Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Searchlight and the Oscars

Will Smith was originally offered the part of President
but turned it down to make a coffee advert

I missed seeing that new mixed race moslem actor, Barack Obama accepting his Oscar for his role playing a hard done by black in the new super hyped American blockbuster called The Presidential Election. Will Smith would have done it much better and is really black. Besides I had no wish to vomit over my keyboard.

Never mind though, 95% of all black Americans voted for him so he pulled it off and good luck to him and good luck to America who are certainly going to need it now. Who says politics is about policies.

So impressed were the taxpayer and children's charity funded Searchlight, that they have decide to bring in Blue State Digital, the American consultancy behind Obama's online success to go head to head against the British National Party website and bloggers in the coming Euro Elections.

Nice to see that keeping with tradition, British Taxpayers money is being spend overseas instead of going to a British PR Company. But that's globalism for you.

The idea is that the web strategists will help Searchlight stop the BNP winning a seat in the European election. Dream on cowboys, dream on.

Blue State Digital, you might remember ran the highly successful campaign for the UAF Chairman's, Red Ken Livingstone's 2008 mayoral bid.

With a track record like that guys, it looks live we have a real fight on our hands (he said whilst laughing his little cotton socks off).

Bring it on Elmer. Bring it on.


Anonymous said...


Ever wondered why al-Beeb is constantly revising history in favour of Islam? Or why so many churches and pubs are being converted into mosques?

"In all the cultures where Islam has become ascendant, the Muslim authorities have attempted to rewrite the history of the conquered lands to obliterate the memory of anything that went before Islam. By this method the cultural contribution of civilizations that preceded Islam — during jahiliyah, “the days of ignorance” — is minimized, denigrated, and distorted.

The destruction of physical evidence is part of the revisionist task. To the average Western scholar, the Bamiyan Buddhas and the archeological artifacts buried in the ancient rubble under the Temple Mount are priceless treasures which must be preserved, restored, studied, and admired. But to a Muslim they are abominations and must be destroyed. If not actual idolatry, they are evidence of non-Muslim civilizations that preceded the introduction of Islam, and are thus an affront to the pride of the entire Ummah."

more belly laughs from the UAF said...

If you saw Kens manifesto pages in the GLA election booklet, you would now be laughing your ass off!

GA, you will have to put it up alongside the far superior BNP one!

We know these people are dumb but do they have to constantly remind us?.

But hey more free publicity, the only thing that hurts the BNP vote is when the people don't know the BNP are standing, they generally assume we aren't by default if we don't leaflet or advertise - so keep up the good work UAF lads.

Your hysterical nonsense just gives every one a good belly laugh at what the silly, scruffy, wet behind the ears, gullible, middleclass out of touch students have generally put out before they reach puberty, which ironically may in fact be better than Kens sad, drab promotion.

More belly laughs and votes all round, me thinks.

Anonymous said...

But at least the admission of who pays for Searchlies is there, yep you guessed, the EU.. (well with our Council Tax donations of course)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Think Searchlight and UAF will need to get help from Mugabe's Zanu political thugs if they want to stop the BNP.

I can't help but feel a lot of folk have underestimated what effect the recently introduced equality laws that allows positive discrimination will have. In these hard economic times, a lot of employers will be scared of the expense of potential lawsuits brought by non-whites when interviewing and will pick them regardless of the abilities of the white applicants. It is going to result in a massive rise in white unemployment which the government propaganda just can't hide.

If this does occur, when choosing between believing the fascist mantra of these two organisations and what they are seeing with their own eyes, what do you think they will choose?

Anonymous said...

I've just been having a look round Blue State's webshite at They appear to be bullshit merchants of the first magnitude.

Here's a quote from

"With our social points system, your users accumulate community karma by participating online."

'Community karma' - this may be all the rage in California, but somehow I don't see it catching on in British West Cumbria.

Perhaps the No-Hope Haters should remember the definition of a consultant: "Someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time then tries to sell the watch back to you." But I suppose by calling in Blue State they have admitted just how incompetent they are.

Of course I don't mind them wasting their money on whatever they like, but what I object to is them wasting MY money. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm funding this taqiyya-fest through my tax-payments.

But no matter how much money they throw at the project, it won't do them any good if they're trying to prove the impossible. You could spend billions on persuading people that a triangle has four sides, or Gordon Brown was a financial genius, and still no-one would believe you.

To be succesful Blue State have got to persuade the British people that:

(1) Immigration is beneficial to them.
(2) Immigrants are at least as law-abiding as natives.
(3) Islam is NOT a threat.
(4) Massive immigration does NOT result in environmental degradation, housing shortages and overcrowding.

More on Blue State:

Anonymous said...

This story should be spread throughout the nationalist blogosphere, as it can backfire on NuLabour and work to the BNP's advantage.

British people are not going to be pleased to learn that a foreign organisation is interfering in British politics and attempting to manipulate their votes.