of their plan of attack on the BNP in the run up to the euro elections.

Yet another patriot has lost his job after his name was shown to be on the Roll of Honour.

But the rag that really does take the biscuit is the Independent with its sensational, attention seeking headlines shown above. They do not give a damn about the truth or justice. The three magic words, British National Party sells papers and that is all that counts to these Dhimmi traitors.

Without a shred of evidence they somehow manage to link this one member and the BNP to 300 allegations of brutality and racist abuse. Do they think we are all as stupid as their paying readers.

Pointing to the British National Party's policy on immigration which states;
"We will also clamp down on the flood of 'asylum-seekers', all of whom are either bogus or can find refuge much nearer their home countries."
gives Labour MP and professional black, Diane Abbot a chance to go off on one who says;
People who come to this country deserve to be treated with the same dignity and respect that is afforded to citizens."
Rubbish. Rubbish. Rubbish. People who come to this country illegally, deserve NOTHING except a free ride back to their country of origin.

Now, one the examples of "racism" given as evidence in the rag article, is that some of these illegals immigrants and bogus refugees were told to "go back to their own countries". Well whoopie doo.

If they were to arrest every True Brit in the country who thinks that to be a good idea, then there would be none left to pay the taxes to keep parasites like Dianne Abbot in the luxury she has become accustomed to. We all bloody think it and the sooner we all start saying it the better.

I was going to close on that but figured I had better remind myself a little about our Dianne.

Briefly she has made a great living out of being black, whilst ungratefully biting the hand that feeds her.

A "Fast Tracked" civil servant parachuted into a safe Labour area purely because she was black, she started off the way she has continued since being elected, by stating that Britain is one of the most racist nations on earth and stating "The British invented racism". Ignorant woman.

Another corrupt cow, she tried to conceal money paid by the BBC (Black Broadcasting Company) for work done and was found guilty by the CSP.

Whilst attacking Tony Blair and Harriet harman for sending their children to highly rates "selected" schools it transpired that she had sent her son to a private £10,000 a year school.

She has also objected to blonde and blue-eyed girls working as nurses because they "may never have met a black person before".

Clearly Diane is one sick puppy and clearly the real racist in the article.

Finally. The political wheel is turning. Laws passed can be revoked. Injustices can and will be righted and those responsible for destroying peoples lives now will have theirs destroyed in the future.


Anonymous said...

I dont hear the crys of waycist when a honest sensible black man says the same as the BNP.

The migrants who just don't belong, by the Archbishop of York.

Anonymous said...

That pathetic smear article with its 'guilt by association' is something you might find in a bottom-wiping rag like the Mirror, not a supposedly quality paper which 'The Independent' claims to be.

But I suppose this might not be totally unexpected from 'The Independent' since it employs Yasmin Alibaba-Brown, the professional Muslim Anglophobe, as one of its correspondents.

Anonymous said...

I see the "stolen list" is stll being used green arrow,very interesting indeed.On a seperate issue since loosing my job 6 months ago and ive still not recieved any form of payment in the way of benefit i have now requested under the F.O.I act etc. a full report of my case notes it will be interesting to see what comments and details are on there about me ? By the way this is not a new law i used to work in the banking industry many years ago and a customer can request at any time a copy of their file,

Anonymous said...

The indipendant - what a joke, it's own name is satire.

Anonymous said...

Is that front page and what will appear to the majority as a VERY positive headline.

luvverly jubberly!

more votes!

We should write them a thank you letter as the more oppressive trite they write the more people can see through the lies and it's all publicity.

The game is up, the PC king has no cloths!

Anonymous said...

Diane Abbott, I remember her years ago, with her scruffy hair style and an accent mixed with cockney and west Indian,

She must be the most repulsive looking person to appear on television, I remember when a certain late night politics show sacked her for that very story about her son going to private school, so the beeb removed her from the side of Mr Portillo but she cried and begged to go back on the show, so the Beeb relented and let her be Portillos side kick again,

She is a sickening woman wth an extremely irritable voice who is bordering on the Obese if she was white would never in a million years be allowed to contaminate the small screen.


Anonymous said...

That list has been used in such illegal ways, by some thoroughly undemocratic and unsavoury characters. Though maybe one day, should the civilised world swerve away from he abyss, someone may like to make a film about state persecution, how about naming it Swindlers List?