Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Searchlights Grand Plan to defeat the BNP in London

Searchlight and their paid accomplices of the UAF have posted their grand plan to thwart the patriotic British National Party from winning seats in the London Assembly.

Clearly rattled by the tremendous growth of the BNP across the country, they have turned to America for Leadership and guidance on ways to block the will of the people. Here are some clips from their Grand Strategy.

Given the size of the London constituency, with around 5.3 million potential voters, there will be a much bigger emphasis on internet and email campaigning, though this will not come at the expense of community work, especially the enthusing of minority communities and the mobilisation of faith communities.
By that we must assume they are after the votes of what they call minorities and what we would call the coloured vote. By "faith", they mean the Moslem Vote.
The election will also be an important dry run for next year’s all-important European elections. Victory here, rather than in London on its own, would take the BNP out of the political margins. Each MEP would receive at least £200,000 a year in salary and allowances, so would be able to employ several BNP members as staff, but just as importantly MEPs would give the fascists a credibility they currently do not have.
No doubt about it. The BNP could clearly use the funds that an MEP would provide. We, the True Brits who have paid the money into the corrupt EU would certainly enjoy taking some of it back to help destroy the alliance of Marxists and Big Business.
London has particular groups that need to be mobilised. One third of Londoners are immigrants or the children of immigrants and this figures rises greatly if you include people who have moved into the capital from other parts of the UK.
As you see the BNP are playing against a stacked deck. Over 35% of the voters are made up of the colonisers brought in to defeat the British People by the ballot box. These elections are probably the last chance for the True Brits of our former Capital City. The enemy are pouring out of the wombs and into our homes in increasing numbers.
The internet will be vital in this. There are over four million people registered to vote in London. There are another million who are of voting age but are not yet registered. It would be foolhardy to believe that we can speak to anything but a fraction of these people so the internet and email networks provide the best way to spread our message more widely.
So there is the battlefield for those of us in Cyberspace. The Internet. And because none of their Marxist Leaders have half a brain between them, they bring in their hired gun-slingers from the US of A.
Searchlight is fortunate to be able to draw on the skills of political and community campaigners in the United States. They have shared their experiences, provided us with free software and given us advice about internet campaigning. Anyone who has visited our updated website or received one of our weekly email bulletins has, we hope, noticed improvements in recent weeks.

Our changes appear to be paying dividends. In December over 34,000 unique users (different computers) visited our Stop the BNP site, viewing over 400,000 pages. This was a massive increase over previous months and can only be considered a taster for the real campaign over the next few weeks.
I am not sure that I would be crowing about the figures above. Give me the funds that they have available and I would rock the country.

Even this lowly site recorded 14,270 unique visitors in December 2007. I honestly do not have a clue how many hits The British National Party - London site took, but I imagine it is considerably more the paid state assets sites. No wonder they want this blog and others like it shut down.

Simple reason for that is. BNP sites reveal the truth, they inform about the corruption of the government. They reveal the truth about the colonisation of Our Country. The list of information they provide is endless.

And what do the Marxist Searchlight have on their sites? Just one message. Stop the BNP.

Finally, they end on a begging note;
Searchlight cannot stress the importance of the London elections enough. A significant BNP break-through here will give the party a major platform for the European elections. We urge all of our readers to do whatever they can to get involved in the campaign.
Well bring it on. We in the BNP, will out-post you, out-leaflet you, out-canvas you, out-comment you and we will win. Because we are fighting for Our Country whilst you are fighting for yourselves.

Meanwhile in this article, Using democracy to destroy democracy, you can read how Labour are planning on gaining the votes of the East Europeans.

And here are the plans for Operation Black Vote.


johnofgwent said...

So searchlight think they're doing rather well with 34,000 hits eh ?

I bet rather a lot of those are actually trojans trying to communicate with all that 'free software' the warm and cuddly yanks handed them. Don't forget the yanks invented the maxim 'never give a sucker an even break - unless it's in both legs'

I also suspect rather a lot of the rest are people like you and me who read postings from pro-BNP authors in the hundreds of political fora and thousands of blogs out there giving the truth about searchlight and who then go click the link to check out what is being said.

As for the rest, well, I bet one of those free programs they picked up was a mass mailer and they're offering anyone who clicks the link a bigger dick.

Anyone in any sort of online business will tell you that in the long run it's not the number of unique hits that matter, but the number of returning customers.

Anonymous said...

International Communism?, how dare they involve other countries in what goes on here. They will stop at nothing to keep their snouts in the trough, and its becoming very clear why so many immigrants were allowed to come here in the first place- they are nothing more than pawns used to win votes so that the host population never has the opportunity to win again. Treason Treason Treason

Anonymous said...

Across the uk Britons should read this and take it has a warning of things to come. their own vote is becoming meaningless their arrogance and power over what are supposed to be British politicians if this does not point out the fact, there are more here than admitted then nothing will.

Published on The Brussels Journal (http://www.brusselsjournal.com)
Look Who Is Boss Now
By The Brussels Journal
Created 2008-02-24 13:15
A quote from The Hindustan Times, 17 February 2008

Britain, which is seeking to overhaul its immigration policy, cannot afford to upset the Asian community because of its increasing electoral clout, says the chairperson of the Indo-British Friendship Society. “No political party can govern if they upset the Asian vote,” India-born Rami Ranger, who also heads the Sun Group of Industries, told IANS. […] “We can elect 40 to 50 members of parliament from several inner cities... They cannot afford to go wrong,” said Ranger

Source URL:

najistani said...

The BNP may need to consider appealing to some non-traditional sections of the electorate who are more Islamically aware than the lefty chattering classes and the NuLabor-indoctrinated proles of Red Ken's Utopia.

For example, gays, Jews, Sikhs and Hindus all know what's coming to them under Shariah.

Anonymous said...

NAJISTANI.Over at ISIC A report from 1996 stated that. at that time as many as 20.000 Brits had converted to islam amongst them were mainly the upper classes.
I suspect some of this labour crop are closet muslims after all Birt of the BBC converted also the labour MPs son Dobson also did.
The ruling elite's are far too friendly for my liking with in all honesty and un neo marxist speak our enemies.
Those that recognise the danger when thrown a rope won't allow themselves to drown unless foolish. i'd say their votes will go to the BNP in the interest of self preservation.
Turkey want to change the use of the hadiths making them more jew and christian friendly...another bit of trickery for the weak to swallow.

Anonymous said...


Smoke and mirrors over Party Funding
by IanPP on Sat 02 Feb 2008 18:50 GMT | Permanent Link | Cosmos
There is some serious engineering work going on in Westminster, events engineering that is or to give it its more popular name Smoke and Mirrors.

The Government are going to trick you into believing that it has a moral compass over the amount of party funding and sleaze that is going on, and that state funding of political parties is the only way to stop it.

Article 191 of the Nice Treaty provides provisions for EU state funding for political parties, but only those who have European presence. Those parties who are only national do not qualify for such funding. Hidden amongst other related documents are the fine details. The Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States. 18 December 2007.

Article 191(2)*: Is the Statute for European Political parties (subject to a declaration stating that Community funds cannot be used to fund, either directly or indirectly, national political parties).

Now, as we all know, each EU member country will enact into its own laws those statues of the EU Treaties, but within their own time-scales. In other words, when they can engineer events to suit their own national interests.

So what has this got to do with Gordon Brown and his bunch of cronies. A couple of weeks ago Wonko hypothesised that Liebour were intentionally bringing disrepute to Westminster over party funding to make state-funding appear to be the only option left to stop the corruption.
See how the Smoke and Mirrors is shaping up.

Up until now, only Liebour have been found to have taken illegal donations so it would have been difficult to gloss over the fact that they are the single cause of the problem to justify such a major change to the political system as state funding of political parties.

However, now a Tory MP, Derek Conway, is being investigated by the police over improper use of public money, this gives them the “evidence” they needed to bring in measures that encompass the whole political system and not just their own rotten party.

The timing couldn’t be better, says Wonko, I predict an announcement on state funding of political parties within the next fortnight. But, you can bet that Gordon will pretend that its all his own idea, based upon his father's morals.
That man could lie for England, its a pity he cant stand to speak its name however.

The same is now happening in Portugal. (its also interesting to note that the Portuguese Prime Minister also got elected on a manifesto that stipulated a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, that he is now refusing to give his own people).

Nigel Farage on his blog and the UKIP website have brought to our attention a rather alarming situation that our colleagues in Portugal are about to find themselves in.

The PND [Partido da Nova Democracia] under Manuel Montiero have some similar aims to ours, especially to regain control of their fishing and to oppose the constitution.

However a new law comes into force in Portugal in March 2008 that states political parties must have 5000 registered members or they will be declared illegal. Additionally, the names and addresses of the members must be given to the Portuguese authorities.

This will mean that ten of Portugal’s fourteen political parties will disappear and the PND is one of them. This intolerance to opposition means that new parties would never be created, existing ones become more powerful and they alone would control party funding.

najistani said...

"They have shared their experiences, provided us with free software and given us advice about internet campaigning."

Free software? Even the best software can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear.

Garbage In --> Garbage Out