Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Hastings Meeting - Dozens attend

A British National Party meeting was held at Hastings Voluntary Association for the Blind last night.
Party chairman Nick Griffin travelled to the town to address dozens of members and supporters at the closed meeting which started just after 7.30pm.

The venue was a closely-guarded secret with many supporters meeting outside the methodist church in Battle Road before being directed to the centre five minutes' walk away.

Mr Griffin's visit to Hastings has been surrounded by controversy after several local politicians spoke out against his party's views.

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Anonymous said...

I Wonder which views these politicians object to. could they be the views of most British people?
Should this be the case then surely they'd be more honest to resign their positions and allow those that do represent the wishes of the electorate take office.
Instead they concentrate on selling citizenship off cheap to make our votes redundent.