Thursday, 14 February 2008

White Pride forum a threat to Egalitarian Hoax

Stormfront, the white pride bulletin board has been under cyber attack for the past few days. Apparently free speech by racially-realistic whites is such a threat to the myth of egalitarianism and multiculturalism that the proponents of this hoax feel the need to illegally attack a bulletin board.

You can read the full story here at Newsnet14.

It is important for Nationalists that there are fall back positions when attacks such as the current one on Stormfront are successful.

The new Green Arrow Forum was never intended for that purpose but it is there now if ever needed. Please join it here. Registration is a piece of cake and there is a Stormfront Lite Board for the use of White Nationalists.


Anonymous said...

Nonsense. Stormfront is full of cranks. Normal people with normal feelings is who we are. Stormfront is the frontier of the manipulated lunatic and establishment propaganda. Shame on you Green Arrow.

The Green Arrow said...


There are cranks everywhere. Stormfront may have its share of them but they also have some very hard working nationalists who provide information you will not find elsewhere.

It is all about freedom of speech. Stormfront has been denied that at this moment in time.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what makes 'Anonymous' such an expert on Stormfront and all its members.

Anonymous said...

there are cranks everywhere and most of them are labour supporters, can anyone tell me who the BNP representative is for doncaster , s.yorkshire?