Friday, 15 February 2008

Wheels start to come off the UAF Gravy Train

Is that sweat on your brow Lee?

When the pigs are feeding at the public trough of tax and rate payers money, their snouts are so deeply buried in folding stuff, that they sometimes fail to see the slaughter man approaching.

Lee Jasper has had a great run for Our Money but it looks like the end is approaching for this man who has made a living out of being black(sort of) and sitting on numerous taxpayer funded organisations.

Lee has been the right hand man of Stalinist Mayor of London, Red Ken Livingstone for a long long time and most certainly knows where the bodies are buried but so far is keeping quiet. But he will squeal in the end. They always do. Then it will be Kens turn. And that is one show I do not want to miss.

Why else would Ken, who is the Chairman of the Muslim and state funded Unite Against Freedom(UAF) thugs, continue to defend this man who also sits on the Steering Committee of the UAF by making statements such as this one;
"I have also made the extremely difficult decision that like any GLA officer subject to a police investigation, Lee Jasper will be suspended pending the outcome of the police investigation. I believe this investigation will exonerate Lee Jasper and show this to be a shameful campaign."
No wonder the UAF red agents around the Country have been quietly dropping their UAF titles and inventing new identities for themselves and trying to divert attention away from activities by making outrageous statements about the British National Party who they are paid to try and destroy.

But where are all the TV shows and newspaper reports about this vicious and undemocratic organisation? Why aren't they digging into the finances of this self appointed group? Perhaps it is because they are all on the same side. The lying Lib/Lab/con pact.

You will never see the UAF protest about government corruption. You will never see them stand for election. You will never read of them denouncing the racist attacks on the white population whose land this is. They are communists. One Worlders. They have wet dreams of Stalin and dream of Trotsky and ice picks. And the British People fund them whilst they attempt to kill the goose that feeds them.

Well if Londoners really want to clean up their City and discover how deep the rot is then they should vote BNP on May 1st and put a few terriers down the rat hole of Red Kens Palace.


ivan said...

i hear when the police went to visit LEE JASPER he turned as white as a ghost,they thought they were talking to LEE CASPER

Wolfblood said...

"A spokesman for Scotland Yard said police will examine any material that is handed to it on any subject where there are claims of a criminal act in London."

Anyone who has any, now's the time!

gatesofvienna said...

Like everything else we've seen you watch the police get out their paint brushes and whitewash the whole affair. we can't upset ethnics it's just not a good thing to do in the appeaseing mode of Britain today.
Remember the pro hunting rally when the police went in full on. compare that with february 2006 at the cartoon demo when jihadists threatened us with our very own 9/11. They had a police gaurd!
My faith in British justice lies in the gutter!
Good cops are leaving in droves leaving behind the diversity trained morons and their neo marxist superiours.
Kens mafia will return once the election is over.
Don't allow muslim nazi groups to decide the mayoral election get out and vote for THE BNP!