Saturday, 17 January 2009

What is the UAF agenda?

Now regular readers, especially those who travel the net a lot, will know that the Green Arrow site and myself are currently undergoing a new surge of attacks from the state paid agents of Searchlight and the perverts embedded in the UAF.

Their actions are not new and I recommend that you first read this article entitled The Great Game that I wrote back in March last year, then you will be up to speed with those in the know.

The superb BNP Chronicle once wrote, that after Nick Griffin, I was the most hated man in the British National Party. That is one hell of a compliment but why do they hate me so?

What is their game? What do they hope to achieve with these endless attacks that cause them to rant on their forums for hours and days, about whether I could be charged with racism for calling Turnips Turnips and trying to find other ways of closing me down?

Well lets face it troops, it is much more than that, they want to stop not just me but anyone who happens to agree with me from voicing our opposition to their agenda.

They want to suppress my freedom of speech, my freedom of association, my freedom of thought, in fact they want to extinguish all forms of liberty and of course, their cry of "fascist fascist" is of course Orwell newspeak.

It is not I that would suppress liberty, I want to enhance and expand liberty, it is they who are attempting to throttle liberty, it is not I that wishes to destroy a race of people. It is they that are attempting to do that. They are in short... Evil.

They do not realise that as UAF members, they are just useful idiots and stooges of the state. They fool themselves into believing they can subjugate the human spirit and being communists they really believe they can.

We should never forget anyone who supports marxist-socialism is condoning its past atrocities that the UAF and their fellow travellers dismiss as irrelevant, the millions of dead at the hands of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol-pot and just recently Bush and Blair. To them the end justifies the means.

The UAF by inference, condone those murderous monsters, the UAF should be treated as mentally unstable, and capable of anything, including gulags concentration camps and mass murder, so I for one do not pity them or laugh at them(OK - well sometimes I do).

I see them for what they are, unbalanced, unhinged, rabid and extremely dangerous. They need treatment and one day a British National Party will provide that treatment for them. The word lobotomy comes to mind.

It is clear for all to see that the UAF's agenda is one of repression, their aim, the elimination of the nation state, the subjugation of the peoples of the world, the implementation of a one world government - The New World Order.

We British Nationalists have the opposite view, we believe in the nation state, we believe in liberty, we believe in ideas, we believe in freedom in all its aspects, for without freedom there is only stagnation, subjugation and submission.

So who or what would finance and encourage the UAF's intolerant bigoted thuggish and totalitarian beliefs and to what purpose?

Look no further than here and here. There you will see how the Lib/Lab/Con merchants, that unholy alliance of crooks, liars, perverts and shysters, presently residing in the palace of Westminster use these fools in the UAF to ensure their own personal place at the pig trough of public money they gorge on.

And so they want to silence me because I am a symbol now of all they hate. The True British People who are the BNP for they see now that the BNP are the people and they fear us.

But if they think their threats to burn me alive, beat me to death or publishing what they think are my personal details across the world in the hope that some deranged Turnip with more balls than them, will end their problem for them, then they are sadly wrong.

As Nick Griffin said, "We in the British National Party are made of stouter stuff" and if he has the courage to face their threats on him then so do I and so should you.

The first lesson a revolutionary must learn
is that he is a doomed man.
Unless he understands this, he does not grasp the essential meaning of his life.


ivan said...

Well said Green Arrow i can smell Mr Fisters keyboard burning already in the valley of the gremlins.

Anonymous said...

I think the purpose of UAF and searchlight is to steer attention from the fact that ordinary working class folk who are white are getting taking for mugs.
Equality for New Labour is about taking rights from someone and giving it to another.

It makes the whites feel wanted and part of struggle that was valid in the past but has got so muddied by the myriad of political marriages between such diverse groups that it has lost all meaning of it's original purpose.

It's purpose is also to divert attention with the use of convenient scapegoats that they so vehemently campaign against.

Anonymous said...

Very good quote at the end; makes you think of of your ultimate purpose & demise to the cause. Only when one accepts he is doomed to the ultimate sacrifice, loss of life and liberty, can the shining knight emerge from darkness.

Take care of yourself Green Arrow. Always watch your back. Keep your freinds close and enemies closer.

Mr. Fister said...

I am frightfully sorry, Green Arrow. You see, I'm a poisonous dwarf, a virgin with an Oedipus complex with regard to my mother (the only woman who has actually ever touched me properly).

My attack on you is merely a result of my frustration. Ever since Mother insisted I move home and grow up (not physically grow up, you understand -she's not insensitive!) I have been alone in my new abode WITHOUT MOTHER'S CLOTHES TO EXCITE ME.

Oh I try, Lord how I try, to approximate by dint of pornography that same sexual gratification which hitherto was afforded by Mother's lingerie...but it's just not the same, y'know? Oh, I forgot, of course you don't "know" -you are one of those normal people.

Like my politics my sexuality demands boundaries -boundaries that must be pushed to the limits of acceptability and decency. Sure, you BNP crowd are normal folk -but please have heart for us less fortunate malformations.

This might come across as an egregious sycophantic apology that is forwarded now before you lot come to power and come for me. Well Green Arrow, that's exactly what it is. Forgive and forget? Good. You'll hear no more from me.

Ps, do you know where I can invest my trades union money on a blow-up doll of semblance to my mother (photo attached)?

Thanks, baby.

The Green Arrow said...

Well Mr Fister, you may or may not be the real one but the comment deserved to be read if only to show other readers what my mail is like on a daily basis and an example of what I usually delete.

Actually Mr Fister you are not that short. Well not on the photo I have seen of you standing on the table.

When the British National Party comes into power, you have my personal guarantee you will be well cared for and wear the finest straight jacket money can buy.

Let us hope that this time it really is goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I'll give you a laugh about Gerry Gable, today about a 100 activist were delivering leafletts for a fantastic candidate, we were split up into four's, we were leafletting one road and who did we see in a car ? Gerry Gable giving orders to his useful idiots via a mobile phone, later i seen a group of three men including him, as soon as Gable saw us he hid inside someone's doorway and refused to move, Gable scared of a girl, i felt like really upsetting him and saying booo, but i just laughed at how cowardly and pathetic he was, how anyone can take him seriously is beyond me, if they could have seen him i promise you they would have lost respect there and then. These people are trying to cause you trouble because you are such a threat to them, a few of us were speaking about your'e blog today, and everyone said you were amazing, you have a good following, i think when the Reds read your'e column they know it to, you talk with honesty and that they can't stand people hearing the truth, they absolutely abhor the truth, the best way to get back at them is to keep going with your'e blog. best wishes. politcalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

A great article, Green Arrow. You are a credit to the cause and an example to us all.