Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A Lesson from History

By Nemesis

The first and most important lesson in History involves the understanding that the information or data you acquire has been sanctioned and communicated by the victors … the people calling the shots.

The second most important lesson is acknowledging that the first casualty of any war is considered to be the TRUTH. When this is understood History can be studied critically and effectively.

The information to which you have access is not always accurate or complete. The value of manipulated History as a political tool has long been realised and today plays an essential part in the fallacious indoctrination of the public.

However, the more recent the historical subject the more difficult it is to pervert. Despite the distortion of History, over the last two hundred years, too much of the TRUTH is still visible with much more of it emerging after a little digging.

The more recent historical TRUTH lies just a little below a shallow and fragile blanket of untruth … untruths concocted to fit in with what is considered POLITICALLY CORRECT. The social system of which we are part is founded upon deceit, functions upon misinformation and thrives upon institutionally groomed ignorance.

The strength behind the British National Party is the TRUTH and exploitation of the TRUTH as the TRUTH. The TRUTH is the anti- thesis to the current State’s one party Plutocratic totalitarian like rule based upon deceit.

The B.N.P. uses the TRUTH; a TRUTH formed from available facts, logic, probability and cognitive analysis to foster its success. The Plutocrats’ response to the success of the British National Party is an attempt to further suppress the TRUTH.

The British National Party stood undeterred and indomitable against the recent November media onslaught. The B.N.P. did not fall apart and is now counter attacking with great effect to the chagrin of the assailants.

The response of the ALLEGEDLY Labour Party controlled Government is to ABOLISH THE TEACHING OF HISTORY: REMOVING IT FROM THE SCHOOL CURRICULUM … especially political history ( ).

The inclusion of Black History to the school curriculum was considered in August 2008

I wonder what will happen in the wake of these innovative proposals? Does this move discriminate against black people? The subject of History has been taught in British schools since their inception into society … this goes back at least one thousand six hundred years.

The Plutocracy and their sycophants have had their noses well embedded in the inexorable public funded trough since 1979 … they cannot have a little matter like the TRUTH getting in their way. However, they can only move the goal posts to different locations so many times after that they run out of playing field … currently they know they are running out of time and public support. Anything established upon deceit is fragile and can be destroyed by the TRUTH … a TRUTH that the Plutocracy endeavours to suppress.

You might have noticed that there is great emphasis in the curriculum shake up on "life as a responsible citizen in the 21st Century". Also it focuses on Electronic Information Technology. The “responsible citizen” bit is on a par with mindless moron and the reason they want to promote E.I.T. is because they can enter any computer and access all stored information no matter what safeguards you take.

Were you asked if you wanted your children to remain ignorant of their own History? To rob our children of this knowledge is to rob them of their identity, their cultural roots and their true heritage … but of course their ignorance would make them putty in the hands of the Plutocracy.

The British National Party stands as a shield between our children and those that would relegate them to further ignorance.
Your support can help eliminate these threats.


Fyrdist said...

Amazing. This article, seemingly inadvertently following on from Albion's superb piece, poetically answers some of the comments made regarding Albion's post.

Some people still do not -or at least would rather not (as the thought terrifies them)- accept that THEY ARE BEING LIED TO.

I commented on Albion's article with the proverb: "history is written by the victor", and this is now echoed by Nemesis.

Nemesis then goes on to say: "The value of manipulated History as a political tool has long been realised" and this is never a truer statement, as evidenced by the rounding up and detention of revisionist historians who 'dare' to question the Western consensus, that version of history which they are trying to keep a lid on and programme into the masses.

Be it Dresden, be it the (Jewish) Holocaust, be it Judeo-Bolshevism, be it international finance and usury HISTORICALLY BROUGHT ABOUT JEWS (Christianity initially forbid it, remember), the extent of Arab enslavement of blacks... all these things are either off limits or taboo. Why, exactly, is that?

It is illegal to question, not deny, but to simply question the Holocaust in Germany and Austria. Mark my words this law will soon be pan-European. However, do you want to question the 60 MILLION that were butchered under Boshevism and Communism? Sure, go ahead, no problem...but be warned: do not mention the fact that the leading protagonists were Jews, that they butchered an entire Christian royal family in order to exert their control over the masses. Dance around and side-step that issue. There's a good boy. Mention the Jews at your own peril; mention them and your book won't be published; you'll have to take it underground and run the gauntlet of accusations of "Nazi" and "anti-Semite".

The same thing effectively happened to (Jew) Norman Finklestein when he wrote academically on the, quote "Holocaust industry". "Wow!," I hear you cry, "A Jew saying things like that about his own people? I'm confused. Popular opinion hasn't advised me on how to deal with this fact that has arisen contrary to my beliefs. I'm confused."

And so is the present state of affairs and the present tight grip that the supposed elite have not only upon history but UPON YOU AND YOUR THOUGHT.

"The social system of which we are part is founded upon deceit, functions upon misinformation and thrives upon institutionally groomed ignorance." -Nemesis: you are a legend! What a comment!

An absolutely amazing post. GREEN -give this person my email addy!!

Jeannine said...

Last night Arthur and I watched the movie Luther. I told him that in the US a huge number of people who are under forty years of age don't even know who Martin Luther was. They only know about Martin Luther King Jr.

I home educated my children for eleven years, and over the years have accumulated a vast library of thousands of books. Thankfully my children are all avid readers and can think for themselves. The lack of historical knowledge amongst the general populace is appalling.

The Green Arrow said...


Nemeis is one of our offline contributors.

He does not own a PC and is restricted to using the local library.

He is also very retiring but I shall ask him if I can pass it on.

To all readers..

To me a good word to understand the meaning of is pragmatic.

Fyrdist said...

Jeannine said: "I home educated my children for eleven years" -What a woman. Well done. If more parents followed suit then our kids and society would not be in this mess.

KEEP THE STATE AWAY FROM YOUR KIDS. If you are one of those unfortunate Britons who have recently lost their job, why not stay at home and teach your kids? There are financial benefits to this as well as the obvious aesthetical ones.

Remember, people, this is war -why on earth would you want to hand over your beloved and innocent kids to the ENEMY?


Anonymous said...