Friday, 15 February 2008

Nick Griffin to visit Hastings

Nick Griffin
, the Chairman and Leader of the British National Party is visiting Hastings this coming monday to address a meeting of supporters, members and new members.

The fact that recent election results have shown that the BNP continues to grow in membership and support at a phenomenal rate makes the establishment quake in their boots. Hastings MP, Michael Foster is one of those who has said that the British National Party is not welcome. Really?

Foster, who last year claimed close on £140k of expenses on top of his £66k+ salary is the typical Labour MP who sits back and does nothing.

Nothing except feed of the taxpayers. A supporter of the illegal wars who has voted very strongly against any investigation into these wars, he also supports and promotes homosexuality from a Christian perspective. With a majority of barely 2000 in this former Conservative seat, he is terrified that the Labour votes going to the BNP will get him thrown off the gravy train.

Borough Council Leader, Peter Pragnell, another well fed professional politician is even more appalled at the coming meeting and had this to say.

"Hastings is a culturally diverse town with more than 90 different nationalities living side-by-side and generally getting along fine. We do not need the BNP stirring things up."
Read that? "generally getting along fine". Well I am sure the enrichers from the 90 different nationalities are. Benefits, services, interpreters, council out reach workers to pamper them. Sure they are getting along fine.

But what about the True Brits, whose taxes and rates have increased to fund this getting along fine. They are not fine. Their children's education is not fine. The homeless are not fine. The jobless are not fine as they watch their homes being repossessed and the enrichers move in to replace them.

You can read the story here on the Hastings Observer. They are inviting comments. Why not leave a few. Unless of course your fine.

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