Friday, 29 February 2008

No longer acceptable to be proud to be English

If you have a problem with this flag, then you have a problem with the BNP

I am not sure from which angle this story is to be taken, so I shall leave it up to each individual reader to form their own opinion. You always do at any rate. And so you should if you are a True Brit. Only sheep follow blindly without thought.

The Sun newspaper? carries a story on a 76 page report for Children's Secretary, Ed Balls which concluded:
“The general perception among parents was that it was no longer acceptable to be proud to be English.”
My feelings about the story, reading between the lines, is that the the authors of the report, that was you must remember carried out on the governments behalf, are trying to walk a tightrope of telling the truth in such a way as not to "offend" the pre-set opinions of its paymaster.
“Political correctness and perceived health and safety regulations were felt to have systematically undermined communities and the quality of their children’s education."
On discovering that school children (I dislike the word kids) were being punished for flying the English Flag by wearing clothing featuring the St George Cross. The report authors must shift the attention away from the fact that the majority of school teachers today are the storm troopers of political correctness and shift the blame onto a worried public.

So how do they do this? Because they cannot acknowledge the mistakes in the education system, they use the words "perception" and "perceived" to imply that the concerned parents are mistaken.

By all accounts children are even being "told off" if they have been dropped off in cars display the Proud Flag of England. This is bullying by adults and must be stopped and its perpetrators dismissed.

Now these teachers, who are banning the flag and stifling competitive sports, are a danger to our children and a danger to our future. They are being paid to teach, not indoctrinate our children with their mad Marxist ideas of a blue sky, pink fluffy cloud world with no boarders or flags.

It is going to take the British National Party a long time to clear out the stable of education and weed out these simpletons. Sadly, by then, God only knows how many children will have been infected with their madness.


Anonymous said...

Training the religious police by stealth.........
Last updated at 05:07am on 29.02.08

New lessons: Policemen are to be taught sharia law in a bid to counter extremism at a local level

Police will be trained on the importance of the Koran and Sharia law to Muslims under Government plans to tackle extremism.
Lessons in the Islamic faith and culture will become part of the formal training for recruits.
Chief constables said officers will build better relationships by understanding the communities they are policing.
This could prove crucial in rooting out extremism and preventing a terrorist attack, according to the Association of Chief Police Officers.
But critics expressed concern that the plan could foster division, rather than combat it.
It comes after the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, said the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK "seems unavoidable".
He later said his remarks had been misinterpreted.
Shadow Home Secretary David Davis added: "Of course it is sensible for the police to have an understanding of the Koran and Sharia law as long as we do not allow the situation to slip so that Sharia law is regarded on an equal basis with British law.
"British law is and always must be pre-eminent."
The scheme is part of a wide-ranging strategy to prevent extremist ideas gaining hold in schools, colleges and prisons.
Other initiatives in the 40-page strategy include guidance to parents on how to stop children searching for extremist websites, and intervening where convicted terrorists are suspected of spreading hate in prison.
Police will not have to learn the "depth and complexity" of Sharia law but would be expected to understand Islamic culture.


Anonymous said...


The Racist BBC
By Michael Huntsman
Created 2008-02-28 17:54
In the old days the BBC used to delight in prefacing anything to do with South Africa with the adjective ‘racist’ – the ‘racist government of South Africa’, for example. Well now comes the time when we may properly return the compliment and begin to refer to the BBC (al-Beeb to its many fans) as ‘the racist BBC’.

I am prompted so to do by the news that the BBC has on offer ninety positions on what it calls a ‘mentoring programme’. Of these forty-five are reserved for persons from ethnic minorities. Al-Beeb has denied that this amounts to illegal positive discrimination.

Well, an institution which has denounced itself as ‘institutionally racist’ and has demonstrated time and time again its hostility to and hatred of Britain would say that, wouldn’t it?

It does not matter how you cut the mustard, there are forty-five posts on offer from the BBC for which I as a white person cannot apply. That is unlawful discrimination pure and simple, discrimination against me because I am white and for no other reason whatsoever.

Source URL:

Behind the scenes across the country from the BBC downwards ethincs mainly muslims are being trained in all areas to replace the indigenous white population.

Epona said...

It must be very confusing, both for the children and their parents.
The main things teachers should concentrate on are the traditional subjects, and they should be encouraging National Pride, Identity,and Cultural Heritage. History of the non-Marxist variety! Political Correctness should be abolished, along with PHSE (Pysical Health and Social 'Education'(Engineering)
My daughter left school 5 years ago (very fortunately, untainted by b******t)I had never heard of PHSE, it is a mixture of 'diversity awareness'contraceptive advice' and 'it's ok to be Gay'etc etc.
These dippy liberal-marxist teachers should indeed be weeded out. RE is now teaching that Islam is 'peace',and Christianity is 'bad
Competitive sports are character building, but these are now discouraged, even the good old sport of 'conkers' was abolished for 'health and saftey reasons'
Even the GCSE's are dumbed down.
Only the BNP can reverse all this lunacy!

Anonymous said...

Anon 13:08

These people are not dippy, They are highly intelligent, they are marxists and their goal is to destroy the west. That the west is in the mess it is in right now should clue you in as to how clever these marxists are.

Yet again GA, with these types of stories, I smell the rotting, putrid stench of Common Purpose.

Brainwshing children to hate their own country. How utterly dispicable.


Anonymous said...


From Times OnlineFebruary 21, 2008

Church of England donates cash to aid Muslim prayerRuth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent of The Times
A diocese of the Church of England is giving an unprecedented £250,000 towards a multi-faith building in which the largest amount of worship space will be reserved for Muslims.

The Guildford diocese is one of the wealthiest in the UK. The Bishop of Guildford, the Right Rev Christopher Hill, today handed over the £250,000 cheque to Surrey University for the first multi-faith building of its kind in Britain.

The £6.5 million building will contain separate worship spaces for the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Sikh communities, along with a further shared space for Buddhists and Hindus.

All faiths will share the cafe in the basement, with a shared staircase down from the upper floors.

Converting each other will be strictly forbidden, an insider said, but it is hoped that the different faith members will form friendships, learn to respect each other and enhance each other’s understanding.

Muslim chaplain Dr Abdul Mateen Sansom, said: “As well as being a sorely needed practical solution to student needs, I believe the design and underpinning ethos of this project have potential for notable impact nationally and internationally.”

Lesley Scordellis, lead fundraiser for the centre and development manager at Surrey University, defended the Muslim advantage in the space allocation.

“It isn’t about giving greater provision for Muslims, it is about likely numbers using it. We certainly have a strong demand for worship space from the Muslim community,” she said.

“We do sit right beside Guildford Cathedral so the relative provision in the locality is very different.”

She continued: “We think it is the first of its kind. It breaks with the tradition of having a shared space for each faith. It is all in the same building but each has a completely separate space. The Jewish space has a kosher kitchen exclusively for them to use. The Muslim space has an ablutions facility exclusively for them. The design of the building is to facilitate the feeling that they are in one building about faith.”

Professor Christopher Snowden, the university’s vice-chancellor, said he was “delighted” by the support from the diocese. “Local support of this nature is crucial to our fundraising.”

Bishop Hill said: “We are proud to participate in this significant venture toward world understanding here in Surrey.”

A fundraising campaign has begun to raise the rest of the cash. The mutli-faith centre is due for completion in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Camp of the Saints

It's a very haunting read GA.

A haunting novel about the end of the White race.
Find a review here

Go here

and get it for free, save to your computer send the link to all your friends before it's too late, please?


The Green Arrow said...

Tell you what Harry. Really busy today, so will download it in morning so we have a copy. Then I will read some reviews and then post a proper article with links.

I have added it to my To Do List.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Britain is politically dead and I am frightened
by IanPP on Mon 11 Feb 2008 00:14 GMT | Permanent Link | Cosmos
Brilliant article by Prodicus

Dead countries almost always give birth to dictatorships. Remember that old one about for evil to prosper, all that's needed is for good men to do nothing?

When it comes to voting, most good men (OK, and women... yada yada) under 35 are doing nothing. They know of no reason to vote. They see politics and politicians as nothing to do with them.

Well, thank you, the nation's teachers and education authorities. Fine work over the past thirty years or so, during which your left wing all shall have prizes and let's not teach British history 'curriculum' has so successfully disenfranchised the younger half of the electorate. Brilliant. Fucking brilliant. Lenin must be so proud.

This apathy and ignorance scares the hell out of me.

It was not always thus. When I was a child, both the Mirror and the Sun were highly political, as was the News of the World. The newspapers read by the lower orders, in the days before the flourishing of the new celebrity religion, concerned themselves with moral, ethical and political causes, and the average citizen was well aware that the word 'politics' meant something quite different from the word 'politician'. One heard political discussions in pubs and on buses as often as one heard talk of football. It wasn't just a myth about Dubliners. It was true of Londoners, too. And in those days, they voted.

But, no longer.

There is an almost total disconnection between the greater part of the population and their elected representatives. Politicians are objects of contempt. Government, in contrast, is the blessed source of... everything. Butler, Beveridge, Lloyd George and Attlee would weep to see what their beloved Welfare State has become, and done. It has utterly demoralised the population and made them government clients, and they in turn are now supine, somnolent, politically narcoleptic and becoming de-socialised.

In consequence and unsurprisingly, Britain now has (and one might fairly argue, needs) the greatest concentration of surveillance equipment in the modern West. Our government's is the world's most extensive DNA database. With a government which is contemptuous of history, democracy and the people secure in office thanks to the blind (sic) support of the apathetic masses, the tools are being placed in readiness for use by the next dictator. With Britain at the heart (oh, yes) of the appallingly antidemocratic European Union, things could not look rosier for Hitler's spiritual heirs.

And is the EU Treaty of Lisbon, which fewer than three per cent of our population regards as important, part of this disheartening scenario? Yes. It's the biggest nail yet in Democracy's coffin, ready for her burial alongside her terminally sick sister, Liberty.

What is going on now across the EU is a breathtaking affront to democracy. National electorates are being systematically and cynically cut out of the ratification process to prevent a repeat of the French and Dutch votes. Everybody - and I do mean everybody - knows that the Constitution has been repackaged precisely so politicians can lie that it is not really the constitution and that, ergo, it doesn't require a referendum.

The Lib Dems are as complicit in this anti-democratic outrage as anyone. Let them do as their natures dictate but, please, never let us have to listen to another Lib Dem lecture us about the importance of democratic participation, accountability and ‘fair votes’. They belong to the “get stuffed, we’re breaking our promise; you're not getting a vote because we fear you will vote the wrong way” party.

Source: Commenter 'Don' on February 10th, 2008 at 11:57 .

And so Britain's... and Europe's... political leaders... Blair, Brown, Merkel, Barroso... soi-disant democrats all, of course, are steadily heaping the burning brands on their own funeral pyre. And ours.

And fewer than three per cent of the British people care.

Anonymous said...

It is up to each and every parent to teach their child to be proud and tell them about their own traditions and culture. It cannot be left to the school teachers any more

AX said...

this pissed me off a few years ago about the st georges flag so i sent my kids to school wearing my native red hand of ulster flag on a t.shirt.the teacher tried brainwashing my son saying it is a symbol of war and son simply said no miss it is a national flag,the hand represents loyalty to the crown, the english and the british crown.he was only 9 at the time but he put the left wing witch in her place

Anonymous said...

On a day of action in london the other week, i met a young guy in his early twenties from Harringay who had also turned up to help with leafleting. Later that day while chatting in the pub i noticed he was speaking and and moving his hands in a mild 'boy from hood'ethnic fashion. I asked if there had many white kids at his school and he said he had been the only white boy in some of his classes. I only tell this story to give a little hope and show that even people put through ten or more years of such extreme condions can still be patriotic and disregard the lies of the marxist indoctrinators

IVAN said...

arrow not been on for a few days,but boy i have having some fun tonight with the left wing squatters up at lancaster. hopefully i may get a few posts on,keep up the good work comrade

Anonymous said...


Britain's Encounter with Islamic Law
Daniel Pipes writes in Jerusalem Post February 13, 2008 'Beneath the deceptively placid surface of everyday life, the British population is engaged in a momentous encounter with Islam. Three developments of the past week, each of them culminating years' long trends – and not just some odd occurrence – exemplify changes now underway.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith describes terrorism as "anti-Islamic."First, the UK government has decided that terrorism by Muslims in the name of Islam is actually unrelated to Islam, or is even anti-Islamic. This notion took root in 2006 when the Foreign Office, afraid that the term "war on terror" would inflame British Muslims, sought language that upholds "shared values as a means to counter terrorists." By early 2007, the European Union issued a classified handbook that banned jihad, Islamic, and fundamentalist in reference to terrorism, offering instead some "non-offensive" phrases. Last summer, Prime Minister Gordon Brown prohibited his ministers from using the word Muslim in connection with terrorism. In January, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith went further, actually describing terrorism as "anti-Islamic." And last week the Home Office completed the obfuscation by issuing a counter-terrorism phrasebook that instructs civil servants to refer only to violent extremism and criminal murderers, not Islamist extremism and jihadi-fundamentalists.

Second, and again culminating several years of evolution, the British government now recognizes polygamous marriages. It changed the rules in the "Tax Credits (Polygamous Marriages) Regulations 2003": previously, only one wife could inherit assets tax-free from a deceased husband; this legislation permits multiple wives to inherit tax-free, so long as the marriage had been contracted where polygamy is legal, as in Nigeria, Pakistan, or India. In a related matter, the Department for Work and Pensions began issuing extra payments to harems for such benefits as jobseeker allowances, housing subventions, and council tax relief. Last week came news that, after a year-long review, four government departments (Work and Pensions, Treasury, Revenue and Customs, Home Office) concluded that formal recognition of polygamy is "the best possible" option for Her Majesty's Government.

Third, the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, endorsed applying portions of the Islamic law (the Shari‘a) in Great Britain. Adopting its civil elements, he explained, "seems unavoidable" because not all British Muslims relate to the existing legal system and applying the Shari‘a would help with their social cohesion. When Muslims can go to an Islamic civil court, they need not face "the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty." Continuing to insist on the "legal monopoly" of British common law rather than permit Shari'a, Williams warned, would bring on "a bit of a danger" for the country.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams says that Islamic law in Great Britain "seems unavoidable."Prime Minister Brown immediately slammed Williams' suggestion: Shari‘a law, his office declared, "cannot be used as a justification for committing breaches of English law, nor can the principle of Shari‘a law be used in a civilian court. … the Prime Minister believes British law should apply in this country, based on British values." Criticism of Williams came additionally from all sides of the political spectrum – from Sayeeda Warsi, the Tory (Muslim) shadow minister for community cohesion and social action; Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats; and Gerald Batten of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Secular and Christian groups opposed Williams. So did Trevor Phillips, head of the equality commission. The Anglican church in Australia denounced his proposal, along with leading members of his own church, including his predecessor, Lord Carey. Melanie Phillips called his argument "quite extraordinarily muddled, absurd and wrong." The Sun newspaper editorialized that "It's easy to dismiss Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams as a silly old goat. In fact he's a dangerous threat to our nation." It concluded acerbically that "The Archbishop of Canterbury is in the wrong church."

Although widely denounced (and in danger of losing his job), Williams may be right about the Shari‘a being unavoidable, for it is already getting entrenched in the West. A Dutch justice minister announced that "if two-thirds of the Dutch population should want to introduce the Shari‘a tomorrow, then the possibility should exist." A German judge referred to the Koran in a routine divorce case. A parallel Somali gar courts system already exists in Britain.

These developments suggest that British appeasement concerning the war on terror, the nature of the family, and the rule of law are part of a larger pattern. Even more than the security threat posed by Islamist violence, these trends are challenging and perhaps will change the very nature of Western life."

Anonymous said...

Don't let the Reds pretend that all the instances cited as political correctness are if fact correct, on the contrary, most examples nowadays are massively incorrect! It's just convienient for the Reds to let us think that they're not, because it presents a much more difficult obstacle to overcome. Consider the implications of a term like political correctness, and see for yourself how the term is almost always misplaced. That is what the Reds count on. The British people have a gut instinct 'to be fair' and that is what real political correctness is, it's just that Labour abuses the concept.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon: Political correctness.

That is an excellent comment and worthy of being a post in its own right. I shall endeavour to get one out tomorrow and use your comment.