Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Lee Jasper of the UAF, still on the ropes

Baby shambles singer - sorry wrong red. Lee Jasper. Will he eat porridge?

Just when I thought that Lee Jasper, the professional black and Steering Committee member of the Urinate Against Freedom(UAF) thugs was going to walk away from answering questions about the whereabouts of several millions of pounds of London ratepayers money, good news arrives.

Arrives in the form of the Evening Standard, announcing that The Metropolitan Police has been asked to reopen its investigation into Red Ken Livingstones aide and former friend.

I say former friend because it appears that for some time now, Stalinist Ken, also Chairman of the undemocratic UAF, as been trying to distance himself from the doings of Jasper. And who can blame him.
Today Mr Livingstone said Janet Worth, the Greater London Authority's executive director of corporate services, had written to the Yard with details of nine charges of misconduct he believes have been published in the Standard, plus a further charge against Mr Jasper made by Tory group.
The trouble of course for Red Ken and the UAF, is that Jasper knows where the bodies are buried. Will he lead the Old Bill to them. Only time will tell.

Like I said before. If the True Brits of London want to know what has been going on in their rat infested City hall, then they should elect a couple of British National Party terriers to go in and find out. You can check out the latest on the BNP and the London Elections by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

I hope the bar steward gets what he deserves. :p

Wolfblood said...

I have a feeling we haven't heard about the rest of Jaspers little games yet. His involvement with tax-payer funded, anti-white, ballot-fiddling, subversive, black supremacists for example.
Jesse Jackson, Nation-of-Islam, Malcolm x, Operation Black Vote, UAF, Blink, the Guardian connection, ..... that's right, Jasper, you vile creep, we know all about what you and the newt-licker have been up to.

Keep up the good work, GA ;-)

Anonymous said...

is this Grasper telling how he could physically assault the BNP with one hand behind his back amidst a whole diologue of advocating violence from his fellows here?

The Green Arrow said...

anon: Re Grasper. I am dial up speed at the moment so cannot view that file. But will leave machine to dl it later and then put it up on the blog.


ivan said... pubity have gone quiet on their colleagues,we dont seems to see mr fister ?? weyman bennett and the likes that often like to spout off.could it be collars are being felt all across their empire ? opps there all probably singing as we speak.heres a good song about the soap dodging species.

Anonymous said...

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Number 1 out of 10,400,000.
Good on yer GA.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting place GA, worth sharing with your readers.


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting to see this professional black take a fall for a long time now, and it's been long enough coming.