Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Labour Councillor on firearms charges

I was just updating the details on our Liars, Buggers and Thieves(LBT) site with updated information on Labour Councillor Joe Shaw, who is facing 16 charges of making and possessing indecent images of a child, when I noticed that he is now also to be hit with two firearms offences.

Now forget for a moment the national outcry there would be if a British National Party councillor was caught with images of a paedophile nature or a box of matches that could be used to light a Molotov Cocktail. Let us look at something else.

I have noticed that 99.9% of the time, local newspapers when reporting on the crimes committed by corrupt crooks from the Lib/Lab/con alliance, never report the party they belonged to. Sometimes it is quite difficult to track them down but we always do.

They are also always reported as being "former" members or councillors. This I believe is a result of there being a "national" policy of down playing the high numbers of crooks and perverts feeding of the people of Our Country.

Whilst here I might as well let you know that I have also updated the LBT site with information about the disappearance of Mohammed Najib, another "former" Labour Councillor who has skipped bail and fled "abroad".

Najib had been feeding off the tax and rate payers of Calderdale for over 22 years and obviously, like all parasites, did not wish to be removed from his juicy position. He must have done something pretty enriching to have been charged with electoral fraud in order to retain his place at the public trough of money. Let us hope he never returns.

You can check out what the crooks and perverts of the Tri-Axis parties have been upto by following the tailored searches on LBT.

Labour Party

Lib Dems


And these creatures dare to attack the hard working, honest councillors of the BNP.

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Strider said...

Paedophillia seems to be the final goal of the liberal, greedy, power crazed traitors who rule over us in droves.

Fortunately a recession will bring down the price of rope to a level where we can afford to hang them.

After a trial, of course.