Friday, 23 January 2009

English Democrats and the BNP

Tools and fools of the establishment

I am glad I have a sense of humour otherwise I would be looking for a cliff to jump off having to read the rubbish I do.

The "racist" English Democrats are crowing that they managed to stop the British National Party winning in Bexley.

Shameful. Totally shameful that they would prefer a member of the Lib/Lab/con alliance to win rather than the patriotic British National Party.

The English Democrats are nothing more than another "safety valve" put in place to try and prevent the BNP winning at the polls. Last night their true agenda was revealed.

I am sure that some of their people are genuine, just as there are genuine supporters in the other "safety valve", UKIP but genuine or not, they are fools and dupes of the establishment.

Well let us hope that the members of ED come to their senses soon. If they really want a uniquely English Parliament, then the only way they are going to get it is by joining and supporting the British National Party who want the same thing.

Now why was I laughing? Well in the same article they write:
1 All Traditional Parties were fully aware that any claims that the English Democrats were "racist" in any way, would be challenged under the 1976 Race Relations Act.

2 All Tradition Parties agreed that the English Democrats had kept the BNP from gaining a Councillor in Bexley.
Point 2 first. Look at us guys we are on your side. We hate the BNP. We really support Eurabia and the New World Order and are playing our part in building it.

Then point 1. Not "racist". What was this bit then if not racist?
The Liberal Democrats won the competition for the most UGLY Candidate, and to top it all she was a SCOT
(She kept this well hidden on her literature !)
Like I said. You need a laugh now and again.


misterfox said...

You want to read the posts on british democracy forum from Johny Hates Jazz(Steven Uncles) and Casiie(Alan England. Posters have asked repeatedly what they mean by English but refuse to define it.
In fact they mean eveyone here legally yet they visciously attack the Scots and Welsh in a racist manner. They are too frightened tio criticise people from other ethnic groups.

Epona said...

Same with UKIP I suppose,all exist purely to divide and confuse.
All this gloating and posturing will no doubt be noticed by many folk conned into voting 'English Democrat'[sic]
I must go and get some fresh outdoor air,and as spring unfolds we intend to take some photographs and post them all over, to remind people of what they will lose by voting for anyone but the British National Party.

Anonymous said...

Now that the UKIP scam has collapsed, the dhimmis have to find some other way of dividing the harbi vote. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find petrodollar backing for this outfit.

Taqiyya has many aspects.

MagnaCarta said...

I'm English and the EDP make me sick. A bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

The English Dems are the English equivalent of the SNP and Plaid - traitors one and all.

Anonymous said...

Here's the Alexa traffic details for The English Democrats.
Note the drop in traffic in recent weeks.


Anonymous said...

They apparently borrow massively to finance their campaigns but we need to look at their audited accounts.
You can track them at the Cross of St.George forum and they have their own thread on british democracy forum which started as a UKIP forum until they were disownedfor being poo left.

Anonymous said...

The useful idiots otherwise known as the "English Democrats" can crow as much as they like, but the fail at their peril to see the bigger picture, the BNP are growing and they can't stop the flood of support for us, we will remember these traitors and dummies when we come to power. Incidently the "English Democrats" had very slick exspensive leafletts now considering they are a very small insignificant party hmm who could have paid for that ? political mizz

Anonymous said...

From what I've read of the English democrats website and their ambiguous policies, they sound very much like the SNP, all strands of the political spectrum held together under the banner of nationalism.

The SNP's brand of nationalism is about gaining independence and joining the EU. Nationalism is well established in the Scottish left, not because they believe in a strong Scottish identity but because they don't want to be British. Being Marxists they don't believe in nation states but countries without borders. It is ironic they use nationalism to do this but as always classic divide and conquer tactics.

As anon @ 23 January 2009 16:57 mentioned about one of the EDP forums being too left. This suggests the EDP may be doing the same thing.

Fyrdist said...

It seems that the raison d'etre of the "English Democrats" is to stop the BNP -which of course puts them on the same low level as the Reds.

I don't think that statement with regard to the "ugly" "Scot" is racist. The term "racism" suggests there to be a race involved. As the Scottish are a people and not a race, the charge of "racism" is therefore void.

The statement was bigoted and even more clearly childish. People with such poisonous regard for our Scottish brethren need to be removed immediately from our shores.

ivan said...

green arrow
a few of us have been posting on their facebook site and asking various questions. When they did once reply i got the feeling that they would rather see the back of harding working Scotch,Welsh,Irish and Ulster folk than the uninvited enrichers from England.

The Green Arrow said...


The ED are like Plaid in Wales who have stated that they would prefer to have black Somalians who learn the Welsh Language rather than native born Welsh who have no wish to learn the language.

Plaid welcomes anyone from anywhere in the world providing they are not white.