Thursday, 28 February 2008

Henry Webster - Another Seven Asians Convicted

Another seven Asians have been convicted of the brutal and cowardly attack on schoolboy Henry Webster from Wiltshire. Several other Asians involved in the attack were convicted at an earlier trial. Now we will be able to put the whole story together.

This was the attack that Wiltshire Police first tried to cover up until the campaigning British National Party made an issue of it on their website and in the local press.

For some reason, I wonder what, Judge Carol Hagen imposed reporting restrictions on the trial and the verdict which was reached on the 14th of this month. They have now been lifted and the British National Party and their supporting sites will soon be reporting the horrific attack that has been compared to something out of a "Quentin Tarantino film".

Ok, here is where the story was first described as a racially motivated attack, something the state controlled media now seems to have dropped. This second link is to Henry explaining that he thought the fight was going to be a one on one. He does not know these people the way we do. One on one. They laugh at the idea of fairness.

Here is a link to a more recent article about the kind of odds Asian Thugs like when tackling a lone white boy.

Now all we have to do is sit back and wait to see what the national press has to say about Henrys' lesson in enrichment. I look forward to tomorrows Swindon Advertiser, which has said that it will be releasing a full report and analysis tomorrow.

Mother speaks out here.


Sarah D said...

Despite the fact that this verdict came before 11:30 am, the story failed to make the BBC One O'Clock news.

What do you think the chances would be of the same thing happening had an Asian boy been attacked by seven hammer weilding white boys?

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, this verdict merits a few lines on the BBC website:

However, the attackers are described simply as "teenagers" and there is no suggestion that this might have been a racist attack.

Compare this to the Beeb's hysteria over the vandalism to the Saint Stephen Lawrence memorial building a week or two ago, which was instantly condemned as racist based on no evidence whatsoever.