Sunday, 10 February 2008

Britain is facing huge job losses

Home repossessions have hit an eight year high as British Workers jobs are either exported overseas or stolen by cheap immigrant labour brought in to increase the wealth of the multinational companies that now rule the word in collaboration with one world Marxist governments. And it is not getting any better.

TWO in every five employers plan redundancies over the next three months, according to an influential survey to be published tomorrow. It comes as two leading business groups warn of weak business confidence and a sharp slowdown in growth.

And still the immigrants are encouraged to come here to boost the voting base of the Tri-Axis of evil party, known as the Lib/Lab/con pact. Brought in because these Dhimmi politicians know that the True Brits are slowly but surely becoming aware of the threat, not to just their jobs but their very existence and need the immigrant votes to either stop them being brought to justice for their corruption and treason or at least put off the day of reckoning. Dream on boys. Dream on.

And yet still some of our True Brit Brothers and Sisters believe their lies that we need immigrants to do the jobs that the native Brits will not do. The Brits will do a fair days work for a fair days pay. They cannot work for peanuts with mortgages to pay and families to keep. They cannot compete for jobs when the immigrants they are competing against are living 10 to a room in houses repossessed and then rented out to the state to create massive profits for themselves at the expense of the suffering of the True Brits thrown onto the street.

And because of the increasing welfare bill for the newcomers continues to rise, those of us still in work must pay even higher taxes and make even more sacrifices by having just one child instead of two or three that the country needs to ensure its survival as a distinct and unique race of people.

Well it may be too late for some to save their jobs and their homes but it is not too late to change things and reverse the damage being done to Our Country and give people who have lost everything at least hope for the future.

All True Brits must break with their historic voting habits, the parties that they continue to vote for are not the parties of their fathers past. The Lib/Lab/con pact of today are run by people with no pride in our country's past and whose only concern is their own wealth and securing the best for their own offspring so that they may become the Quisling leaders of the future in the New World Order.

The only hope for your jobs and your future and your children's future now, is the British National Party, not to support them is not just a mistake but a betrayal of all those who have gone before us. Support for any other party is to say you are prepared to live as a slave of the state.


yorkielass said...

The average Brit is so far removed from this Labour government you would hardly believe we shared the same country. The average Brit is no more than a taxable cash cow to enable our Marxist leaders to crusade on their latest scheme of utter contempt and ridicule. When Blair stepped down we were presented with Gordon Brown and a cabinet of communists that no-one noticed until they rose to power.

A list of our Labour governments early leanings and beliefs;

David Milliband - Foreign Affairs
Ed Milliband - Minister for the Cabinet
Sons of radical Marxist theoretician Ralph Miliband

Ruth Kelly - Transport
Long time supporter of Friends of the provisional I.R.A.
Granddaughter of Philip Murphy - Quartermaster of the West Fermanagh I.R.A. battalion

Alan Johnson - Health
Branch Official of the Communist Party of Great Britain

John Reid - Former home secretary
Secretary of the Communist League

Jack Straw - Justice
President of the Communist Society

Peter Hain - Works & Pensions
Anti apartheid activist (South Africa)
Incorporating the armed resistance movement

Harriet Harmon - Leader of the house
National Council for Civil Liberties

Hilary Benn - Environment
Son of radical left wing Marxist Tony Benn

This is the Labour government the British public DID NOT vote for - but we now endure them anyway. God knows what lurks behind them.

This lot - in 1990 - at the fall of the Berlin wall had no credible place to turn. Their Marxist beliefs lay in tatters as their beloved Soviet Union fell to peices. Yet did they curl up and die? - Hell no they infiltrated NEW LABOUR and have now swept to power.

Posted by: Stone Rose at January 29, 2008 1:20 PM


yorkielass said...

Interesting stats highlight just how badly our gov performs towards it's own.
Repossessions have risen but are masked by the sell cheap brigade and rent back at a high market value.
allowing mass immigration to continue with a recession on the horizon is just another sign of this uncaring Marxists government.
Individual insolvencies in England and Wales since 1960 to present date.
Note the huge increase in IVA's between 2004 and 2005 and again the following year, 2006.

Year Total Bankruptcy
Order Individual
1960 3,220 2,944 -
1961 3,941 3,642 -
1962 4,602 4,273 -
1963 4,370 4,129 -
1964 3,766 3,552 -
1965 3,762 3,556 -
1966 4,062 3,862 -
1967 4,386 4,224 -
1968 4,298 4,150 -
1969 4,772 4,552 -
1970 5,087 4,907 -
1971 4,793 4,643 -
1972 4,337 4,244 -
1973 4,917 3,817 -
1974 5,718 5,608 -
1975 7,271 7,143 -
1976 7,207 7,108 -
1977 4,485 4,403 -
1978 3,902 3,826 -
1979 3,500 3,456 -
1980 4,038 3,986 -
1981 5,151 5,075 -
1982 5,700 5,654 -
1983 7,032 6,981 -
1984 8,229 8,178 -
1985 6,776 6,728 -
1986 7,155 7,093 -
1987 7,427 6,994 404
1988 8,507 7,717 779 iva's last column
1989 9,365 8,138 1,224
1990 13,987 12,058 1,927
1991 25,640 22,632 3,002
1992 36,794 32,106 4,686
1993 36,703 31,016 5,679
1994 30,739 25,634 5,103
1995 26,319 21,933 4,384
1996 26,271 21,803 4,466
1997 24,441 19,892 4,545
1998 24,549 19,647 4,901
1999 28,806 21,611 7,195
1999 28,806 21,611 7,195
2000 29,528 21,550 7,978
2001 29,775 23,477 6,298
2002 30,587 24,292 6,295
2003 35,604 28,021 7,583
2004 46,650 35,898 10,751
2005 67,584 47,291 20,293
2006 107,288 62,956 44,332
2007* 106,647* 64,481* 42,166*
Source for content above
2008** 127,000** 79,000** 48,000**

* Does include Q4 results which were released 1st Feb 2008.

** DebtWizard prediction for 2008

ivan.staffordshire said...


i have just read that first article 5 times and sent it is somewhat writing genious have really put it 100% how our country is and where its think traitors like littlejohn get paid 300k a year and yet we read such good articles from prooves we are run by marxists.thanks that one has really hit my heart.

Anonymous said...

GA the penultimate paragraph in your article should be read by every Brit. You have hit the nail firmly and squarely on the head.

The parties have changed dramatically and most Brits are too asleep to realise it. Great paragraph, thank you.