Friday, 16 January 2009

Richard Littlejohn jumps into the Moslem net

I am or rather I was, a big fan of Richard Littlejohn. He could usually bring a smile to my face, no matter how serious the subject he was writing about.

But I lost that respect for him when he started attacking the British National Party at every other opportunity and saw him then for what he really is. A man, who for his own ends and profit, has found a way to hunt with the hounds and run with the fox simultaneously.

But before I go on, a joke that is quite relevant to the rest of this post.

Q. How do you start off a joke about blacks?

A. By looking over your shoulder.

And that about sums up the climate of fear we now live in. The state has induced in some of us, a state of fear. They do not need the police now, we police ourselves because of fear of the state.

And in this article by Richard Littlejohn, entitled Wanted for Hate Crime, he points out the mess we are in when he points us to the Home Office definition of a "hate crime".

Any incident... which is perceived by the victim or any other person (my italics) as being motivated by prejudice or hate.'
So I recommend you go visit the overweight and overpaid super blogger and check it out for yourself. Because there you will also see how stupid Richard Littlejohn can be. How can a man be right on so many things and yet be so wrong on other subjects?

The following is at the end of his article, when writing about the murderous actions of the followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile;
This column has often been accused of being anti-Muslim. Not guilty. I'm against Islamist headbangers who want to kill us - and immigrants who refuse to learn English or integrate into our society.

Inevitably, it's the rabblerousers and hatemongers who get the headlines.

They're often portrayed as spokesmen for all Muslims in Britain.

So it's a pleasure to be able to help redress the balance. Yesterday, 20 prominent Muslim activists, academics and imams wrote to 1,200 mosques and Islamic centres condemning recent anti-Semitic attacks in Britain.

While abhoring Israeli action in Gaza, which is their right, they say: 'We can't allow conflicts in the Middle East to create barriers between us and our fellow citizens. This does not, and cannot, justify attacks on our fellow citizens of Jewish faith and background here in Britain.'
And there he goes. Not so much as falling into the Moslem net of deceit but rather leaping into it of his own accord.

Like so many other Dhimmi fools, he has swallowed the Moslem sugar coated pill of Taqiyya, which is a tactic employed by the Moslems to quieten down the sheep until they are ready to slit their throats.

I suggest Richard, that you read this article posted on this blog by the much missed najistani who as not been around for awhile. The article is called TAQIYYA, lies and Muslim propaganda.

Come on Richard. It is true. You could not make it up.

Some useful links on the Moslem art of deceit kindly provided by one of our readers.


Anonymous said...

Classic taqiyya indeed GA.

The motivation behind those letters is that they know these demonstrations have shown quite clearly how intensely muslims in the west hate the jews and that anyone who possesses more than a single brain cell will see the muslims and the "Religion of Peace" for what it truly is.

That rules out the mentally retarded imbeciles of the left of course.


Anonymous said...

it really strikes me as odd that Littlejohn and his ilk will often promote BNP policies (knowlingly or unknowlingly I do not know) but usually,somewhere, in their article,they will include a line like,I find the BNP to be abhorrent,or some such crap. Its not unlike the dualism exibited by the "liberal" left and their colleagues,the fascist left when they condemn intolerance,homophobia,cruelty to animals etc etc and yet promote islam and denigrate Christianity at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to contact LittleJohn, or is that LittleMo as he will have to be called soon if the Muslim sweep up of Britain continues.

We need to get people like him to sit down and learn the truth. No matter how much it may shatter the blinkered life that they find them encapsulated in.

God Green we can see it, any normal people can see it, and we are continuely been left with no other route apart from one that seemed to work over in N Ireland. At least the government was forced to sit up and take notice.
It is getting close to the time when our people and by that I mean the law abifding people take to the streets and show the most hated government in British history that we have had enough.

The people of N Ireland took to the streets to demand an end to violence, and we must do the same against the foreignisation of our country (new word made up by me) and especially the colonising by islamics. The amount of Hijabs up here in Aberdeen has now rocketed, the Muslim influence is becoming stronger and stronger.

Just to clear up a point any British nationalist reading the above will know that I mean peaceful protest, as that is the nationalist way, and leftie scum sucking troll will take it as me meaning the Uaf Ira route.
But then thats the violent warped minds of the left for you.

Aberdeen P

Peter said...

I would put Littlejohn in the same bracket as that nutter John Gaunt.

Its funny though as regards John Gaunt, he called us the BNP for everything and gets a pat on the back but gets sacked from Talksport for calling one of the real establishment crooks a Nazi.

While up and down the country they try and kick hard working BNP members out of their jobs I hope That "Nazi" John Gaunt had a real miserable Christmas being unemployed.

As the BNP's influence grows it's going to be a pleasure watching Littlejohn squirm and being backed into a corner because of his Anti British rants and attacks against the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Peaceful protest within the law is the correct way anon.
Nip over here for 10 good ways to protest.

There is also a good line from Revelations 21.8 that can give a life of unease to the liars and cheats that would have us call them master if they but were aware of what they do. in fact all of Revalations 21 is worth a read.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Richard Littlejohn? Comedian, Traitor, Arsehole. Same as all the other pathetic money grubbers who make a living promoting our policies while condemning our party and its members. The time is fast approaching when public figures will not be afraid to vent their true beliefs and feelings and when they do, celebrities, stars, etc, the rest of the sheep flock will follow. It is an unfortunate fact that the sheep people will take far more notice of a birdbrain actress/singer/rockstar etc than they will of a true patriot and gifted politician such as our Nick. Perhaps he is so far above them in political thought and ideal that they fail to see the trees. If that is what it will take to make the soap watchers wake up then lets hope it happens soon.Preferably this year.

Anonymous said...

Muslims throughout the world are calling for the extermination of the Jews

Anonymous said...

Such is the lure of Saudi money, hardly any of our institutions are free of its influence. Journos and Politicos wont bite the hand that feeds them, but I fear that the infiltration is far deeper, the church?, Royalty? how about the EU itself. This country, along with other formerly great European nations are now owned by the middle east. The caucasian races are to be harvested like mushrooms, tax 'em while they are fit, then disect 'em for body parts when they are no longer economically viable. Perhaps we deserve all we get for falling asleep on the job. And that job was keeping our leaders in check.