Saturday, 31 January 2009

Thank you Iceland

Could have done with one of those myself

By Ancient Brit

Even though you have desperate economic troubles of your own, your thoughts turned to the plight of poor pensioners in the UK where 1 in 12 of them will die of cold during our winters.

Yesterday, a large consignment of warm clothing arrived at Hull docks, kindly donated by your warm hearted people. The garments were made of unique Icelandic wool and very colourful and I’m quite sure they will be very much appreciated by those who will receive them. The appeal was sent out by Heimir Karlsson and Kolbrun Bjornsdottir presenters of an Icelandic radio show who were responding to an article in the Daily Express about the plight of our senior citizens.

When I saw the containers being unloaded at the docks I unashamedly cried, some tears were for the compassion shown by your people towards our suffering elderly, but most of my tears were for the anger that I felt knowing that our own people, those who had paid into the system all their lives were now reduced to third world status.

Nearly every week our government gives away millions of pounds in aid to anyone who holds out a begging bowl while our own people suffer, we have a Prime Minister who salivates over the words ‘Global’ but dismisses the word ‘Local’ He speaks of a ‘New World Order’.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a ‘New World Order’ I think a reversal of fortunes where we in the west become the third world, maybe I am wrong, but it certainly seems that way to me.

So will your kind gesture make our government ashamed of its failure to protect our own people, I doubt it very much, every time we here of of cuts having to be made by local authorities, it is always the care of the elderly that is at the top of the list.


Anonymous said...

The gene for "kindness" and "generosity" has a very high prevalence in northern Europeans. It has been essential for survival and getting through millenia of cold European winters. Scandinavians are some of the most decent peoples on earth.
However it will also cause their own demise as they are generous to every group , even those who do not possess such noble traits.


Unfortunately the malignant disease of communism has broken out in iceland as they are contemplating joining the eussr,what madness is this?

Anonymous said...

jewish politicians and bankers have bankrupted iceland to make sure it will be usurped by the EUSSR. They were always baying for Nordic blood sinec the beginning.