Tuesday, 19 February 2008

A letter from Serbia - What have we done?

The Serbian People have known the truth about Islam for centuries

I have taken the following letter directly from the British National Party website. Their statement that every now and then you read something that reaches deep inside, and tears at your heart tore at mine. Here is the letter send to the unelected, traitor Brown. The Betrayer of Britain and Serbia.

Dear Mr Brown,

I’d like to thank you on your kind letter and for your support in these difficult times for my country and my people.

First, I must explain you my reasons for paying any interest in British politics(nation, county…):

I was lucky enough to be born with congenital heart defect. Lucky because this unfortunate fact introduced me to Great Britain from very, very young age. In 1981 when I was just 2 and a half years old I was referred to London for a surgery and was successfully operated on by Dr James Taylor (then) of Great Ormond Streed Hospital For Sick Children. Also, my uncle who was in Kings Army during WWII fled before communists back in late 1940’s and was then living in Hounslow, West London. My late uncle was proud and honest Serbian patriot, and ’till his death grateful for everything Great Britain gave him (a refuge, new place to start…).

Because of these two facts I frequently visited Britain as a very young kid, but also later as a teenager. Needless to say, I fell in love with your way of life, your set of values, your sense of democracy, but perhaps most of all of how proud all of you were of your Queen and your Country.

Throughout my life(I always lived in Serbia) I always spoke of Britain with respect and love, doing my best to bring your culture, your history and your set of values closer to all of my Serbian friends, co-workers, relatives… Since we are both European Christians, both fighting on the same side during two great wars of XX century, since we have somewhat similar sense of humor, this wasn’t very difficult task until mid 1990s…

Story of two flags

When I was 5, my uncle bought me a Union Jack at Shepherd’s Bush market. I took it back to Belgrade and it was on the wall of my room ever since. I didn’t took it down when British pilots bombed Serbian army fighting mujahedeens in Bosnia (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Khalid al Mihdhar, Nawaf al Hazm all slaughtered Serbs fighting along side Bosnian Muslims, they later slammed themselves into the World Trade Center, 9/11 official report http://www.9-11commission.gov/report/911Report.pdf). I didn’t took it down even when British pilot bombed Serbian Army, but also civilians and TV stations all over Serbia. I didn’t took it down because for me that flag represented much more then Tony Blair and his criminal aggression.

Last time I was in London, last June for England v Brazil game, I bought same Union Jack for my wifes’ younger brother who was always fascinated with Great Britain. He put in on the wall the second I gave it to him and I promised to take him with me next time I visit UK. Like me when I was young(er), he always dreamed of watching England play on Wembley.

Yesterday, as I watched in horror scenes from Pristina, I saw Albanian Muslims flying Union Jacks along side pictures of Muslim terrorists who killed and molested Serbian women and children. For the first time in 24 years, with tears in my eyes, I took the Union Jack off my wall and carefully tucked it in my closet. I simply have no more arguments to defend my love for Britain before my friends and I was too proud to allow myself to be associated in any way with what that flag represented in Kosovo yesterday.

I went to my wifes’ brother place later and I found him sitting alone in his room staring hopelessly into Union Jack on the wall. He asked me: “What did we ever do to them to distroy our country in this way?”. I couldn’t say a word, I ran out of answers.

The sad thing is that Serbs AND British suffer from the same people. Blair and Co. brought as much harm to Britain as they did to Serbia. I can’t blame British people because if I watched BBC long enough even I would become anti-Serb!

Once again, thank you for your kind support and I wish British people and British National Party best of luck in days and years to come.

Stay well, keep Britain Great.



Belgrade, Serbia

Again and again, some of us try to keep telling you. Kosovo is our future unless we stop the colonisation of Our Country. Stop it now or fight on the streets in the future. Fight now, at the ballot box or your children will be fighting and dieing for real in the future.



Anonymous said...

What a moving honest letter regarding this country and how the great has been removed.
Lets not forget the YUGOSLAVIAN war started under Tory rule.
Ashdown lib-dem glorified it. again all three parties backed yet another illegal war.
I'm not surprised the flags of America and the UK were flying in Kosovo after all it was their help that brought nothing but pain to Serbs and joyous celebrations to muslims.
Who benefits here the most?
Who do politicians bend over backwards for laws changed to punish us in our own country for telling the truth?
How the CON men at westminster sleep at night i shall never know.

Anonymous said...

Rwanda was a true genocide. Kosovo was ethnic cleansing light" says Emilio Perez Pujol, a Spanish pathologist who exhumed bodies after both conflicts. In his sector of western Kosovo, he says, the United Nations told him to expect as many as 2,000 victims. His team found 187 corpses, none of which showed evidence to confirm local accounts of mutilations. Daniel Pearl, Peter Block, Wall Street Journal 31.12.1999

So basic is the historical religious and ethnic foundation of Kosovo as a Serb province that its secession would be like Britain losing Kent (with Canterbury) to France. There is a far better case for the secession of Bavaria from Germany - but of course Germany only promotes regional and ethnic secession in other European countries, not at home! Rodney Atkinson, Freenations website



Anonymous said...


This Sunday linkage curiously has the EUnion as one of its central themes. Not because your humble blogger wants to. It is just that the most noteworthy news of this weekend seems to constantly involve that merry band of charlatans. So, here we go:

First off, the quite unfortunate cessation of Kosovo from Serbia. The road to hell and all that. On Brussels Journal it is Joshua Trevino who gives us a short, concise rundown of the runup to this development and the tragic consequences Western idealism has had in this affair. If the signs are read correctly, the troubles in the Balkan are far, far from over. The Tap Blog tracks international reactions, noting the discord within the EUnion as to whether an independent Kosovo should be recognized. Apparently seven EUnion member states will not (yet) recognize the Kosovo government of which I am happy to report the Netherlands is one (mirror). Additionally, The Tap wonders whether Kosovo will prove to be the EUnion biting off more then it can chew:

The Serbs have a long history of making the task of running Balkan empires extremely taxing for outside powers. Even the USSR allowed them to run Yugoslavia independently of Moscow. Is this all about to become the EU's version of Iraq with growing Russian-backed Serbian resistance?
Rounding of the Kosovo item, I'll just remind one and all of what Fjordman has recently said about a Kosovo independence.

The EUnions law has already been recognized as one of the great (kill-)joys of EU membership. A new directive calls for safety standards and testing of fireworks that are so complicated and costly that as of 2010 firework displays will no longer be (legally) possible in the EUnion. And even if legislation is produced with the best intentions, it produces results like this: Thousand of horses are being starved to death in Romania, as a direct result of (wrong?) implementation of an EU directive prohibiting horse-drawn carts.

Then there's the issue of the EUnion co-opting the journalist profession into the EUnions 'process'. The EUnion is starting its own accreditition for journalists, wich would mean that it would be the Commission which could decide which journalist were 'proper' journalists and which were not.
I know personally of journalists who have been threatened and arrested on the say so of European officials. They are accused of publishing inaccuracies, they are told that 'what they write does not represent the interests of their newspapers'. I know of newspapers that have had their advertisers phoned by the Commission's legal team with suggestions about how the Commission is represented in the paper, and how it would be helpful if they were to have a quiet word with editorial team. I remember when Alessandro Buttice the lawyer who represents OLAF as its press spokesman sent out a 16 page document to the Brussels' press corps advising them of how they should report EU news.


This new idea has a strong suggestion that the Commission itself will do the vetting not the news organisation and must be opposed as vigorously as possible.

I cannot emphasise how serious this could be.
Neither can we...

And finally, from the same source (England Expects) the video of the Toy parliament handing it's president the arbitrary powers that will enable him to stifle any dissent in this supposedly democratice institution. See it and weep. This is how democracy is murdered. This is how a dictatorship takes form.

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Just a coincidence, right?

Anonymous said...

looks like yet again we are not getting the news.
Atlas Shrugs report...
Albanian muslims have been burning books with serbia language also emptied a library setting fire to it's contents. Provoking again!!

Miluimnik | Monday, February 18, 2008 at 07:23 AM


There has been some unrest following the independence declaration. A hand grenade thrown at a UN court building in the flashpoint town of Mitrovica caused slight damage and a UN car was reported to have been destroyed in the nearby village of Zubin Potok.


Unfortunately today Kosovo and Serbia are to become two dispensable chess-pieces of EU/NATO and Russia

Mat, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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In Belgrade, clashes between gangs of youths and riot police went on into the early hours of Monday morning.

Demonstrators broke windows at the US embassy and also attacked the Serbian government building and the embassy of Slovenia which currently holds the EU presidency.

Meanwhile, Serbian authorities issued criminal charges against Kosovo leaders for "organising the proclamation of a false state on Serbian territory."

The Serbian government has called for a mass protest rally against the Kosovo declaration later in the week.

Anonymous said...

5000 Bosnian Muslims rally behind Jihadists
“I carry Bosnia in my heart,” says Aiman Abu Abdurrahman, a Jihadist from middle east who was invited by the Bosnian Muslim government in the 1990 to help them kill Christians.

Murderous Jihad Veterans

Abdurrahman was given Bosnian Muslim citizenship and was given a local Bosnian Muslim woman to marry with whom she has children.

“Bosnia is a country in which I have experienced the nicest days of my life, my Bosnian [wife] has enriched my life, my good Bosnians will always be on my side,” says Abdurrahman.

Two of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were veterans of the Bosnian Muslim Jihad. Most gruesome atrocities such as beheadings of Christians, burning down churches with Christians in them and other brutalities have been documented by these Bosnian fighters and the video footage is for sale in many mosques across Bosnia.

Abdurrahman and other Bosnian Muslim Jihad fighters are under pressure by the Western governments who demand that the Bosnian Muslim government deport them to their countries of birth.



Thousands protest against deportation of Jihadists from Bosnia
ZENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina-Up to 5,000 people protested Saturday against the government’s decision to expel a Syrian native who fought on the side of Muslim Bosniaks during the 1992-95 war.

Bosnian Muslims shout slogans during a protest against the deportation of Syrian native Imad al-Husini, known as Abu Hamza, in the central town of Zenica, Bosnia Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008.


Imad al-Husini, known as Abu Hamza, was stripped of his Bosnian citizenship last year after a special commission found that naturalization procedures had been ignored in the cases of some 500 people from countries including Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Tunisia, Sudan and Russia.

Muhammadaism in the heart of Europe:

Husini, the vice president of the war veterans’ organization Ensarije, and the most visible former Islamic fighter in Bosnia, has led a protest against the revocation of citizenship and the expulsions.

Shouting “Halali nam, Hamza” or stay with us, speaker after speaker called the deportation an injustice citing that Hamza and many other Jihadists were Bosnian Muslim patriots that fought in the Bosnian Muslim Army in the 1990s.

Most grotesque killings of Christian Serbs such as beheadings, mutilations, decapitations and other bestial methods are attributed to the Jihadist fighters.

The basic message of the protest was that “We all are Hamza” and the organizers urged all protesters to raise their children in a strict form of Islam.


* You’ve heard a lot from whining and wingeing Muslims, but have you ever seen a crying jihadist?