Monday, 26 January 2009

So what is it like on a BNP Stand?

So what is it like manning a stand for the British National Party? Well see for yourself in the above video. Not a lot to it really. Fresh air and a chance to help your fellow True Brits in a couple of ways.

Listen to their worries, usually the same as ours and then give them some leaflets to take home and read. All good stuff.

Not many people manning the stand you say? That is because the rest of the team were out and about leafleting the area. If you would like to read those leaflets, then trot along over to the ever improving West Wales Patriot and just click on them. More good stuff.

When you have done that, follow this link and rate, favourite and leave a comment of support for the Wales BNP team who brought you the video.


Wellard67 said...

Thanks Arrow. For fellow patriots that have never been on a stand we recommend that you organise it asap. The British public cant wait to meet you and you will be greeted almost like heroes. This also creates a team spirit and yesterday we were all "buzzing" with different stories from conversations we had with members of the public on saturday. Wales BNP intend keeping this constant pressure on the "old gang" untill we break them and win our country back anyone wishing to help out on future events can contact us via the West Wales blogspot. The next stand is allready in the planning stage so drop us a line and enjoy the fun
West Wales BNP

Anonymous said...

This kind of 'boots on the ground' campaigning reaches large numbers of voters that Blue State Digital's electronic spam-storm has no hope of contacting.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

We have a rather upset Mr Peter "now where did i put that cash" Hain guys. He has shown obvious signs of panic in his response to us being in neath by his comments in todays evening post. Allthough the online report has not appeared yet it will sometime today so check out for the story

AbertaweBNP said...

Well done to The West Wales BNP for flying the flag. I wish I knew you were there, I would have come along and met all of you.

Proud to be BNP

Pembrokeshirespark said...

I would recommend manning a stall to any BNP member, you get to meet some lovely people, a lot of people come straight up and shake your hand, its a great feeling.