Wednesday, 28 January 2009

This perverse society

Seems about right to me

By Ancient Brit

Today we have an army of grandparents doing a sterling job of looking after their grandchildren while their own children go out to work, unlike other child carers grandparents do not get paid by the government for their services even though children are far better placed with family members who share their norms and values, so why was I so repulsed at an article written in the Daily Mail today.

It would appear that ‘grandparents’ were ruled to be too old - at 46 and 59 to care for their own grandchildren, so they were placed in the "care of a two ‘gay’ men" instead.
  • What sort of perversion is this?
  • Who has the right to place these children with gay men instead of their own grandparents?
  • Why did they choose gay men over heterosexual couples?
  • Which perverted individuals thought these gay men would be more suitable than the children own grandparents?
I would like to know who this individual is. I would like to know how their twisted minds work, especially as it was known the little girl was already wary of men.

Is this how gay men get their ‘equal rights’ to have children by stealing them from their families, or by using blackmail to get grandparents to comply?

Some women are now having their children in their 40s, including Cherie Blaire who had her last child at the age of 45. Are they also not capable of looking after their own children. Will they also be stolen to order so that the gay community can have their ‘equal rights’.

I myself frequently look after my own grandchildren, taking them away for short holidays, or general babysitting, and more worryingly still I am a pensioner, but I’m just one of an army of able bodied capable grandparents looking after their own.

Just look around any city, town, village or seaside resort and you will see these armies of workers, an army neglected and undervalued by this present government, they are more capable of looking after children than many of the present generation because they grew up in an age where morals, discipline and respect were valued, but maybe that is what this government are afraid of, all these principles that held a society together have vanished into a politically correct vacuum where anything goes as long as it is lowering standards of behaviour.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get up each day wondering what sort of new horrors I will be faced with as I switch on my computer, each day brings news that is worse than the day before, but when the news is about robbing children of normality and innocence I get angry, really, really angry.

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Just who do you think a British National Party controlled authority would have given the children to to care for?

It is too late to help this child. Help others in the future by supporting, voting and joining the British National Party now.


Anonymous said...

The artical has been removed!

ivan said...

Thanks Ancient Brit
very emotional and so right,ive sent the story onto a lot of people to read.

Anonymous said...

'Tranzi' ideology. The individuals (these children) must be sacrificed to the ideology of the identity group:

Anonymous said...

Yes the mail article has been removed, but tke Telegraph version of the story is still there - for the moment!

bill p said...

Just another loop hole for these sick liberals to get their hands on young children

Anonymous said...

This is yet more state-crime.

Get the names, addresses and faces of these paedos in the social services and get them up on the internet.

theinsanevortext said...

"Her grandparents insist they are not homophobic."

It's sad that the grandparents felt the need to say this, what a sick warped society. Those poor kids will now be abused by these homosexuals, not physically abused but mentally into thinking that homosexuality is the norm and a man and a man is the true family unit. This story is horrible, this is socialism's goal, to destroy the "nuclear" family. Stories like this make me so mad. The BNP is the only way, I joined the BNP and I don't even live in the UK anymore, what the hell is wrong with the British to allow this to happen?

Anonymous said...

Are Blue State Digital using malware to snoop on their e-mail recipients?

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Just imagine the torment of these grand parents when every day they think of those poor little children being dressed and bathed by their homosexual new guardians. And they were warned that unless they changed their "homophobic attitudes" then they would be unlikely to ever again have access to those poor children. What a disgusting world we live in when such action could even be contemplated. Yet another result of eleven years of New Labour rule.I would hope that the day will come when such things are no longer possible. If they were my grand children I would have to have enormous self discipline to avoid using the recomended Moslem treatment for these two men who have the effrontary to take these two defenceless children away from blood relatives who love them more than these pathetic specimens will ever be able to know.If this is Social Services then it poses the question, do we really need these idiots?

Anonymous said...

What a sad sick twisted state this country and the world in general has arrived at. Will there be no end to this lunacy?

As for the post about Blue State Digital I use MailWasher Pro from

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The benefits are that I can view all my mail on another computer before I download it to mine.
Spam, or any other crap is sorted out before it gets to your computer and cause havoc. You can delete, report, blacklist, bounce the mail back with an auto "Unable to deliver this mail" message, also wiew the raw source data to see where the mail came from etc.
Take a look, I'd never be without it now.


Anonymous said...

How utterly appalling, i seem to remember a few years ago now, that two Homosexuala were given a young child to adopt and they ended up sexually abusing the adopted child, how perverse political dogma has come before the interests of the child, the child will grow up damaged from this, to be wrenched away from the family you love and placed with two strange men when there is no need for it is just plain wicked, this has to be Common Purpose at work here, attacking the traditional family in favour of this unatural state of affairs, there is evidence also that same sex relationships do not have the same longevity as a man and a woman, so no doubt this will be the beginning of an unsettled future for this poor child as she is passed from pillar to post, what type of Homosexual would want to adopt or foster children anyway ? i'm Scottish and live in England, but if i still lived there i'd organise a Demo. NOT OUR CHILDREN.political mizz

Anonymous said...

What would the muslims make of this, suppose it was a muslim kid going to preverts.There would be riots.

Anonymous said...

Ancient Brit, I agree with every word,however I have no desire to see how the minds of these filthy perverts (social services) work. I used to be quite tolerant,not any longer. It would not be possible to have a logical debate with such people,shooting is too good for them. Filthy vermin,worse than muslims.

Anonymous said...

Its here -
With 488 comments.
I'm amazed the BNP haven't pounced on this!

Anonymous said...

Common Purpose again, didnt Brian Gerrish make the connection between this "charity" and paedophilia?

xoggoth said...

Absurd. Too old at 46 and 59?

Not sure gays are more of a risk to children than straight men, the statistics that suggest otherwise can be explained by opportunity, society puts boys in sole charge of unrelated men but never girls.

However, what is quite indisputable is that the risks of abuse comes almost entirely from males, women are rarely abusers or abetters of abuse and for that reason children should never be adopted by all male couples, The female input is essential.

I wish those in charge would get beyond looking at equal rights and sensibly consider the realities.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible. People must stop registration of Birth. The registratio of Birth is the only hold they have. The government says "must", but in legalese this means 'may'. The government and the councils and social services have no power over your children if you refuse to register their birth. time for a change.

Remember. Anything you register, whether it be land, a car or your child, means you are giving control to the government and its marxist thugs.