Monday, 19 January 2009

Church asked to ban BNP Members

Vasantha Gnanadoss who is a member of the General Synod, the shrinking Church of Englands Parliament is calling for a ban on British National Party members from becoming clergy.

Gnadadoss, who was born in India said such action would make it "much more difficult" for the British National Party to claim that there are Anglicans or church representatives that support them.

Of course it would be difficult. Stupid enricher. But I like the logic. If we applied that logic to expelling all illegal immigrants and bogus refugees there would be none in Our Country to rob, rape and murder us.

But you only have to check out the the profiles of some of the General Synod members listed here, to see that they are more concerned with saving everyone and their dog except the souls of the True British People. With only a few exceptions all of the profiles are of a left wing political nature.

But now I want you to compare the reporting of a statement made by a British National Party representative.

First the one from the Guardian.

This is a disgraceful way to politicize the church. The church has got far more important things we feel to worry about regarding the collapse of morality and the collapse of attendance at Church and the advance of Islam rather than a vindictive campaign against a perfectly legitimate political party.
Quite true. The Church does indeed have a lot more to worry about.

But now check the quotation made by our old crooked friend, the BBC.
This is a disgraceful way to politicize the Church. The Church has got far more important things we feel to worry about... rather than a vindictive campaign against a perfectly legitimate political party
Bingo. Caught the little red turds. Notice how they cut out the very valid points made by the British National Party spokesman?

This however, will be an interesting one to watch. The last time Gnanadoss tried this on, she managed to get 167 signatures but one wonders how they will get around a previous ruling?
"That is of course, a trickier question, not least because not long ago the Synod passed the clergy discipline measure which specifically said you could not discipline a member of the clergy for political views or membership of a political party."
No wonder our Churches are as empty as the heads of the Senior Clergy. Besides all a Christian needs is his faith not pap fed to him from a political pulpit. When the Church brings back Religion then the pews will fill again.


Anonymous said...

Green, I suggest that you take a screen-shot of all such web pages (the BBC) before they mysteriously disappear. Create and new folder and start to save them all.

Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Even the normally pacifist Buddhists know that you've got to face up to Islam and meet force with greater force. The Dalai Lama has said that terrorism cannot be defeated by non-violence , and he's received the usual fatwa for telling the truth.

However our own dear Archdhimmi still believes he can appease raving jihad-crazed savages by promising them Shariah, and in fact he has got a long history as a leftard surrender-monkey, having been one of the CND Lakenheath protestors.

BFB said...

I also reported this story but I didn't spot the Guardian/BBC dscrepancy.

Well spotted, GA.

Fidothedog said...

I find it strange that its these so called religious leaders who show a total lack of tolerance.

Maybe she should pick up her Bible and read about how Jesus worked with prostitutes, social outcasts and those who society disapproved of.

It might also explain why so many pews are empty come Sunday with people like her running things...

JPT said...

She's a cheeky bitch basically.
When I go abroad I behave myself not f**k about telling people what to do in THEIR country...

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

The Church of England? They're an irrelevance...and I speak as a Christian.

jch said...

as far as i am concerned it is god who jugdes

watling said...

Note to Vasantha Gnanadoss:

Go back to India which you will find is completely devoid of BNP members.