Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Searchlight and the UAF

One cannot help but wonder, what the actions of those named as supporters of the state funded UAF on this list here and those senior politicians who have been given honourary titles by the state funded Searchlight organisation shown here, will make of the following revelations about these two evil organisations.

Will David Cameron ask for his name to be removed? I doubt it.

Will those senior politicians, with their grand titles bestowed on them by the Communist Searchlight Industry resign their honourary positions. I doubt it.

They do not care you see. All they care about is filling their pockets with our money. All they care about is holding onto power. All they care about is themselves. They truly are dross.

But any councillor, from any party who has a shred of decency in them should be asking themselves just why their leaders do not immediately condemn both Searchlight and the UAF? Both of them, crooked and corrupt organisations.

For those same councillors who have not read the information provided on the right side of this site, I would ask you to read the following documents. Preferably the PDF links so you may view the images contained.

Unite Against Fascism - Philosophy, Purpose and Methods.

Searchlight - Political Violence and Terrorism

Searchlight - The Business of hate

And for those journalists who still believe in freedom of speech and who are brave enough to do some investigative journalism of their own. Well read the documents. Check the facts and as they say in the trade; "Follow the Money".

Happy New Year Searchlight and UAF. We in the British National Party are onto you big time.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent GA!

A good starting point is for those of us whose constituency MP is Conservative, is to get a written response from them as to whether they support Cameron's endorsement of the UAF.

Don't let them waffle - YES or NO!

In fact, come to think of it - ask regardless of what party they belong to - and ask whether THEY support the likes of UAF, or Searchlight.