Thursday, 1 January 2009

Leanne Woods, Plaid Cymru AM and the Communist Party

Leanne Woods in a "Moment of Madness" with Ron "Cottage" Davies

In a recent article on the Plaid Cymru Welsh Assembly Member, Leanne Woods, BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards draws our attention to her links to the Communist Party of Great Britain and her recent donation to them.

After sending the false flag AM, a letter that can be read at the above link. Councillor Edwards, in a telephone interview with her, won from her an admission that she had in fact made a donation and did indeed support the Communists.

Now this site has reported on several occasions, this traitors links to the Communists in the past and you can read about her and her parties other links to the communists here, here and here. Please read them if you are a Welsh Activist.

But as I have said before, the British National Party never forgets and so let us remind ourselves of the arrogance of this pig at the trough of public money who faced an expenses probe back in 2005.

In a report she wrote, she urged Plaid Cymru AMs not to assist constituents unless they were Plaid Cymru voters. For this she should have been prosecuted in my opinion. The duty of an AM is to represent all people, regardless of their party affiliations.

Warning Plaid Cymru AM's not to "waste time" attending events which would not benefit the the Betrayers of Wales Party.
"A very small proportion of those people indicated that they would be voting Plaid Cymru in telephone canvassing.

"This begs the question, 'is casework the best use of any AM's time'?" Ms Wood suggests instead of "working with individuals" regional AMs should work with groups campaigning on issues as an opportunity to push Plaid Cymru's self-government aim.
The British National Party in Wales will be fighting Tooth and Nail come the Euro Elections to ensure that Welsh Britons do not become Strangers in a Strange land that was once theirs.

Lord Elis-Thomas of Plaid Cymru said that when he looks at the Welsh he is ashamed. Plaid Cymru is not the party of Wales. It is a marxist party of betrayers.

Remember Leanne Woods and the ignoble Lord when the elections come Wales and vote British National Party.


Anonymous said...

Wolfen said...

Please do everything possible to let the Folk of Wales know what sort of evil, cruel, lying, wicked monsters Wood and co really are.
When the people understand they will vote for the BNP.

Best wishes for 2009.
Waes Hael!
God bless Wales!

Anonymous said...

Here's another one -

Perverts and scum the lot of them!

Anonymous said...

"A growing Muslim community is looking for a site for a mosque and cultural centre to replace the small, makeshift building currently used.

At the moment worshippers in Wrexham use a portable building, which is part of the town's Newi college. But it is unsuitable for women and children.

The local Muslim association want a site where they could invite other people to learn more about Islam.

Other faith groups have said it would be an asset for everyone in the town."

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. You only have to look at this specimen to see that she is,as they say, rough as a badgers arse. And they have the damn cheek to call us knuckle draggers!! When the Welsh Assembly was inflicted upon us I knew that the AM's would be third grade scrounging chancers. We didnt have enough quality in the lib/lab/cons to fill the many Welsh seats they held in Westminster so it was obvious that they would have to scrape the barrel to fill the Assembly. So it has proved. Away with the lot of them. Dafydd Iwan built his popularity in Welsh speaking circles with his hostile attitude to the English and I told a friend who wanted me to join their party (no chance) that when Dafydd Iwan started to sing songs hostile to Muslims as opposed to the English, then maybe I would have more time for them. We all know that will never happen. A spell in the armed forces would open the eyes of Plaid supporters. Then they would perhaps recognise that Britain, the English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish are collectively much stronger than the sum of the parts. I have lasting memories, from over fifty years ago, of the many friends I served with from all corners of Britain. Plaid. Losers. Crooks.Traitors.

Councillor Kevin Edwards said...

Thanks for all your help in 2008 Green Arrow.

2009 will be the breakthrough year that we have all been waiting for.

The article you asked me for has been sent to your email address.

Best Wishes for 2009 from all at West Wales BNP.

Councillor Kevin Edwards

A Thurrock Patriot said...

You welshes have a great opportunity to wake up to communist labour and Plaid Cymru and have power in your peoples own hands, vote bnp to keep wales, welsh and british.

Good luck to all welsh bnps groups 2009 and every other bnp group also.