Sunday, 17 February 2008

The dirty stinking stitch up of Kosovo

The "Sacred Soil" handed over to the Islamic Colonisers. The same fate awaits us

Not since the infamous Yalta Agreement has there been such a dirty stinking stitch up of a faithful ally to Our Country and the West.
The result has been the world's biggest open secret. That is that Kosovo - backed by the US, the UK and other allies - plans to wait until the UN Security Council is out of session, then declare. In a few hours its supporters hope it can amass sufficient recognition as a new state from foreign governments before the Security Council can be called into session. Russia and Serbia, as both are furiously aware, are to be presented with a fait accompli. Humiliated.
And to dip our hands deeper into the blood of the Serbian people, what does our vile government do as a sop. It commits our last 1000, troops to Kosovo to try and prevent the ethnic cleansing that has already reduced the Christian population to less than 10% of this former Christian Land now handed over in some dirty deal with Islam.
In the village of Svinjane, attacked during the rioting in 2004 while soldiers belonging to the UN mission in Kosovo looked on, only one Serb couple remain. Vojislav Jovic and his wife, Dara. On the day I meet Jovic, a police patrol is visiting the house to make sure he is all right. Despite their frequent visits, he says his only cow has recently been stolen.
You can read the details here. The article as expected from a state controlled press supports the theft of another nations land but you can still make out the truth buried in between the lies.

Shame. I feel nothing but shame. No, I also feel the beginnings of a real hatred towards the Dhimmi traitors who govern us.



Anonymous said...

read it and weep, najistani you may want to sit down first!

New sharia row over Chancellor's plans for 'Islamic bonds'

gatesofvienna said...

Today i feel such a rage at what is happening to the Serb people.
Midnight the gangsters of Kosovo will declare independence illegal in any bodies book.
The MSM has like with Denmark ignored the demos of the Serb people trying to prevent this outrage taking place.
We have brought troops from Cyprus to attend to Kosovo and forced the TA to go to Cyprus. Mutiny was mentioned today regarding the army and by God i wish they would!
100.000 serbs have been driven out of Kosovo abit like London what happens when muslims decide a British area should become part of the UMAHHA seperate from the rest of us?
The Serbs have never!
It can happen as we now see in a Yugoslavia wrecked by the EU and Western governments.
Germany 1 Yugoslavia 0
Why Germany this was a dream the third Reich held very close. to stamp it's jackboot on christian Serbs.
Thats what they got for choosing the side of the Allies in the world war.
Don't fret Germany has not forgotten it's most hated one the island of Britain.
With the aid of our dhimmi politicians we watch and pay for our own destruction and amazingly we are allowing it to happen.
What goes around comes around and quite frankly i'm starting to think we deserve all we get.
Shame on us all,
My uncle George a young man that i never knew went down with his ship in the second world war.
I always felt pride in what he did for me and others to live freely i now ask why did he bother?

Anonymous said...

The shame belongs to the dispicable UN, EUrabia and of course, good old Uncle Sam.

This is a war crime. And the consequences for all of Europe will be dire.

Clinton, Blair and Bush have blood on their hands and you're right to hate them GA.

I hate them with a passion for this betrayal and I hope Russia kicks off bigtime I really do.

There's only the BNP who will bring the justice these traitors deserve, vote BNP and give these bastards their just rewards.


gatesofvienna said...

By the way islamic bonds are already in law from January this year.The government is now looking at premium bond legislation to accomodate sharia!
Polygamy although only recently came to public attention was brought in in 2004 it's just that now it is an EU declaration.
Telephone marriages are also allowed so Pakistanis can just phone a bride and bring her in..Canadians did not see the loophole when muslims slipped in sharia law there.
Cameron.Brown and i suspect Clegg all want to write a British constitution. have you heard them?
The truth is they want to re-write our existing one.
The new one to exclude rights we've been handed down through the centuries with certain protections especially oneS which does not allow us to be ruled by F......foreigners such as the EUSSR.
We need to wake up to the traitors that now govern and steal from us.
We need to take back our country by uniting with others that feel the same. not in the future when it's too late but very soon while we the people have legallity on our side.
Westmister scum are traitors to us and to our nation.

No democracy can function without a Constitution we have seen historically how Lenin, Hitler and Mugabe have destroyed theirs and a Ugandan lorry driver talking on news night said " is no good voting for another government they simply change the constitution making a banana republic..." For example this government has had a system of demonising other sovereign nations so they can then go to war thus: Serbia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and aiming for Iran because their interest is not the laws that constrain them but globalisation.

In the 1911 Parliament Act (void due to automatic assent) the majority party in power has all decision over taxation. In the fiscal prerogative - all taxation is for government administration and to leave as much money in the pockets of the tax payer as possible. It is not for paying corrupt leaders in Africa. The people of this country are generous and upright and will give generously to help people in Africa through charities and other ways, nor is it to be used for wars (under our Constitutional Laws we cannot go to war against another nation unless that nation declares war on us first FACT), more surveillance equipment , Id cards and a Police State to mention but a few. (to imprison the British people within their own nation, then trick them into abolishing it)

The taxation extension of bureaucracy in this country causes inflation. The civil servants advise on flood protection was robbed of 50 million pounds to pay for government propaganda.

In the interest of making "...every body equal laws..." that have been brought in to force social mobility but they are in fact stopping social mobility. Cardinal Wolsey was more powerful than a king and was the son of a butcher. Arch bishop Cranmer who wrote much of the prayer book was the son of a blacksmith. This government by social repression is causing a paralysis of social mobility on our taxation.

Pension credits have been wiped out to the loss of pensioners that have paid tax all their lives, council tax has the cost of immigrants, assemblies and Councillors pensions of which is really a service charge. We are having to pay 200 billion a year to Europe for the honour of having fisherman's boats destroyed, farmers having their quotas removed and VAT on nearly everything we buy. The entry into Europe itself is none existent because of the Fabians automatic assent. Even under the automatic assent they have to use the prerogative power, which cannot function against the Constitution and they are using the royal prerogative power to make a further Constitution with Europe which will give them permission to remove our Constitution and this is TREASON.

"...treason you say, that does not exist anymore after it was repealed in the 2005 Constitutional Reform Act under section 36.3..." Well here's a fact for you - The treason law could not be repealed as it was made permanent in 1807 and backed up by The Felony and Treason Act 1848.

These are the people we have elected to represent us. They are making out that everything they are doing is legal when it is not they are basically confidence tricksters. The constraint laid down by law upon all members of Parliament (including the Prime Minister) is in the Oath of Allegiance they swear to the monarch. To act against this Oath as they did in the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 is plainly TREASON. That is why they now intend to do away with the Oath. For to remove this most essential part of which is ultimately, the only way they can have a seat in Parliament, is the final phase to destroy the Queen's Prerogative powers and make the people sovereign - thus the Commons will have ultimate power without any form of constraint. Resulting in the duped people of England handing their country to the EU on a plate.

Churchill was right we should fight while we at least have a chance of winning!
Our leaders are corrupt. and i'd say that outloud to their faces political correctness has silenced us in their favour it's time to stand up and be counted once and for all!

gatesofvienna said...

Islamnisation of the UK has been up and running for years.
When ruled by corrupt leaders they don't ask your permission why should they democracy died in the uk along time ago?
Nick Griffin has been warning and warning of what was happening but Brits chose to believe corrupt Politicians and a media that keeps silent when a democratic Denmark is burning.

Brown's 2007 budget introduces two key measures to encourage growth in Islamic finance, namely a new regime for sukuk (Islamic securitisations) giving comparable tax treatment to conventional securitisations, and guidance clarifying the treatment of diminishing musharaka (partnership share) and takaful (insurance) products.

Commenting on the move, Darshan Bijur, Director, KPMG Islamic Finance Advisory, said this new legislation has created the framework for London to emerge as undisputed global leader in the Islamic finance industry.

“Sukuk will be the equivalent of Eurobonds, and the likely exponential growth in UK Sukuk issuance will ensure that Islamic finance moves from niche to the mainstream," he observed. “It will cost the UK next to nothing, and opens up the way for UK companies to access Islamic finance, and the Middle East wealth that has been generated by oil."

Peter Muir, tax partner at Deloitte, says that the Chancellor should be applauded for his reforms, which will benefit both the Muslim and non-Muslim investment communities.

"The UK is the only country which is changing legislation to create a level playing field for both individuals and companies investing in Islamic finance products," he noted. "Reform of sukuk (Islamic bonds) is the latest addition to the suite of specific legislation that gives certainty to the taxation of Islamic financial products. Before this reform was introduced, there was ambiguity around how capital gains tax, income tax and capital allowances would apply to these products."

Muir added: “Gordon Brown seems to have taken a personal interest in ensuring Islamic products are brought into a level playing field. This is intended to meet the financial needs of the Muslim community as well as, increasingly, non-Muslim investors in these products."

"From a capital markets perspective, the reforms are a boost to the City of London, improving its global competitiveness in the Islamic finance market. Notably, the measures reach out to a potentially much wider group of international exchanges who can be given tax recognition in the UK in relation to ‘sukuk’ bonds.”

Mohammed Amin, tax partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, said that Sukuk have become increasingly important in the Muslim world, as companies prefer to obtain finance directly from international investors.

"While London-based lawyers and bankers regularly structure and market sukuk for companies from Muslim countries, until today tax uncertainties have precluded them being issued from the UK," he stated. “The changes announced should enable the City of London to become the global centre for international sukuk issuance and trading, in the same way as it dominates the eurobond market. There should also be scope for mainstream UK companies to issue sukuk to both Islamic and conventional investors.”

Under Shariah law certain investment practices commonplace in the world of conventional finance are prohibited, the charging of interest a notable example. This is because Shariah law dictates that risk in trade and business should be shared and the accumulation of wealth through "effortless" profit is frowned upon. Islamic finance doctrine also states that investment in certain business activities deemed unethical are forbidden, such as those involving the selling of alcohol, tobacco, pornography, armaments and gambling services.

UK City Minister, Kitty Ussher hosted two meetings of the Islamic Finance Experts Group in 2007, in August and December. The focus of the initial meeting was the Government's feasiblity study into issuing sovereign sukuk.

The second meeting focused on how to improve access to and awareness of retail Islamic finance products. Speaking after the meeting, Kitty Ussher announced that:

"The UK is at the forefront of developments in Islamic finance and London continues to seize new opportunities. We have made tremendous inroads in the wholesale markets, where it is estimated that the market is worth more than GBP250 billion worldwide and growing at 15 percent a year."

"But there is also an important domestic market which we want to be accessible and open. There are nearly two million Muslims living in the UK and, thanks in part to legislative changes introduced by this Government, the Islamic mortgage market is now worth over GBP500 million. Going forward, the Government and industry want to continue to do all we can to see the retail market flourish and ensure that everyone - regardless of faith - has equal access to competitive financial products."

The Government's aims for Islamic finance are to continue the growth of the global wholesale Islamic finance market in the UK, as part of the city competitiveness agenda being pursued by the Chancellor's High-Level Group on City Competitiveness; and to create a level playing field in alternative finance and investments, such as Islamic finance, in the retail market.


gatesofvienna said...


KIM Info Newsletter 17-02-08

Kosovo Parliament illegaly proclaims indepencence, against UN Security Council mandate

According to many independent experts of the international law this decision and particularly the ensuing recognitions by some Western countries which have been already announced would not only seriously destabilize the political and security situation in the Balkans but would act as a precedent for blatant manipulation with the international law and the UN Charter. By such an act these countries will take upon themselves full responsibility for all consequences in the region. The recognitions of this act would particularly slow down and disturb the process of EU integration and the reconciliation in the Balkans jeopardizing the fragile peace that has been established after the war in the nineties.

A Banner from one of Kosovo’s streets displaying ethnic Albanian symbol and the symbol
of KLA under which numerous crimes were committed during and after the war in Kosovo
(Urime Pavaresia – Happy Independence)

KIM Info-service
February 17, 2008

The Parliament of Serbian Province run by UN Mission has illegally and unilaterally proclaimed independence today. This decision was made against the mandate of the UN Security Council, the international law and the still ruling UN Security Council Resolution 1244 which calls for a negotiated settlement on future Kosovo status. Although all options for negotiations have not been exhausted the status decision has forcefully imposed against the political compromise with Serbia to which Kosovo officially and legally belongs as its autonomous Province, currently under the UN protectorate. In some other crises areas in the world negotiations continue for decades but in Kosovo no other option has ever been offered for discussion but an independence which is contrary to the UN basic principles and constitutes an open breach of the international law.

According to many independent experts of the international law this decision and particularly the ensuing recognitions by some Western countries which have been already announced would not only seriously destabilize the political and security situation in the Balkans but would act as a precedent for blatant manipulation with the international law and the UN Charter. By such an act these countries will take upon themselves full responsibility for all consequences in the region. The recognitions of this act would particularly slow down and disturb the process of EU integration and the reconciliation in the Balkans jeopardizing the fragile peace that has been established after the war in the nineties.

The illegal dismemberment of the UN member state – Serbia, which is also a member of OSCE and numerous international organizations is an unprecedented event in the post WW2 history of Europe with grave consequences for the entire region. Kosovo Serbs and others in the world who support peaceful and negotiated settlement of the Kosovo issue see this decision as an attempt to establish a second ethnic Albanian state in the Balkans by all means and against all odds. Numerous flags of Republic of Albania around Kosovo show very clearly that Kosovo is being established as an ethnic Albanian state and will not serve all its citizens but only one ethnic group. On several locations KLA/UCK signs are also visible which additionally shows to which goal this state would serve. Establishing an ethnic state after a decade of ethnic Albanian repression against non-Albanian minorities is not only an illegal act but also very immoral act against any justice and law.

In continuation we are enclosing the Statement by H.E. Mr. Vuk Jeremic, Serbian Foreign Minster at the UN Security Council meeting in New York (February 14) as well as the decision of the Serbian Government on illegal proclamation of Kosovo’s independence. For Serbia this decision will remain legally void and a sad example of international dictate and ethnic discrimination.

Serbian Orthodox Church, deeply worried for its people and holy sites will hold special prayers in all churches today and 10 Serbian ministers will visit Kosovo today to express their solidarity and support to the Serbian and all non-Albanian citizens of Serbia in Kosovo who want to continue living in their homeland. Independence of Kosovo is firmly opposed by all Kosovo Serbs and their representatives would refrain from any participation in this illegal decision. Around Serbia and Kosovo Serb enclaves peaceful protests are expected.

Statement by H.E. Mr. Vuk Jeremic Serbian Foregin Minister at the UN Security Council Meeting

Following to this document is the decision of the Serbian Government annulling the illegal proclamation of Kosovo’s independence by Kosovo Provisional Assembly:


Security Council meeting



Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia

New York, 14 February 2008

Mr. President,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

There was a time when the final authority of the United Nations Security Council was not fully respected, when its ultimate legitimacy was discounted, and when its capacity to act was restricted. That time was the Cold War, and that time has passed.

Today, we no longer view international politics as a winner-takes-all contest.

The Security Council—and the United Nations system as a whole—is once again the crucible of human hope for peace and security, the focal point of trust, and the center of our confidence in the concord to come.

Today, we embrace the global diversity of views. We believe it makes us stronger as a world community. And we judge that the world is a better place, full of the possibility that comes with the secure knowledge that our destiny is inexorably tied to one another’s.

Mr. President,

Since the democratic overthrow of the regime of Slobodan Milosevic in October 2000, the citizens of our country have regained their freedom and started enjoying the benefits of peace. We have toiled unceasingly to provide a prosperous future for all, under the roof of a united Europe. And we have done so while working hard to advance reconciliation with our neighbors—a cornerstone of our policy to break with the legacy of the Balkans’ recent past.

For the first time in history, the region is well within reach of the point of no return.

Our success to date has been a great victory for all who believe that belonging to Europe is good for Serbia, good for the Balkans, good for all the nations of the Old Continent.

And yet, Excellencies, we have been informed of a deliberate intention to drastically set back progressive development throughout the region. If allowed to stand, the adverse consequences for not only the Western Balkans, but the world community as a whole, will be grave.

The imminence and scope of this threat brings me before you this afternoon, as does the expectation that by working together, we can avert a disaster of unfathomable proportions.

Mr. President,

We have received reliable information that the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government of our southern province of Kosovo and Metohija, under interim UN administration, intend to unilaterally and illegally declare independence from the Republic of Serbia in the coming days.

Such an illegitimate declaration by the authorities in Pristina would brutally violate Security Council Resolution 1244’s reaffirmation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a member-state of the United Nations, in this case, the Republic of Serbia, which includes—quite explicitly, according to the text of the resolution and our own Constitution—our province of Kosovo and Metohija.

Mr. President,

The Security Council, together with each and every member-state of the United Nations, has a Chapter VII obligation—a binding obligation—to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia. This is the plain language of Resolution 1244, and we expect, Mr. President, the Security Council to honor the demands of international law, the requirements of international justice, the principles of the United Nations Charter, and the very language of this Council’s Resolution, as you consider how to respond to the hostile intent of the authorities in Pristina.

Mr. President,

The Republic of Serbia shall not tolerate such an illegal act of secession. Our Government and National Assembly will declare this action of the authorities in Pristina null and void. And we shall undertake all diplomatic, political, and economic measures designed to impede and reverse this direct and unprovoked attack on our sovereignty.

I must add, Mr. President, that as a responsible member of the international community committed to the peaceful and negotiated resolution of disputes—and as a dedicated aspirant to membership in the European Union—the Republic of Serbia will not resort to the use of force. For violence cannot bring a peaceful settlement to any crisis. That is why even in this troubled hour, we repeat our call upon the authorities in Pristina to publicly and unambiguously commit to the process of seeking a compromise solution to the future status of our southern province.

Together, acting with forethought and prudence, Pristina and Belgrade, with the support of this Council, can still avoid setting a precedent that will do irreparable harm to the international system. The precise nature of this precedent must be spelled out.

The unilateral and illegal declaration of independence of Kosovo from Serbia by the authorities in Pristina would constitute nothing less than the forcible partition of a sovereign member-state of the United Nations. The direct and immediate consequence of this act would be the destruction of the first principle of the United Nations, namely the sovereign equality of all member-states.

Such a precedent, imposed on the world community, would echo far, far away, into every corner of our globe. For we would discover that the rushing river of self-determination has become an uncontrolled cascade of secession.

We all know that there are dozens of Kosovo-s throughout the world, just waiting for secession to be legitimized, to be rendered an acceptable norm. Many existing conflicts would escalate, frozen conflicts would reignite, and new ones would be instigated.

Mr. President,

Let me be very clear. The Republic of Serbia shall never accept any violation of its territorial integrity. We shall never recognize Kosovo’s independence. We shall not waiver, we shall not yield, should this cowardly act proceed unchecked. Not now. Not in a year. Not in a decade. Never. For Kosovo and Metohija shall remain a part of Serbia forever.

Make no mistake, Excellencies, the Kosovo Albanians are about to throw down the gauntlet to this Organization. They have committed themselves to a course of action that would constitute an unprecedented, express and deliberate violation of the United Nations Charter, international law, and the powers of the Security Council itself.

Mr. President,

This is what we believe is required.

First, that the Security Council take effective action to ensure that all provisions of the United Nations Charter and Resolution 1244 are fully respected. Therefore, the Security Council must urgently act to condemn the clear intent of the authorities in Pristina to unilaterally, illegally, and illegitimately declare independence from the Republic of Serbia. Additionally, the Security Council must reaffirm the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia, including Kosovo.

Second, that the Secretary-General and his Special Representative in Kosovo exercise their authority in this matter. Special Representative Joachim Rϋcker must receive clear and unambiguous instructions to make swift use of his reserved powers, as enumerated in the Constitutional Framework for Provisional Self-Government in Kosovo, and, in the event of a declaration of independence by the province’s Assembly, proclaim this act to be null and void. He must also be instructed to dissolve the Kosovo Assembly, on the grounds that declaring independence is not in conformity with Resolution 1244. He has this power. This power has been used before. He must make full use of it once more.

Third, that the international security presence in Kosovo, identified by the acronym KFOR, continue to abide by the legal framework for its operation, in conformity with paragraph 9 of Resolution 1244, and remain status-neutral. Continuing to adopt this approach ensures that all residents of our southern province will remain receptive to its mission to safeguard their lives and property.

KFOR must, Mr. President, demonstrate particular sensitivity toward the Kosovo Serb community, as well as to the clerics of the Serbian Orthodox Church and their monasteries, some of which have been placed on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites, and alarmingly, on its List of World Heritage in Danger. These holy sites stand at the foundation of Serbian identity. They are not simply buildings or mere monuments. They constitute an essential link to the living tradition of Serbia today.

The Republic of Serbia is confident that KFOR has the capacity to prevent a repeat of the ethnic cleansing against the Serb population that took place in the latter half of 1999 and in March 2004, and to protect my nation’s religious heritage against further destruction and cultural cleansing.

Fourth, Mr. President, that the European Union too continue to fully respect all the provisions of Resolution 1244—in particular those related to the authority vested in the Security Council (paragraphs 5 and 19).

Let there be no doubt: the Republic of Serbia welcomes as a matter of principle any demonstration of Europe’s deepening commitment to the Western Balkans. And for that reason, we welcome the EU’s desire to increase its presence in our southern province.

But in order for the EU-led mission to Kosovo to acquire the full international legitimacy so crucial to the fulfillment of its mission, it must first seek a mandate from the Security Council.

Mr. President,

We do not believe opportunities for negotiations are exhausted, because we believe it is never too late to work towards a solution that leads to regional peace and stability.

We do not believe it is ever too late to negotiate about the future—especially when it’s a future we all share.

Is it too late to talk of peace in the Middle East, in Africa, or anywhere else in the world for that matter? Should we just give up—and in the process resign ourselves to the defeat of principles that form the core of what binds us together?

Walking away is not a legitimate option, for it means that we, as a world community relegate ourselves to the fatalism of the past. It means that we are ready and willing to sacrifice geo-strategic priorities on the altar of the communal aspirations of Kosovo Albanians. And it means that we would consciously avert our gaze from the main goal: a European future for all the Western Balkans.

Mr. President,

We have gathered today primarily to address the question of the status of Kosovo. But I am here to advise you clearly, and before history, of the status of the whole of Serbia as well.

I intend on setting the record straight, and I intend on being both blunt and undiplomatic.

My nation has suffered enough by being demonized for the 1990s. We are tired of seeing people hide behind the past to justify the abuse of our country today.

That is why we cannot allow a series of lies to be perpetuated into the history books that Serbia has been obstructionist, that Serbia never really negotiated, that Serbia is still a nationalistic country trying to oppress minorities. That Serbia is the cause of the present troubles.

Yes, Mr. President, I have heard these and many more such accusations. And I have heard them from people who should know better. Much better.

In back rooms and hallways, Excellencies, you have been told that every avenue has been exhausted. That a solution must be imposed, for negotiations have not born fruit.

What has transpired in the last two years has not been a real negotiation. It has been an exercise in which the end result was made known to all in advance.

The last two years is a record of failure of those who wanted to impose solutions with callous disregard for the most elementary precepts of international law and democratic values.

The record of the last two years is also an indictment of a process that ought to have brought peoples together, but instead forced them apart.

Excellencies, Serbia will not accept responsibility for this abject failure. History will judge those who substituted polemics for principles, and diplomatic theatre for visionary statesmanship.

Mr. President,

I appeal to all the members of the Security Council, as well as all the member-states of the United Nations, to continue to respect, in this time of crisis, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia.

We say to you, with the certainty and fortitude of a unified nation: Serbia will never forget.


The preservation of a Serbia whole and free, integrated into Europe and engaged with the world, is the basic tenet of our national interest. This will not change.


We have made our choice. Now is the time for the Security Council to choose, and for the member-states to choose—to choose whether to join us in a defense of the principles we all revere.

For that is the issue before you: whether to destroy or to preserve the sacrosanct character of basic solidarity between sovereign states, the common denominator of the world community.


A moment such as this defines paths of nations. We are a nation, Mr. President, that has struggled over the course of many centuries to defend its freedom, to establish its democracy, and to build its just society.

So it has been, so it is, and so it will be. And so will be Kosovo. Ours to the end. Kosovo will remain a part of Serbia forever.

Thank you, Mr. President, for having given me the opportunity to address this Council at a time of great consequence for us all.

Signs showing an appearance of the second ethnic Albanian state in the Balkans
(a scene from Kosovo’s western town of Pec – main square)

Government decides to annul illegal acts pertaining to declaration of Kosovo-Metohija’s unilateral independence

Government of Serbia annuled illegal act of Kosovo’s independence

Belgrade, Feb 14, 2008 – At today’s session the Serbian government adopted the Decision to annul all illegal acts by interim self-governing organs in Kosovo-Metohija pertaining to the declaration of unilateral independence.

The Serbian government requested the National Assembly to immediately call a special session to confirm the government Decision to annul all illegal acts by interim self-governing organs in Kosovo-Metohija pertaining to the declaration of unilateral independence.

The integral text of the Decision on the annulment of the illegitimate acts of the provisional institutions of self-government in Kosovo-Metohija on their declaration of unilateral independence, which the government adopted today, is as follows:


Proceeding from the fact that the Republic of Serbia is an internationally recognized state, one of the founders and a member of the United Nations as well as of many other international organizations;

Proceeding from the fact that the Republic of Serbia, like all other member states of the United Nations, is subject to the fundamental principles and norms of the United Nations Charter which guarantees the sovereignty and territorial integrity of independent states within their internationally recognized borders;

Proceeding from the fact that the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia guarantees the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia and that the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia explicitly says that the Province of Kosovo and Metohija forms an integral part of Serbia’s territory, has the status of substantive autonomy within the sovereign state of Serbia and that, based on such a status of Kosovo and Metohija, all its administrative bodies, including the Government of the Republic of Serbia, have a constitutional duty to represent and protect Serbia’s state interests in Kosovo and Metohija;

Proceeding from the fact that on 26 December the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Resolution on the Protection of Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and Constitutional Order of the Republic of Serbia which set out that any declaration of Kosovo’s independence as well as recognition thereof by any state, would constitute a gross violation of international law and primarily of the UN Charter, the Helsinki Final Act and Security Council Resolution 1244. Such acts and activities would directly jeopardize the sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutional order of the Republic of Serbia;

Proceeding from the fact that the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 has explicitly stipulated that Kosovo and Metohija forms an integral part of the Republic of Serbia, that this resolution has affirmed “the commitment of all the states to its sovereignty and territorial integrity” as well as that this legal fact has also been explicitly mentioned in previous United Nations Security Council Resolutions, i.e. numbers 1160, 1199, 1203 (all of 1998) and number 1239 of 1999;

Expressing unreserved commitment to the United Nations Charter and to the principles and tenets of sovereign equality of the United Nations member states which underpin the UN Charter, respecting UN Security Council Resolution 1244 under which the United Nations mission has been established in Kosovo and Metohija as well as the strong commitment of the Republic of Serbia to respect international law that constitutes the cornerstone of global peace and security,

By virtue of Article 97 paragraph 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, Article 182 paragraph 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and Article 43 paragraph 1 of the Law on the Government (Official Gazette of RS, Nos 55/05 and 71/05-correction and 101/07), the Government of the Republic of Serbia has adopted the following



1. The acts and actions of the Provisional Institutions of Self-government of Kosovo and Metohija whereby unilateral independence is declared are hereby annulled as they violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, the United Nations Charter, Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999), other relevant Security Council Resolutions as well as by international law in force. These acts represent a violent and unilateral secession of a part of the territory of the Republic of Serbia and this is why they are invalid and void. These acts do not produce any legal effect either in the Republic of Serbia or in the international legal order. Unilateral secession of a part of the territory of a sovereign state constitutes legal violence against the Republic of Serbia and violence against international law in force.

2. The Government of the Republic of Serbia re-asserts with this Decision that the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija is an inalienable part of a single and inseparable constitutional and legal state order of the Republic of Serbia based on the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and the United Nations Charter.

3. The Government of the Republic of Serbia re-asserts with this Decision that Serbs, non-Albanians and all other citizens of the province of Kosovo and Metohija who recognize the state of Serbia have full civil rights and are equal citizens of the Republic of Serbia and that they have the full right not to recognize the illegitimate act of declaration of unilateral independence.

4. The Government of the Republic of Serbia asserts its readiness to implement in the territory of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija the Constitution and the laws as well as the entire legal order of the Republic of Serbia.

5. The Government of the Republic of Serbia demands from all other public institutions and state bodies of the Republic of Serbia, as laid down by the Constitution, to undertake all constitutional and legal acts and actions to secure and ensure the unity and inseparability of the territory of the Republic of Serbia guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the Resolution 1244 and the Military-Technical Agreement between the International Security Force (“KFOR”) and the Governments of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Republic of Serbia.

6. Recalling the National Assembly Resolution on the Protection of Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and Constitutional Order of the Republic of Serbia and, in particular, point 5 thereof by which the National Assembly demands from the Government of Serbia to determine with the EU that EU mission may not come to the territory of Serbia, to Kosovo and Metohija without an appropriate UN Security Council decision to that effect, the Government of Serbia considers all the decisions of the EU bodies on sending a mission to Kosovo and Metohija to be invalid. Thus, these decisions produce no legal effect for Serbia nor any obligations for Serbia as regards their implementation.

7. The Government of the Republic of Serbia demands from the UN Security Council to convene a Security Council session under urgent procedure which would annul forthwith the illegitimate act of declaration of the Province’s unilateral independence. The Government of the Republic of Serbia demands from the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General to undertake all actions at his disposal under Security Council Resolution 1244 as well as under the other relevant acts of that UN body, in order to prevent violation of the United Nations Charter and Security Council Resolution 1244 and immediately annul all the acts and actions whereby the Province’s unilateral independence is illegitimately declared as well as to preclude any further violation of the mentioned resolution, the other relevant acts of the Security Council, the United Nations Charter and the valid norms and rules of international law.

8. The Government of the Republic of Serbia demands from all the UN member states to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with international law, the United Nations Charter and Security Council Resolution 1244.

9. The present Decision will come into force at the date of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia.

Bishop Artemije at the Moleban – special prayer at St. Demetrius’ church in Mitrovica, Feb 16
Today Bishop Teodosije and Joanikije have served a Holy Liturgy at Pec Patriarchate and Bishop Artemije served the liturgy in Gracanica. The Church leaders called Serbs not to leave their homes and to face the illegal proclamation of independence with Christian dignity and hope in God’s help. Metorpolitan Amfilohije the senior member of the Holy Synod will hold a press conference at the Patriarchate in Belgrade today and express serious protest of the Serbian Orthodox Church against the unilateral proclamation of a quasi-state in Kosovo.

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Anonymous said...

The Maiden of Kosovo
Posted on: 2008-02-17 00:40:18

On Saint Vitus' Day (June 15) 1389 a heavily outnumbered Serbian army was defeated by the Muslim Ottoman Turks, at the Battle of Kosovo, known to history as the Field of Blackbirds. The result was the dismemberment of Serbia, and the decisive consolidation of Ottoman rule in the Balkans. The capital of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople, was now surrounded by Turks, and would collapse within a few generations. But the Serbs did not go down without a brutal fight for freedom, and for our European people. The immortal Milosh Obilic killed the Ottoman Sultan Murad I, and in the ensuing battle the Serbs inflicted heavy losses on the Turks. But at the end of the day, the flower of Serbian knighthood lay dead on the field, among them their leader, Prince Lazar. The Serbs were plunged into a nightmare of Ottoman occupation that lasted for nearly four hundred years.

The tragedy of the Field of Blackbirds is being repeated today. A Muslim Albanian separatist movement with the support of the West is posed to declare Kosovo "independent" from Serbia, making Kosovo a tinderbox of jihadi organization. Part of the reason for the Serbian loss in 1389 was white disunity; a split between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches made the Catholic West antagonistic towards the Byzantines and their Orthodox Serbian allies, and reluctant to come to the aid of the Orthodox, despite the fact that both arms of Christendom faced an unremitting danger from expansionist Islam from Spain to the Balkans. So too the West today has abandoned the Serbs, having even put the Muslims in power by attacking Serbia in 1999, despite the common threat from Islamism faced by Serbia, Western Europe and America, through both terrorism and immigration.

Nonetheless, the loss of Kosovo in 1389 sparked a resistance that still drives the Serbian desire for freedom. Inside Kosovo, the Serbs have raised a militia named for their fallen hero and pledged to resist the jihad. The Czar Lazar Guard has been joined by large numbers of Russians, Greeks and other Orthodox whites who have vowed to save the Christian West from the imperial appetites of Islam. The following poem is part of the culture of freedom that survived, despite defeat.

Early rose the maiden of Kosovo,
Early rose she on a Sunday morning,
Rose before the brilliant sun had risen.
She has rolled the white sleeves of her robe back,
Rolled them back up to her soft white elbows;
On her shoulders, fair white bread she carries,
In her hands two shining golden goblets,
In one goblet she has poured fresh water,
And has poured good red wine in the other.
Then she seeks the wide plain of Kosovo,
Seeks the noble Prince's place of meeting,
Wanders there amongst the bleeding heroes.
When she finds one living midst the wounded
Then she laves him with the cooling water,
Gives him, sacramentally, the red wine,
Pledges with her fair white bread the hero.

Fate at last has led her wand'ring footsteps
Unto Pavle Orlovitch, the hero,
Who has borne the Prince's battle-standard.
From his gaping wounds the blood is streaming,
His right hand and his left foot are severed--
And the hero's ribs are crushed and broken,
But he lingers still amongst the living.
From the pools of blood she drags his body
And she laves him with the cooling water,
Red wine, sacramentally, she gives him,
Pledges then with fair white bread the hero.

Nikola said...

Thanks for the support!

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I was really going to go off on one concerning this issue but gatesofvienna has about summed up my feeling perfectly. Kudos to you Sir..

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